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Comment from: Tezebet [Visitor]

What horrible news… I am really sad I could not find a word to express my feeling in this moment. Why they bring this beautiful and innocent kid from her country to kill her this way… If they can’t fulfill their oath why even bother to go all the way and adapt this very vulnerable kid… the city I lived I see a lot adapted kids from Ethiopia and their parents treat them well… all the adapted parents are not the same but these guys are horrible and criminals hope they will pay the price….

RIP my dear no one heart you anymore you are in the good hand

10/01/11 @ 11:36
Comment from: Bonan [Visitor]

Oh God why are you just watching all this unfairness ? Woyane are selling Ethiopian children and they are human child are treated like dogs like this in other countries, imprisoning parents at home,getting deported those who flew torture and repression from neighboring countries , selling poor peasants farm land, firing employees for their opinions….what are all these happenings ??..what do these people do to deserve all??,,,I do not think what is right or wrong anymore. These woyane elites need extermination by all means…hunt them down and kill them like dog,,,,that is what they deserve.

10/01/11 @ 12:07
Comment from: [Member]

They brought an innocent child all over from Ethiopia promising a good American life and a loving family only to starve, beat, and murder her. When i first read this news, i thought her death might be a result of one of the many parental neglectfulness we hear about on the news once in a while, but this is more than that. They have knowingly planed and tortured Hana with the intent to kill her. Did they brought her from Ethiopia to use her as a Guinea pig to try out an experiment based on an idea that could have been written only by the devil himself? They probably started abusing her the moment she arrived their Auschwitz like house from her country Ethiopia, and i doubt they even sent her to school which is why she never told her story to a friend before the worst happened. Or did she ever? I even doubt she mastered the english language. How could she when she was being beaten and thrown out of a house to spend the cold night with out food, water, blanket to keep her warm? I can’t even start imagining the pain and horror she has went through in the cold and dark night, all alone!!! In a land where even dogs and cats have legal protection, the Satanic Williams have hated and murdered an innocent child they ought protect. Now, we all know what happened to the American Football star Vick for mistreating a dog, and we Ethiopians demand the death penalty for the barbarian piglets by the name of Williams.

Having said that, i want to know how in the world those monsters managed to get their hands on Hana and what the fuck our so called government is doing about it. I understand we have a government that is collecting money from exporting Ethiopian children and women, but can the gov at least pretend it cares and start working to make sure Hana’s murderers and their accomplices in Ethiopia get the full punishment under the law? The Adoptive Agency that has sold Hana to the William monsters must be closed permanently and the people who owned it must be tried for the child’s death. All adoption activities within Ethiopia shall be suspended indefinitely, and the government must start investigating this child trafficking business within the country.

Death to Monster Williams!
Death to the Ethiopian Adoptive Agency that has Sold Hana as a Guinea pig for the barbarians!
Death to the Ethiopian authority who have been profiting from the transaction of selling innocent Ethiopian children for sadists, pedophiles, barbarians and foreign monsters!
Down with the Ethiopian government that has encouraged and over looked this illegal activity!

Rest In Peace Hana!

10/01/11 @ 12:21
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

I do not believe that there is a similar example anywhere in the world, where beasts with human face ever adapted a child, to hate, torture and kill, in the most inhuman way.

These monsters treated their dogs much better than this innocent child. Only perverts could go all the way to another country, adopt a poor child, to satisfy their sick and diabolic soul.

It is my belief that American parents who have adopted Ethiopian children and feel that they are true parents, should show their disgust and indignation to this devilish couple. This will be their ethical tribute to the memory of this unfortunate child, because the moral value of all American parents who have adopted Ethiopian children and any other children is under scrutiny, as the result of what these monsters have done.

10/01/11 @ 12:39
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Rest in peace Hanna.

10/01/11 @ 13:46
Comment from: Wobet [Visitor]

Lost for worrrrrrrrrds. They did whaaaaaaaaaaaaat to this child and left her dying. This evil, evil and evil act would be punished biiiiiiiig time. The devil does exists well among these fake christian Williams family. They brought here for their evil hidden agenda. How dare they played the gospel in their house, while doing this act. This is what Jesus spoke against, “the devil in a sheep clothing". Now it is time to pay back for what they did to her.
And yes, it would be nice to see, other American families who have adopted children from Ethiopia, to show their revulsion on this story.

10/01/11 @ 13:53
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

Sad like crazy! no word to discribe this nighmire. The world must have to understand that all adoptions are not genune. Some are for child trafficing and child prostitution. It is True that there are a lot of true adoptive parents but the question is how can you tell the which one is good and which one is monster?
May Allah save this innocent children from monster parents.
May Allah give Hanna the paradise and rest her in peace.

10/01/11 @ 13:54
Comment from: [Member]

It breaks my heart, it really aches to have to read this to the point of not even caring whether they get sentenced or not. Because it’s beyond me what kind of heartless fucks and EVILS would even let the idea of intentionally hurting that sweet faced little child cross their mind. May GOD the Almighty rest your precious soul in peace. I’ve come to terms with the fact that weyanes are and will keep on selling our children and women to anyone showing up with cash but why do Ethiopian mothers give their children up? what kind of hardship leads to a decision of this kind? How can a mother give her own flesh and blood she bore for NINE PAINFUL months as piece of rug to people/agency whom she knows will sell them to the highest bidder no matter how they sugarcoat their business? If we can’t afford to raise our own children by ourselves what is the purpose of bringing one to these heinous world of monsters? Innocent little spirits are not the price for our failure. If you don’t raise your child all by yourself (or assistance of your family, extended family and relatives) then DON’T give birth to one. Men are scums but please women do your part in making sure that no child will ever have to get evicted from her own house because of poverty. Better to live as a beggar than having mindless monstrous pigs murder or slowly squeezing the life out of our babies! Btw the title is badly misleading leaving the reader with hope/impression that she was rescued now or her life was saved.

Free: Check out the vid below the article, it says they were home schooled (never left home) and there is an adopted boy, again from Ethiopia who was sharing the abuse with the poor girl.

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

10/01/11 @ 14:07
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
1 stars

What a Shame .All these poor children
sold for foreigners without the least
inquiries .While TPLF thugs and their
bandas are as usual talking about their childish “Double Digit Economi Grow” In fact “Double Digit Stupidities".Only the TPLF bandits Regime the Crime Minister and his puppets are accountable for the suffering of these poor children .

10/01/11 @ 14:13
Comment from: C'estt moi senait [Visitor]
C'estt moi senait


You are the true ethiopia we need. Forget about these Fessaam Abessha with no gut. Tbet rather demonstrate like a sreet hore in washington and BEg for freedom. Tjey are not a true ethiopians. They are a typicalm homo generstion .

We have to terminate weyannes in the streets of addis and burn down these parasites child adaptatipn agencyt to groung and burn all who are involved in this business.

10/01/11 @ 14:35
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Carri and Larry Williams,

This is your story you leave for this generation, and your story will be engraved in dark ink and put on your tombs when you leave this earth and go to join the two Biblical monsters, Pharaoh of Egypt and Herod of Judea, who murdered hundreds of innocent Jewish children. Whether you have killed one child or more, it doesn’t matter; you are still cold-blooded killers.

Why did you adopt two other children while you have had your own six biological children whom you adore, take care of them, and neglect the others who were not your children, but I am sure you might have promised that you will treat them like ones of your own children or at least like ones of your cats or dogs?

After you beat the 13-year-old Hana, my own flesh and my own blood, with a long plastic tube, put her in a dark room, refused her food, made her sleep outside in a cold weather about 42 degrees, ordered her to shower with a garden hose while you were enjoying the Christmas Holiday with your own natural children, you let her finally die in the severely cold weather. After you killed her, you were very happy: “…sources told the investigators that Carri Williams complained about her adopted daughter and seemed happier after she died.” Is this the kind of story you would like to leave to your children and to this generation?

The good Lord will avenge Hana’s death in the hands of the two murderers – Carri and Larry Williams who hide her untimely death for more than four months without reporting it to the police. Of course, the cold didn’t kill Hana; the disease didn’t kill Hana; the beating didn’t kill Hana; the insult didn’t kill Hana; the discrimination didn’t kill Hana: What killed Hana was the deprivation of food ‘caused by a parent’s intentional food restriction, severe neglect, physical and emotional abuse and stunning endangerment.’

Hana was unable to get food from her adopted parents’ food storage because her cruel parents had locked it purposely to prevent her from getting food so that she could die of starvation quickly. One person informed investigators “that Carri Williams locked up the food and served only small portions, at times withholding food from her adopted children.” Another person testified Carri and Larry Williams played Christian music while Hana was locked up in the closet.

Her Ethiopian blood inside her was indeed telling Hana that she was from Ethiopia, a proud nation; therefore, after she had realized and saw the injustices her adopted parents were perpetrating upon her, she might have finally rebelled against her selfish parents as her parents told the detectives: “…Hana had become increasingly rebellious and on the night of her death refused to come inside the house.”

What house? She didn’t have a house; her parents had driven her out of their house to the cold weather without a proper clothe. They had refused her to take shower in their house of criminals. Finally, the merciless mother claimed she had found her daughter “face down with mud in her mouth, not breathing.” Mud in her mouth instead of bread! After Hana was starved to death, she might have been trying to survive by eating mud; she didn’t really have enough energy left to eat bread or mud at this time, so she died of starvation like some of the other Ethiopian children she left behind back at home.

My dearest Hana, you are now in heaven with Jesus Christ and with those other heavenly children who had been maliciously slaughtered while they were on this earth for a short time. May the good Lord give you a lasting peace, an eternal home that you couldn’t find here, and the real caring father and mother better than your artificial mother and father, the Williams! Rest in peace, my dear child!

10/01/11 @ 15:09
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

How jilajil you are jal. What has Woyane the history maker had to do with this story. Fesam woyane kefelege feshn ejih lay yaschebtehal. Ekekammmmmmm

10/01/11 @ 15:27
Comment from: dani [Visitor]

Such a sad story. But one thing that needs to be understood is that there is always a bad apple always exists among us. I was just reading some of the comments. Some saying Weyane this weyane that. I am not a supporter of the Governement. But at the same time these are not kids with a good future in front in Ethiopia. Call it selling or adpation. Either way, they are better off in US. From my reading I would say, most of the adapted kids coming to US are happy and live with loving parents. Remember People don’t pay $10000 and $20000 to see some third world kid suffering. With that said I am really really sorry to hear such a sad story. RIP Hanna.

10/01/11 @ 16:37
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Isnt she the most butiful little girl. I can’t imagin what she went through while she was with them.

This Garbage people go and adapt like they go to an animal shelter to pickup a pet. I hope the Ethiopian community in that state follow up this case very closly. I have no doubt they are doing that as we speak.

10/01/11 @ 18:49
Comment from: menaw shewa [Visitor]
menaw shewa

What a Shame for ethiopian gov.

10/01/11 @ 18:49

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