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Comment from: [Member]

Only a few weeks ago, Zenawi was saying no Egyptian expert will see the plan of the dam, but now this. What happened? What did he get in return, an agreement to “restart renegotiation from the scratch"? Only a donkey like Zenawi would consider this a win for Ethiopia, because after the six country’s signed an agreement to kill the ridiculous vito power of Egypt that was given to her by colonial Britain, Egypt has no option but beg for renegotiation or declare war, which would have been immensely costly to her. There fore, this is nothing but another Wolem Zelem by Ato Meles. He might be thinking to use the whole thing to frighten Ethiopians specially those of us in diaspora as long as we continue threatening his grip on power. Ato Meles, you are going down very soon, in the mean time do something good. Just do it for your own name’s sake. Don’t sell it for the enemy like Aseb. If you do in hope of crippling Ethiopia, it wont work because you are an illegitimate representative of Ethopia thanks for the 99.6% electoral approval in the past election. Your credibility as an Ethiopian leader is only as good as the one you had when you sold Aseb for Artera. Therefor, this time around you can only win when Ethiopia wins. Make it happen.

09/17/11 @ 21:23
Comment from: C'moi senait [Visitor]
C'moi senait

Look at this chiggaarm begger weyannes bending down to this arabs. For sure, he sell his mother for a few dollars. It is a 21century secret consperisey to distroy ethiopia by weyannes and arabs. There is something fishy here no one saw it.
Wake up my true ethiopian, your existance on earth is treating by secret invaders. You will be like American Indeans or Aboriginals of Australia, specially the Amhara…

09/17/11 @ 23:26
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
4 stars

There is no detail review needed into this project on Ethiopian soil. This is about a matter of national security no out sider allow to see this project under any circumstance until it this project completed. Don’t be foul no one invite you to view when they built Aware seddam dam two decade ago on the desert.

09/18/11 @ 00:33
Comment from: Demilew [Visitor]

@ C’moi senait

F***k U, you Eritrean b**tch!! f**k off of Ethiopian matters. Go give your ars to your Crazy M. f***kers in Sawa

09/18/11 @ 04:53
Comment from: [Member]

ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“Only a few weeks ago, Zenawi was saying no Egyptian expert will see the plan of the dam, but now this. What happened?”
What is the changed Free ass?

Meles never changed his policy and stand point from the beginning. It is not Meles’s policy in question but, your understanding of current developments in Ethiopia should be in question.

An Egyptian expert inspection of the dam is denied long time ago and it is still in effect. What is agreed now is Ethiopia’s offer of the inspection of the dam by a committee consisting of three countries Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. This offer of triplet inspection of the dam was offered long time ago when Egypt sent it is public diplomatic mission to Ethiopia (available at http://www.diretube.com/ethiopian-news/egyptian-public-diplomatic-delegation-meets-pm-meles-video_54b9eb91c.html also available at http://addisababaonline.com/egyptian-public-diplomatic-delegation-meets-pm-meles/). At the time of the offer Egypt was reluctant to accept the triplet inspection of the dam but, now accepted it.

As far as I know Diasporas are public enemy no 1 of the Ethiopian people and anything that antagonize them should be good to the Ethiopian poor. I know there is something f***ing diasporas mind to think empirically and pragmatically.

Dear Free, you can continue giving free azz but, you can’t have free stupidity on Ethiopian issue. DEDEBE!

09/18/11 @ 05:59
Comment from: Felasha [Visitor]

@C’moi senait
Is this how you ESCAPED from your beloved country?


09/18/11 @ 07:22
Comment from: 100% ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]
5 stars

The World are watching!!! They are reached to the conclusion and prepared to write more Books and make Movies.
Blu Nile is already in Egyptian Law, since the last Centuries. Still now, they didn’t change it. It reads,"Nile is the red line or lifeline of Egyptians. If Ethiopia not to try to stop it, even if it took about its dam, Egypt will bomb Ethiopia".
Well, there are more sections related with this in Egyptian Constitution. If you get a chance, read it.

This is insanity. Egypt is the Third party of free Nile Recipient by using her power against Ethiopia.
If the Blue Nile was originated from Egypt, by any means Egypt will never give a bottle Water to Ethiopia. No questions about it. Unless, we Ethiopians will pay Money for it.

Egypt always planned to destroyed the Culture and progresses of Two tribes of Ethiopia, specifically and they succeed. The Tigray and Amhara Tribes are the most targeted group by Egyptians around the World. These Two Orthodox Christians are very few numbers and minority, when we compared their existences in the whole Africa and Middle East Countries, where Muslims are the Majorities and Egyptian existence are enormous.
Systematically, Egypt and its Allies partially destroyed Orthodox Religion in Ethiopia by any means; converted some people into Muslim for the sake of jobs in Arab Countries, Brainwashing Orthodox Christians to follow other non-Orthodox Christian Religions like Pentecostalism and others.

And also, the killing and minimization of power between Tigray and Amhara is a good advantage for Egypt, regardless of who kills who.
When the Brothers are fight to death, the STRANGER(Egypt)inherited their Fathers’ Estate.

Practically, STICKS in a bundle are Unbreakable!!! Stop being divided, get united.

Even the World Super power America, never went War by itself, nor it allows One of its State to be separated by Spanish. But, America encouraged other Countries to be separated.

09/18/11 @ 08:56
Comment from: 100% ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]
5 stars

For some of you, ask your well educated Professors and Historians, Ethiopian VS Egypt about Blue-Nile.
Ask them also, what the future generations of Ethiopia must do, completely Ethiopia to blocked Blue Nile and the Third party recipient(Egypt) have no right to use our resource. Even the new agreement signed, because we scared Egypt.

Tell us the TRUE.

09/18/11 @ 09:40
Comment from: [Member]

“We have agreed to quickly establish a tripartite team of technical experts to review the impact of the dam that is being built in Ethiopia,” Zenawi said. Experts from Sudan will also be part of the team.”

Dear Extraterrorist, how are those egyptian and sudanese experts going to “review the impact of the dam that is being built in Ethiopia"? Tell us how, u stupid woyane. How can they make an assessment of the dam’s effect on lower basin country’s without examining the plan? What is available to make a scientifically credible and acceptable analysis and/or assessment of cause and effect/impact of the dam to be built is, the blueprint or the plan. The Egyptians and Sudanese know that since they are not idiots like you. Therefore, the first thing they will need to see is that blue print, and i am sure Meles has agreed to show it to them secretly just like they agreed to give a chunk of our fertile land to Sudan in the past. Extraterrorist, instead of wasting your time defending your criminal benefactor, use your woyane connection and find out the whole truth for yourself mechem dedeb neh ena kalayeh ataminim.

09/18/11 @ 10:53
Comment from: Ras Thomas [Visitor]
Ras Thomas
5 stars

Nobody bowed for Egypt. But, it is
win win stratgy works for us and also
Egypt changed their tone of force by
water. that is clear.They allowed to
share not on. Who did not all by our
previous/former leader wether Hailu
Salasia or Mingistu. But our current
leader Maaaaales Zanaawiaaaaawi
Maaaaaaales Zanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawi
who is supprissed and sorry our enemies of Ethiopia. Egypt came to
reality. they realized that Somalia
or Eriteria cannot help even Sudan
but to talk directly with masters of
water Ethiopia. if they are honest
about it we work with them.And share
with them equally.

09/18/11 @ 14:52
Comment from: [Member]

ፊኒቲታ ወራሪ Free azz [Member]

I think you are getting old to think about the “blue print".

You must be an old man like Mubarak of Egypt and Mengistu of Ethiopia who were deep in the thought of rat and mouse geopolitical game. Free azz this is a new type of game in a new world which is strange to your type of old man. I simply advice you to stop thinking geopolitics, your time is expired, please retire just like Mubarak and Mengistu.

I said what I said for the record not to you an old fashioned aging big belly idiot.

Blue print :) OMG l.m.f.a.o አንተን ብሎ ደሞ ላገር አሳቢ ቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢቂኢ

09/18/11 @ 15:01
Comment from: [Member]

Ayi extraterrorist, is that all u got Mr.Kubet Ras? where is ur explanation and answer to my question? I guess you are one of those constantly and continuously omg spiting, lmfao(entiniwot yinefaliwotina)spattering, fomcl announcing, pml telling bikefitu teliba young hipsters who takes Blue Print for Jay Z’s albums and anything that predates the coming of im and fb patently old. No no dude, i did not mistaken your lmfao for the noise makers from LA. Your contrived effort to imitate your grand daughters’ teenage behavior couldn’t cover up the old dedebit donkey that you really are. However, if you are experiencing that curious case of Mr.Benjamin Button, i can help you translate blue print into a detailed plan or design. Now i helped u on that, you should give me some kumineger yalew meles or a simple dfkdfc might suffix it, you degenerating geezer.

09/18/11 @ 21:07
Comment from: [Member]


ሁለት ነገር አስባለው ሰላነተ:

ወይ ትቅማለሀ እንደጉድ ወይ ደሞ አሮጊት ነሀ።

ዶማ ራስ Blue print lol

09/19/11 @ 03:12
Comment from: kul [Visitor]
5 stars

I said it before and I will say it again here.
Egypt’s position on Nile has always been the same. They want to keep the 1959 treaty in tact. This treaty does not allow Ethiopia and other upper riparian states to use a single drop of the Nile water. Since Ethiopia is not a signatory to this treaty Egypt cannot insist on the enforcement of the treaty. But it is very unlikely that Meles will put Ethiopia’s interest first. This man betrayed Ethiopia and Africa several times. No one will forget what he did in Algiers (against Ethiopia’s interest) and Copenhagen (against Africa’s interest). Given his immoral and treasonous character, there is no guarantee that he will not let us down this time as he regrettably did at Algiers and Copenhagen. Few months ago he said no Egyptian expert will be allowed to examine the plan of the Renaissance dam. Now he is saying that a committee including Egyptian and Sudanese experts will examine the impact of the project. What the hell is that? Ethiopia under Meles took the initiative to come up with a new treaty on the Nile. I commend Meles for that. Six out of the nine riparian countries signed the treaty. But Meles now says he will not ask the Ethiopian parliament to ratify the treaty and will wait to hear from the new Egyptian government. This is very silly. The treaty is a done deal. No matter what the new Egyptian government says (or will say) Ethiopia should ratify the treaty. There is no need to wait for the position of the new government of Egypt. I hope Meles is not thinking of abandoning the new treaty if the new Egyptian government rejects it.

09/19/11 @ 11:24
Comment from: [Member]

Kul, very well said! We can look back into the past three four decades back, and all we find is the same treasonous Meles Zenawi. This man has fought against Ethiopia herself, and later on when she falls into his hands, he has cut and chopped her as many times as he can. He has been a consistently horrible and treasonous representative of Ethiopia and Africa. When he agreed to sell the entire African interest for three billion dollars in Copenhagen, the Senegalese leader was astounded by meles’s betrayal and left to say “we are just on a different resonance". Meles is a natural opportunist and traitor. If he sees a chance to secure and elongate his time on power, he will put anything and everything for negotiation. We, Ethiopians, are on a different resonance with the one he is functioning at, and fully oppose his treasonous actions. What angers me the most is his repeated attempt to justify his crimes and blunders against the country’s strategically, politically, economically important interests. For instance, his answer for the issue of Aseb is “a port is something we can buy from other states….” Helloooo, why should we spend billion every year when we can have our own??? And, he expects us to accept and move on with his treasonous decisions on top of us. Amazingly for him and unfortunately for us, he has survived for a long twenty years with all that. This time around however, even a perfect score on this challenge, the issue of Abay, against belligerent egypt wont guarantee his stay on power. If he messes up a bit let alone selling our interest for that fuckin country, he will be deposed violently. Meles, you have been warned, u shabian monkey!

09/19/11 @ 12:04

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