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Comment from: [Member]
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The possiblities are endless, the success stories keep coming and Ethiopia continues to bloom with her great ambitious sons and daughters who are ditermind to make a diffrence and by that meaning to eradicate our #I enemy poverty.
Meanwhile the crybabies, coward diaspora wannabe oppo activists and cyber warriors, who have turned to be only coach potatos and nothing to show but cry, cry and cry for the last 20 years, there is no place for them in modern day Ethiopia. They will burn out and expire where ever they are!!!
Ethiopia continues to be for all Ethiopians in prosperity, freedom and democracy!!!!
Down with the diaspora toxic oppo politicians!!
Down with shabia!!
Long live EPRDF with the great leadership of PM Meles Zenawi!!!

05/09/11 @ 10:36
Comment from: Truae [Visitor]

Hi Addis Zemen,

Go to hell. There is a blood in your hand you are one of the racist murderers shut up you mafia, traitor, Banda.

Poverty can be eradicated for once and for all when and if a true democracy, unity and justice prevail. You well know that genuine true democracy means the end of Melese and cohorts hence you are the one who is crying, jumping up and down not us. You guys are living under a night mare right now that is the truth.

I truly hated your boss Melese, after I saw the bloody Indian’s taking the virgin land of my country, demeaning the dignity of my poor people. I truly cried because the worst of crimes perpetrated to my beloved country, you hopeless our motherland Ethiopia is built with the sacrifices paid by our forefathers. Mother Ethiopia raped by her own children, what else can I say. Is that what you call the “Sky is the limit”?
Indeed Melese is a mad dog mercenary killer why? why?

This courageous lady did what she did because of her own hard effort not because of Weyane. I actually think you vultures might snatch her business sooner or later anyway. You guys are experts in looting, running corrupt activities, and murdering not in business.

05/10/11 @ 07:40
Comment from: [Member]

Hi truae,

Go to hell U2!!
You were one of those DC crybabies at Howard U. With tamagn “fogariw” shouting NO to the dam. I saw you crying not because you’re concerned for Ethiopia, but you’re angry this great woyanes are mobilizing the whole country like never been seen before in our country’s history, taking our country to the a great level.
EPRDF,” yours and the rest of Ethiopia’s enemys’ nightmare,” is transforming the nation. Making sure all Ethiopians participate and be a part of our developmental journey. That is why a lot of hard working and ambitious Ethiopians have used this chance and becoming successful.
Ende anchi ayenetu ye dergue rizrazzie be addisitu ETTYOPPIA bota yelachihum; eziyaw balachihubet alqisu!

05/10/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: [Member]

betam amina neh

you are truly politician of diaspora
who repesent shiabia,ginbot7,
Oh by the way your mouth smell like
your a** you need to wash it

05/10/11 @ 13:56
Comment from: [Member]

እt amazes me every time nazret brings an article this fella named አሮጌ ዘመን tries to dance as if it is his wedding day. ሰውየው ያቅራራል ያስካካል አሁን ግን ገብቶኛል :; መለስ ገንዘብ የሚልከለት አፉን በከፈተ ጊዜ ስለሆነ በየ ጽሁፉ ላይ ጥልቅ ብሎ እስከ ዘላበደ ድረስ ይበላል::
የመልስ አፈ ቀላጤ ከሆኑት አንደኛው ይህ ሰውዬ እንዶነ ማወቅ አያዳግትም ::
Please don’t you have a day time job ? Is this your full time profession to ጁስት praise your lord the tyrant Meles?
እግዚኦ እያለ እጣን እያጨሰ ጌታውን መለስ ጨናዊን ያመልካል:: ስለት ሳይሳልም አልቀረም እንጃ He prays for his lord every night.
EPRDF ይውደም::

05/10/11 @ 19:18
Comment from: Truae [Visitor]

I am not even living in the USA, you are stabbing in the dark as usual. You guys actually killing people in Ethiopia and trying to disseminate lies in the cyber space. This won’t work. That to me shows your desperation. Your rubbish useless comments show you are illiterate psychopath. As long as your tummy is full you think everything is alright.

Werada leba. I tell you I haven’t and will not rob and dance over the suffering of my people. I don’t think you belong to the human race. Have you watched the video I am talking about?

From my point of view you guys are transforming your mother land to destruction. You said the sky is the limit I say hell is your limit. Just a question, if Weyane’s are full of ambitious hardworking cadres why did you pass the business opportunity to the Indians, Mr Mercenary?

My friend Sustainable development can only flourish if the country is managed properly. I think you guys are good for nothing. Anyway you will not see a single dollar from me, Abay Gideb….bla, bla bad luck Mafioso.

You think I am fighting take over your power that is not my intention. My wish is to serve my people, to give back, share my knowledge etc. I know one day I will do that. I also know the people will rise up soon demanding their freedom. And hope your rotten regime is eliminated sooner than later. By the way I have no association with Derg, it is your usual trade mark name calling. Derg juntas are killers so do your gangsters. Sorry, can’t see much of a difference. The losers are the poor people of Ethiopia. This must be stopped. That is my stand.

05/11/11 @ 09:55
Comment from: Truae [Visitor]


I am not a politician I am a concerned citizen. At least I thank you for not telling me I am a derg puppet as your standard name calling tag. I know you guys don’t listen when the people speak out. The Ethiopian people fed up of your rotten stinky bandit regime. The people suffered enough. The revolution will soon start, lots of learning’s from the Middle East neighbours, your bullet want stop that
Please read my reply to your comrade Addis Zemen that is equally applicable to you. Even if I choose to be a politician what is wrong with that. That is my human right.

Rather than wasting your time guessing who I am try to answer the real issues bothering our people and nation. After twenty long years of your dictatorial rule the people still suffering, starving and now our virgin land and people sold for free to the Indian ‘s . I call this a voluntary slavery in the name of investment, please watch the video and talk to me. Mate you don’t have to be politician or a rocket scientist to see that Weyane and Melse are traitors. The Ethiopian people know what is going on young and old, your days are numbered.

05/13/11 @ 23:38

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