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Comment from: t/ f [Visitor]
t/ f

Have you thought about sue side? Why not? Wouldn’t better for you to die than embarrassing Ethiopians? Where is your moral ground? Obviously you have none. Azeb is the one who sold you for arabs.

As Ethiopian if we ever have the lowest moment time in life is this got to be it. As a Citizen we failed our country. We all are morally bankrupt. We are lead by a banda. She is somebody Chilled one of our own.

05/20/11 @ 03:10
Comment from: messay [Visitor]

Rent 1 get three free sister.
I personally don’t feel sorry for Ethiopian woman any more after seeing how they act when they come to the West and the way they change and try to get their habasha brothers in trouble.
No feminism in Ethiopia, fight it in every way possible!!!!!

05/20/11 @ 03:12
Comment from: jaffar [Visitor]

In the first place, this is not news worthy.as to ethio women whoring around in arab countries and in the west,it is their own choice and we should not care about them being used and abused,even murdered.
the good news is they are very few and lost their culture in time.

get paid for one and get screwed in turn by three. LOL

05/20/11 @ 03:29
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

i feel sorry being ethiopian

05/20/11 @ 03:52
Comment from: ForMessay [Visitor]

Messay, what an idiotic statement to make? I don’t know where they get people like you? You know what Messay? There are plenty of hardworking and successful Abesha women in the west. So how do they get their “habesha brothers in trouble?”

05/20/11 @ 05:19
Comment from: [Member]

Prostitution existed as far as since the biblical era more than two thousand years ego and beyond.
It is not only about Ethiopian women or cannot be only blamed on Ethiopian women, because of some isolated incidents.
Whether it is in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, etc.. prostitution is the same sex business people do to make money and will be here for a long time to come.
This young lady above is just one of unfortunate individuals out of millions of women all over the world regardless of their nationality who would engage in sex acts. Nothing is new or shouldn’t be a surprise. TO HAVE SEX IS NATURAL!! What is sad here is, there are people who deliberatly manuplate and abuse women inhumanly. This particular incident above didn’t happen in Ethiopia. It happend in dubai.
Diaspora loosers “enemys of Ethiopia” stop delighting yourselves as usual as if this is about Ethiopia. It is not about Ethiopia, rather this is the problem of the whole world which should be delt in each country according to their own judiciary law.

05/20/11 @ 07:17
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Most of our girls are shelee in Europe they do sex with Afghans Sudanise Nigeria even not with white man it,s shame please er banu setoch

05/20/11 @ 07:56
Comment from: [Member]

Have you seen the news Arnold schwarznegger who had sex with his ugly housemaid and have a child with her. The old adage is always right. WOMEN, YOU CAN’T LIVE WITH THEM, OR YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM.
And how about the disgraced IMF chief Dominiqe strauss-khan. Who lost everything he had for that moment of temptation, which he cannot resist.
Sex is the accepted sin nobody can avoid!!

05/20/11 @ 08:09
Comment from: ethio [Visitor]

wat a stupid comment…both t/f ena messay….ur sisters could one of the ethiopian women who are in this same situation…then again u ol are dame so u dont understand!

05/20/11 @ 08:42
Comment from: mark [Visitor]

I feel sorry for the womens, who r ruled by pimps,

for the shame thing ,forget about it , if she is doing it to improve her life the way she see it, who are we to critsize.

05/20/11 @ 08:51
Comment from: Zafu [Visitor]

t/f, messay, jaffar, visitor, mike: you are a bunch of morons. Your narrow mind can’t make you realize that if a lot of ethiopian girls are turning into servants/slaves and prostitutes abroad, it is to escape the abject poverty and destitution they are in, as the country your are so proud of has nothing to offer them.

Don’t you have a sense of empathy? How about this happens to your sister, your daughter?

ቆሮቆንዳ ራስ ሁላ!

05/20/11 @ 11:13
Comment from: korat [Visitor]

This it to “visitor”
I have been feeling sorry being Ethiopian since I left motherland two dacades back. Why don’t we think about reclaiming our country so that pride and dignity would be restored for all of us? Poverty and Illeteracy still grip motherland. Shame on all of us!!!

05/20/11 @ 11:15
Comment from: 100% ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]
5 stars

Shame on!!! For most of our Women around the World. Some of you, who acts smart and rich, can not solve these problem either.

We didn’t come-out from starvation;
We don’t have Technologies like others except begging them to invest in our Lands and in ourselves;
We don’t have Brains to create Machines and Medically-Chemicals;
We are simply POOR and clearly FOOLISH when we are seen among other Countries Societies here in America and elsewhere;
We don’t have peace and Love either; so, who are we?????? Don’t tell me those stupid foolish Brainless prostitutes are Human. Shame on them, they are damaging our Cultures, Identities, our Images, our Respect, etc.

I guaranteed you because of them damaging our Images and our good reputations, non of any good Companies will hire our people. Because, our people are not trustworthy anymore. How could you respect someone, who don’t respect their own????!!!

05/20/11 @ 11:54
Comment from: Hakim [Visitor]

“During police and prosecution questioning, both confessed to the charges. A verdict will be delivered on May 25″

I can’t wait to hear the verdict…
Oh I know it, cut the paki’s “thing” and send the HO to ethiopia.

05/20/11 @ 12:00
Comment from: Gezaee H. [Visitor]  
Gezaee H.

I have a club of friends from South Africa. I annoy them by raising how racist they are. But the hit back on me telling how dumb Ethiopians are? I can only laugh. At the end they agree the racial ugliness of South Africa. Then they turn and tell me something is wrong in Ethiopia? I agree with them too. Something is wrong in Ethiopia.

If you go Nairobi, it is not Ethiopians young girls whom you see thier body? It is the Ethiopian men from Addis Ababa, the city or civic Ethiopians whom you see selling the little Ethiopian girls for cash air by air. Ethiopians? Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye,…

It is not only Nairobi, go to Johannesberg, Ethiopians are number one prostitutes. You would sometimes wonder such beautiful women throwing themselves like that. Guys, do not defend the indefensive, Ethiopia is a failed state much worse than Somalia. You may think you have a regime, but it is almost none?

Is Meles Zenawi christian? or Muslim? or I heard he is pente?

We as Ethiopians, we have decayed beyond our undestanding. We are liers, wushetamoch, denkoroch, lemagnoch, leboch,… Kahadiwoch, ager cheyachoch,…

There are those who tell us prostituttion is okay, fine, normal, natural, … so and so forth. This is a scapegoat to flee away from the truth and to defend the lost Ethiopian pride by hiding the depth of moral decay in our society. I have never seen cheap women like Ethiopians. They are the most cheap women. Yes, there are prostitutes every where but they are different. While the Arab world is not known for prostitutes, in the west prostitutes do not go sex , they smart they get the money even without sleeping with men just by teasing as teasers who no sexual contact.

Look, now the arabs using them as business. Imagine, this business is very good. you do not invest money or do any process. you just import Ethiopian girl and sell her like this.

The moral decay in Ethiopia is too deep and too difficult even to comprehend why a christian nation ended up being led by athiest Mengistu and then the most athiest Meles Z. Why God brought this devils to this country? why?

Guys, how many times we hear Ethiopians girls prostituting in Arab? This is what most Ethiopians do. What works do they do? 80% Ethiopians do prostitutions in Arab world. That is the business.

May be we need to assess ourselves and find a national remedy? Do not you think? Why is the useless regime paying to Djibouti , Sudan, Kenya 2 billion dollars each year? Why not use the money to rehabilitate the youth in Ethiopia? Why is TPLF lookingafter Djiboutians, Sudanese, Kenyans? What is the mystery of TPLF Landlocking Ethiioipia and putting levy on our poor people?

I do think something has gone wrong in Ethiopia. But we are not willing to admit it and we will try to keep on protecting empty pride. At the same time looking after citizens of other country ?

I get pissed off all these but what can you do with the most dumb people on earth who spend thier days dancing and celebrating ethnic, tribal, and new flags. I have lived with many people in my life and I find it so hard to live with Ethiopians. I can live with Europeans for many years in one house, but not with Ethiopians. Ethnic, tribalism, wushet, …ere ere sntu,

Guys, something has gone wrong. Our shame has not started with this woman. We have been begging for the past 40 years. The whole world know us the poorest, and the backward people on the planet.I have admit we are backward people who never develop, progress, improve,… something has gone wrong.

What can one says when a government can live or stay for a year without begging? shame on us guys. Shame on us, on all of us. Do we have dignity? What is the point of going to church and fasting those 50 days if we have no value?

Changing is needed and they change must shake the foundation of Ethiopia. The mentality of Ethiopians regardless their ethnic, tribe, religion, needs to be rocked up and reconfigured.

Self-denial, lies, deciet, wushet, beggary, hate, rivalry, nepotism, ethnicism, corruption, tribalism, self-infliction has become our indentity. An indentity endorsed by ourselves.

For me, I swear I prefer to die than to live in disgrace. We all know what we experience as Ethiopians and how even people. It is hard to find any human who have no image of Ethiopians as dying, starving, poor, helpless people on the planet. No one knows our ethnic or tribe. Everyone knows we are the most wretched people on the planet.

Is it not possible to change and solve problems than keep on defending the indefensible issues of Ethiopia?

Can everyone of you think deeply why our country is in this situation? What happenned? If something happenned, why we did not try to solve it?

Please, I do not want to hear from govenment or opposition. I wanted opinions from genuine citizens only?

05/20/11 @ 12:08

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