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Comment from: Dagnachew Koru [Visitor]
Dagnachew Koru

Dude, we have no place for new immigrants in our country. Our birthrate is over 2.5million a year,so where are you trying to come or trying to stay? Go back, there is lots of land in Jamaica!

11/02/11 @ 05:56
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Let it be known to all Ethiopians that even flirting with the idea entertained by this pagan thought makes one a good candidate for eternal damnation. Be very very careful about this curse associated with Ethiopia and its blasphemous king(s). While anyone has the right to choose life or death, I urge my fellow Ethiopians to save themselves by distancing themselves from any blasphemy, let alone of one that has such a grave magnitude!!!!

May the Lord have mercy on Ethiopia!

11/02/11 @ 14:58
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]
3 stars

Those who live in a glass house should not throw stones. Judge not lest ye be judged. Rastafarianism is a way of life. Keeping your heart and temple clean and not bowing down to the image drawn my the Italian artis Michealangelo of his cousin the white blue eyed male image of Jesus Christ that peobably you and the majority of the world worship. Ethiopia has the oldest and strongest history that preceedes Greek and Italian lies and (blasphemous) to use your words..dipictions of chrisitany. So Ethiopia strech forth your arms and accept those that want to come and build you and till your land. The whole earth belongs to humans regardless of what corner of the earth they want to habitate. Let GOD decide who lives where. I am a proud Abyssinian, Kushite Etgiopian who happens to live in america and have a great reapect for Rastafarians and how hard they try to live with the old testament values in the new testament world. There is good and bad in all people. Only if you are perfect can you put down other people. Last I checked only Igzyabhere is perfect.

11/03/11 @ 13:56
Comment from: Taharka [Visitor]

I am glad I know mentally strong Ethiopian brothers and sisters who are smart and do not swallow wholesale every negative. Media item the western white man trots out to build a wedge between Africans in the diaspora and Africans on the continent including Ethiopians.
A similar report came out of the NY times, regarding African Americans and Caribbean’s. Settling in Ghana implying that the former and the latter shouldn’t bother going to Africa. Full of negative pejorative commentary by the writer; taking repatriates words out of context an Australian outfit vomited out the same negatives. There are black people in the Caribbean, Latin America and North America who hold Ethiopia high as a beacon of Black Independence. Some have even given their lives in the past to help Ethiopia against the Italians fascists.
I keep saying this Nazret.com takes all comments so Ethiopians who want nothing to do with other Africans, or African Americans and Caribbean’s, lobby your Government!. To have the AU in Addis Ababa shut down and moved somewhere else like South Africa or Ghana it’s easy to do if you can be bothered! Instead of snipping remarks about Jamaica whose economy is in better shape than Ethiopia’s. I guess the well-equipped no need for hand outs University Of the West Indies will have to keep churning out those Jamaican engineers and Doctors I am very disappointed by some these comments from people who should know better, but don’t.

11/03/11 @ 14:03
Comment from: ras [Visitor]

@woldeyesus: shut the fuck up you narrowminded piece of blood clot. why don’t you mind your own fucken business. in case you forgot you are also a blasphemour in the eyes of many that consider christianity a cult (belief in a man that died 2000 years ago)at least Rastas don’t worship a white man with blue eyes and blond hair like you do. if it’s not white AYEWATILIHIM AYEDEL?
RASTAS are proud africans who identify themselves historically, culturally and spiritually with mother AFRICA. JAH LIVE! FIRE BURN ALL HYPOCRITES!

@dagnachew koru: thank God there are very few hostile, ignorant and confused rasclats like you in Ethiopia. ingida tekebayinet bahlachin new. wondem ina ihitochachin wede abatochachin midir inimeles silu endih aynet tseyaf mels mestet ETHIOPIAWINET AYASBILIM.

11/03/11 @ 21:23
Comment from: [Member]

እነኚህ ጋንጂ አጫሾችን መቀበል የለብንም ::
ዐእምሮ አደንዛዥ እጽ እያጨሱ ጊዜአቸውን ነው የሚያባክኑት ::
ብለው ብለው ደግሞ አጼ ሃይለሥላሴ የ አምላክ ልጅ ነው የሚሉ ድንጋይ ራሶች ናቸው ::
አንፈልጋቸውም ::

11/04/11 @ 06:41
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

you have the right to flirt with whatever spirit you choose to. I have a duty to forewarn my fellow human beings from a sure danger. I just did that but all is free to choose as they desire.

To the rest, I say, “Keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ", if you desire to be called great in the Kingdom of God (Revelation 14:12)

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless Ethiopia!!!

11/04/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Here we go again,
Selling flashas to israel in exchange woyane imported you lots of crackheads from afar.
What a chaos ! LOL
What is the next generation of Ehiopia to look like? A mixture of Chinese, Indians, USA and now ..What?
RasTafarian? whats that a religion? LOL

11/04/11 @ 12:05
Comment from: Taharka [Visitor]

What I would like to know is why do these kinds of report come out on such a regular basis? Singling out Rasta’s and African Americans in particular? If Africans in the diaspora who are made up of many political and spiritual persuasions, some are even Atheists and Agnostics.
Who want to settle in Africa that’s our business I could easily find plenty of Ethiopians who hate white people, should I interview them and plaster it all over the net? This whole exercise smacks, of a petty paranoia from a small, but vocal section of the white expat community in Africa.
They need to calm down. We are coming back to Africa whether they like it or not. I don’t see the Chinese or Indians putting huge resources like the Europeans do; into such very a small question which bears very little effect on Africa at the present time.

11/05/11 @ 04:06
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

There are many religions in the world, people have a right to believe in whatever the hell they see fit. There are even those who denounce God or who worship the devil. It is ONLY the most high God that can judge everyone not hypocritical human beings. Though I don’t accept core of their religion, Rastas have many valuable human values we can learn from, they believe in self efficiency, follow strict, quality dietary code, have deep respect for their African roots & history/culture, they struggle to bring black power back into society be it in Africa or else where. They are alcohol free, very intelligent and well clued up group especially when it comes to what racist folks/scientists are doing behind our backs to destroy Africa, the black race in general in the name of aid, scientific research using blacks as guinea pigs, exposing their every move to those who can listen.

Rastas are positive voices to black people, they try their hardest to highlight any given positive image of Africa and expose western media’s stereotypes everywhere. Just take a look at their black oriented paintings, ornaments, furniture’s, literature, kids materials, how they teach against self hate, expose the dangers of many chemicals that black people use in the forms of cosmetics etc. White folks know all too well the power, knowledge of this tiny but very influential group and always try and associate them with drugs and negative stereotypes, just as they stereotype every blacks on earth, create animosity between black people.

Junkies, alcoholics are those Caucasian middle/high class bankers, traders, lawyers, politicians etc who actually can’t function without cocaine. I went to an almost all white middle/higher claass university, majority were users of class A drugs on regular basis and they had no intention of hiding it, often discussed which drug they used over the weekend gave them the ultimate high and they looked at me like an absolute alien for not even attempting to try their junk. These same folks went on to become very influential parts of Caucasian society yet we don’t hear their media calling them out often. Just because they can afford to maintain their addiction, it doesn’t mean they are drug free.

Who are we to even say people can’t come live in Ethiopia while residing in every single corner or the world as refugees and what not? Rastas have a paradise like, fertile country. They don’t come to Ethiopia/Africa because they are poor, lack democracy in their home land, fleeing prosecution by their governments or running away from drought, barren uncomfortable land. They come to Ethiopia/Africa out of RESPECT for their BLACK AFRICAN roots, religion. There are actually many Rastas who are none Jamaicans just as there are those who are baptized as Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and don’t believe in HIM at all. So, let us live to our reputation as polite and hospitable people. Treat people with the same respect, honor we expect others to treat us. After all, almost all of us who post here reside outside of Ethiopia for whatever reason. Hypocrisy should not be our trait, we must learn how to look beyond stereotypes and absorb the many positive qualities in others rather than dancing around the negatives for no human being is perfect.

11/05/11 @ 07:20
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

woldeyesus, [Visitor]
The Church of Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christus has for long been the head of Ethiopia through the Orthodox faith. Our Church is as ancient as Our faith which teaches us through the Kebra Negast that the King of Ethiopia is honourable and He is the King of Zion, He delivered the Church and the assembly of nations. One does not have to search to far into the pages of history and film documentaries to realize that the 20th century witnessed the coming of that great King with the title King of Kings ,Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God and light of this world, who came in his New Name Haile Selassie which is of the root of David, in likeness and lineage through the Solomon dynasty. HIM brought autonomy to the Ethiopian Church as well as a founder and member of the World Council of Churches. HIM was the only head of state to be represented in the League of Nations and the newly invigorated United Nations, the League tore up the covenant of its existance by failing to adhere to the Emperors requests for assistance against the aggression of fascist Italy, so said the Emperor ‘it is us today, it will be you tomorrow.’ Inevitabley Europe went into chaos and was overrun by fascist nazis because of their failure to respect collective security. In 1945 after the horrors of WWII, HIM and other world leaders were able to agree on a Charter of Universal application so that mankind would never come to another world war, which if it did come would mean the collective extinction of mankind by nuclear catastrophe. The United nations has stood the test of time, thanks to the founder and guide of that organisation Emperor Haile Selassie who delivered the Church and the assembly of nations. Though the United Nations is weak, it is weak in sum-total of the ill-haphazard support of its members.

“If we are to survive, this Organization must survive. To survive, it must be strengthened. Its executive must be vested with great authority. The means for the enforcement of its decisions must be fortified, and, if they do not exist, they must be devised. Procedures must be established to protect the small and the weak when threatened by the strong and the mighty. All nations which fulfill the conditions of membership must be admitted and allowed to sit in this assemblage.

Equality of representation must be assured in each of its organs. The possibilities which exist in the United Nations to provide the medium whereby the hungry may be fed, the naked clothed, the ignorant instructed, must be seized on and exploited for the flower of peace is not sustained by poverty and want. To achieve this requires courage and confidence. The courage, I believe, we possess. The confidence must be created, and to create confidence we must act courageously.

The great nations of the world would do well to remember that in the modern age even their own fates are not wholly in their hands. Peace demands the united efforts of us all. Who can foresee what spark might ignite the fuse? It is not only the small and the weak who must scrupulously observe their obligations to the United Nations and to each other. Unless the smaller nations are accorded their proper voice in the settlement of the world’s problems, unless the equality which Africa and Asia have struggled to attain is reflected in expanded membership in the institutions which make up the United Nations, confidence will come just that much harder. Unless the rights of the least of men are as assiduously protected as those of the greatest, the seeds of confidence will fall on barren soil.

The stake of each one of us is identical - life or death. We all wish to live. We all seek a world in which men are freed of the burdens of ignorance, poverty, hunger and disease. And we shall all be hard-pressed to escape the deadly rain of nuclear fall-out should catastrophe overtake us.” Selected Speeches of His imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I address to the United Nations.

Revelations- ‘The beast shall make war with the Lamb, and the lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings: and they that are with HIM are called, and chosen and faithful.’ 17:4

“We feel that the fragmentation of a nation along tribal and ethnic lines is contrary to the will of survival and to the force of logic, because even for the tribes to survive they must stand together. Hence fragmentation along tribal lines is contrary to the nation’s survival, for there is no tribe strong enough by itself to defend its interests. Fragmentation is indeed contrary to the laws of nature itself.
In this connection, We would like to express Our gratitude and the gratitude of Our nation to the distinguished members of the World Council of Churches, who have contributed so much to bring the parties together and who were instrumental in reaching the happy results we witness today. We salute them on this auspicious occasion. They represent the best tradition of the Church–the pursuit of peace and the promotion of brotherly relations among their fellow men. All the sacrifices that they have made and the manner in which they discharged their duties deserve them sincere congratulations.
We would also wish to thank Your Excellency for the very kind words that you have said. We will do everything within Our power to help execute the understanding that has been reached between the two sides in Our capital city. May God help you in consolidating the interests of your nation.” Important Utterances of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 448-50, 1972

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Organization of African Unity!
Long Live the Charter of the United Nations!
Fire burn down the evil legacy of the colonial type exploitation of ethnic federalism
Fire burn down the satanic star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Long live Independent Ethiopia!

11/07/11 @ 06:23

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