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Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

Very sad story to hear that Ethiopian women are in Arab lands for sexual businesses.They better remain poor and die in their own country.

03/11/11 @ 00:38
Comment from: alem [Visitor]

they are hooker(shermota)it is ilegal prostitute.
in dubai so they should deport them

03/11/11 @ 00:39
Comment from: M.J Tyson [Visitor]
M.J Tyson

Those Ethiopian girls were most definitely prostitutes.

I saw quite A few Ethiopian girls in Dubai of unimaginable beauty working as prostitutes, its sad but theres really no chose for them, they have to sacrifice their dignity and honor in order to survive so don’t be quick to judge.

Ethiopian Guys who were there told me stories, of Ethiopian men who fell for the beauty of these women, only to end up HIV positive when returning to their residing countries. So lets hope those silly Brits are carrying nothing but there luggage when they return home.

03/11/11 @ 00:51
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

I think one of the three dudes was TEDDY. TEDDY is a Parking-Lot Neftegnia that can sometimes be mistaken for a South African.

03/11/11 @ 00:52
Comment from: Degu [Visitor]
3 stars

…our sisters are getting cheaper in the middle-east

03/11/11 @ 01:00
Comment from: mihreteab [Visitor]

Hahahaha. Breaking news. Or news of middle eastern porrnnography? A day will come , a better day when Ethiopian women prestige will be restored. when no Ethiopian woman marches to the middle east and hides in hotels as prostitute. For now poverty strips us Ethiopians of respect. A fellow African recently remarked to me that the “good thing” about you Ethiopians is that your women are very attractive and beautiful. I told him it is true that Ethiopian women are very attractive and beautiful; but that Ethiopia is much more than its beautiful women. The honorable Legesse Zenawi once up on a time, fresh from his ceremonial khat session, gave a shocking press interview about Ethiopian women in the middle east. He dismissed them as women who want to get rich in 24 hours ( Be aquarach mekeber yemifeligu). After the interview i went to the immigration authority to research the kind of women who line up to exit to the middle east. Many came from very very poor families. They are under aged. Their birth certificate is false since to be employed in the middle east they must be over 18 or so. Their cloth is worn out and their face dry and reflects the depth of poverty they are in. I was touched. When gun totters from mengistu to meles wreck the country to abject poverty, Ethiopia looks to me very much of a curse. Era after era savage minds over run the Minilik palace, crown themselves unashamedly leaders and bearers of responsibility and a little more as saints or saviors. These sucking stories of prostitution are not worthy of news. It is done to downsize Ethiopia and depict it as a factory of prostitutes.

03/11/11 @ 01:25
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

Every time when this kind of incidence happens, many fellow Ethiopians are reacting angrily towards the Arabs. What did really the Emirates to do with this issue? In reality UAE has been serving as a job destination and income generating resource to many of these girls. Let us not forget many of these girls have been denied by their own government and their own family – with no job and no future. I am not trying to defend the UAE and sure there are some bad apples, but please, please let us not generalize the issue before we know the real root cause of the incidence. I have been living in the UAE for the last three years and it is our own few runaway prostitute girls who are actively engaged with illegal activities including sex and alcohol businesses which in turn causing us to be ashamed and embarrassed as Ethiopians. The fact is that our girls are lazy. They do not want to work a hard labour work like the Philippines, Indonesians and other nationalities. These girls want easy money by selling Shisha with coffee or their toilet body. The number of Ethiopian Shisha coffee house in the UAE is amazing and the real business behind the Shisha and coffee is of course prostitution. Those girls sleep in the day and come out at night and spreads to different hotels in Dubai including Bur Dubai York hotel which is the hub of all kind of prostitutions. I hope one day UAE will ban to all those Shisha coffee shops and let these lazy girls move their ass for a real work.

03/11/11 @ 02:56
Comment from: zerachew [Visitor]

Nazret!! Its simply not a NEWS. I wish the 8.9 magnitude tsunami in Japan take you too out of the cyber…….

03/11/11 @ 03:40
Comment from: C'moi senait [Visitor]
C'moi senait

They are professionen shermutta traiend by weyannes wives o prostitutes in arab countries. It is well organised from ethiopia embassies in arab countries WHO issues visa and agency run by weyannes wifes. We know it well.. The prostutieste industries are now à million industry.

03/11/11 @ 04:07
Comment from: AngrySA [Visitor]
1 stars

All absolute lies!

03/11/11 @ 04:20
Comment from: DA,,,,,,, [Visitor]

@ Yirgacheffee Ante Yeshermuta-lige ekekam Lemigne. Watch your mouth. I bet you can’t say a word infront of Ethiopian? Ante-banda, Yelamigne lige.. internet tiger. Somebody will crush your head like a cigarate filter. you are a prostitute your damn self. You too are embarrassing. I just wish you die!

Btw, whats wrong with abesha girls? embarrassing! Why taking degrading and shameful path to life? Why not work? be decent and die with grace? Whats wrong girls, why do you take our name with you into Garbage.?

03/11/11 @ 05:21
Comment from: [Member]

They saw the brit guy on TV wielding a knife and chasing after the girl. Isn’t that attempted murder which should carry atleast 10 or 20 years in prison? He got away easy with that one.

Stop blaming the girls. People all over the world live with diffrent purposes and means according to their fate and chances of diffrent circumstances.
Cest lavi. That’s life.


03/11/11 @ 05:43
Comment from: AngrySA [Visitor]
1 stars

@M.J Tyson - what goes around comes around! You know nothing except what you read…how narrow minded can you be!It is clear with all the issues and rubbish surrounding the ethiopian woman that travel the world that they are indeed trash! You talk about not being quick to judge…practice what you preach!

03/11/11 @ 05:48
Comment from: dA,,,,,,, [Visitor]

I don’t know where to direct my anger? Weynnes, if you play a level ground & give the same Opportunity for all the Citizens maybe this wont happen. Some of the delusional TPLF supporters are laughing his ass out. One only see’s how sick these individual is and further understood what kind people support this ethnic junta.

TPLF stop Denying non-tigrias equal Opportunity in their own country. In the future, we’ll remember what you’ve done. You just can not continue this way throughout eternity. People treat you the same way you treat them. Stop making peoples life hell! These kind of embarrassment never been heard before; these is TPLF Legacy. The script, will be flipped. Melse devil is not GOD. He’ll die;so do you,but you’ll leave your legacy to your childrens. Treat Ethiopians with respect in their own country. take your head out of your ass. Let your ego lands on earth. I know its some where in Orbit right now. Do not be decived; GOD is incharge of the Universe; not Melese. There was many like him throughout creation, they all die. Read history, fear GOD and live. Grow up!

03/11/11 @ 05:55
Comment from: qorqoro [Visitor]

M.J Tyson [Visitor]
theres really no chose for them, they have to sacrifice their dignity and honor in order to survive so don’t be quick to judge.

All Abysinian women in arab country for sexual businesse, and 100% r christian orthodox.
M.J Tyson
Sending your sister 16 year old of age to arab land for sexual business, u saying that’s dignity?
Prostitute and begging is abysinian habit.

Shame on Tawahdos

03/11/11 @ 06:54

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