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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

War is not a solution to Somalia problem. The vast Somalia water is now being fished by western,Arabs asiens etc…. Without to pay a dime to somalians ppl. The Somalia costal line is now a heaven to damping toxic wast. Where is AU?
The west are sending their military ships to protect their own interest while at the same time a internation crime is committed by their co. Illegal fishing,damping toxic etc…
Where is the so called environmentalist active or Gree peace?

11/25/11 @ 23:35
Comment from: ameneshewa [Visitor]  

those Somalis by nature didn’t like peace and they want fight clan by clan for ever and to live without strong Government with no rules and laws they are like NOMADS so international community must teach them how to live under one umbrella of LAW or they must be colonized like their grand grand fathers and becomes civilized people that is the only way to out from this chaos

11/26/11 @ 00:48
Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]
ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ
4 stars

Poor soldiers; I feel so sad seeing our troops serving in somali for nothing… please stop this, this soldiers might have a family, they might be a father and husband…. they are dragged into this business which no one knows the real reason….. Please God protect them…

11/26/11 @ 00:48
Comment from: [Member]

Most Somalis are like ancient Abyssinians, like Afars of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Defence Forces are most well come in Somalia. I am from a Somalian mother and a heroic ethiopian father. My father advised me to stand for Somalis and ethiopians, which I always do. Ethiopia should crash Alshabaab and help Somali establish a democractic government. the eritreans are supporting Alshabab. They are fighting with Alshebab against Ethiopia and Somalia. Somalians should not accept primitive Sharia Law. We want a modern law like in Europe and USA or at least like Ghana or South Africa.

11/26/11 @ 02:10
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopia should liberate Somalia This is the better evil. To leave to Alshabaab and Eritrea is like creating chaos in East Africa. Alshaabaab is a threat to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Djoubiti could fall to Al Shabaab unless Alshabaab is destroyed as a force. If Djoubiti falls to Al Shaebab or radical muslim government, Ethiopia’s access to the Sea will be blocked. Imports and exports will be endangered, unless we are going to use airplanes and the kenyan ports. The democratization of Somalia is a life death issue for Ethiopia. Al Shabaab and it’s supporters should be destroyed. Eritrea is supporting Alshaabab. The government should overthrow Isssayas Afwrki of Eritrea. Why the Meles Zenwi regime did not act to contain the intervention of Eritrea in Somalia is a puzzle.

11/26/11 @ 02:20
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

Inorder to get considered as civilised humans, you better solve your insider crises, instead of jumping to neighbouring countries and trying to be know-it-alls with empty pride.

It is all good that we, the people of the horn, help eachother for the sake of harmonising our environment. But coming deeply between brothers and fuel the bloodshed inside their territories is shameful and inhuman.

Ethiopians from inside and outside, you shouldn’t get involved in troubles.

11/26/11 @ 04:21
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

USA is going to throw you as used condom sooner than later. They have done it to Iraqi, Afgani, Pakistani soldiers, when they are done with their purpose in respective countires. The US Army who been at those wars are the witness. Those who survived the war are disgusted and ashamed of their country. They have difficulties to tolerate how inhuman they have been towards the civilians and most of them lost their minds with nightmares and have difficulties to live normal life now.
Enjoy shooting!

11/26/11 @ 06:45
Comment from: Negasso Gidada [Visitor]
Negasso Gidada
5 stars

Go Meles! Go Meles! Catch the Piracy master Isayas! Cut his Throat! Throw in the Red Sea!

11/26/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: Girma [Visitor]

C’est moi Senait, with all due respect, your comment is off subject not to mention the incoherence. I rarely go to the comments section after I read a news of interest and most of the time you seem to be one of the first ones to comment. Before you comment first ask yourself what the topic is and read it if possible. In this case just to clarify for you..’the vast Somalia water is being fished…’ never heard water fishing..’the west are sending troos while international crime..bla bla’ don’t even see the remote connection to the subject..’where are the environmentalist active, AU, Greenpeace…’ you mean environmental activists? Anyway you don’t have to try so hard to look like you are well read and knowledgable while proving to the world that you are far from it…sorry had to say it..

11/26/11 @ 10:41
Comment from: [Member]

To the donkeyhead “Shameful",

Ethiopia will intervene beyond Somalia and beyond Africa. We are civilize folks. But we are not arrogant. Who is to influence the world without Ethiopia’s blessing or curse?

Ethiopia will have to contibute more to world peace

11/26/11 @ 12:17
Comment from: c' est moi Liz [Visitor]
c' est moi Liz

Girma, thank you for openly commenting on the comments of c’est moi senait. I (and am sure many) have noticed how she is trying to look like what she is not! here is another example, she started by saying, ‘war is not solution for somalia’s problem’ and then when you expect some explanation on what is really the problem, she started to ramble about illegal fishing, toxic dumping, etc and ends up by calling AU, green peace, etc..what a crap..

11/26/11 @ 13:07
Comment from: Semayawit Tirungo [Visitor]
Semayawit Tirungo
5 stars

“…Ethiopia dragged reluctantly back into Somalia” kikikikiki…

pathological war mongering and war loving minority Wayane tryrants rushing to re invade Somalia while the whole wide world is opposing such a provocative violent interventionist behavior in an anticipation for war profit and war self serving war economy money making. But at the same time turning around and telling the world a completely unbelievable WHITE LIE that it is dragged in to the conflict rather that admitting that it is dragging itself and imposing war and destruction on the Somalis by all means possible.WHAT A MASTER LIE! :)

“A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on its pants.” - Mark Twain

11/26/11 @ 14:22
Comment from: Iwunetu Taye [Visitor]
Iwunetu Taye
5 stars

C’est moi senait,

Many thanks you for your excellent and informed comment. You did hit the nail on the head. :)

11/26/11 @ 14:30
Comment from: somalisword [Visitor]



For Immediate Release A Call for Unity against Occupation of Somalia by the Crusaders
Nov 26, 2011 - No Comment

For Immediate Release A Call for Unity against Occupation of Somalia by the Crusaders

Mogadishu (26/11/2011) – The meeting held by the so-called Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Addis Ababa on Friday 25th November underlines the malicious intent of the neighbouring countries to destroy Somalia and colonise its people.

IGAD’s unanimous decision to deploy thousands of Ethiopian troops to Somalia comes after the Kenyan army, a non-combat-tested yet highly bumptious force who’ve entered Somalia more than a month ago, failed in their attempts to invade regions of Somalia as a result of the fierce resistance from the Mujahideen forces and local population. The concentration and build-up of Ethiopian troops along the border and some regions of Somalia at this particular phase in the conflict, not only demonstrates the vindictive nature of the Ethiopian army and their aspirations for military reprisals against the Somali population but also clearly illustrates the widespread impotence surrounding the thousands of Kenyan, Burundian and Ugandan forces already waging a brutal war against the people of Somalia.

Ethiopia, an arch-enemy, has been fighting a long and vicious battle to destabilise Somalia for decades. In December 2006, the Ethiopian army invaded Somalia under enormous media publicity in an attempt to control the country and subjugate its people. In their counteroffensive, however, the Somali population responded with quick and intensive surgical strikes as well as a concentrated guerrilla campaign that soon drained the invaders’ ability and defeated the Ethiopian army. Since their defeat in early 2009, the Ethiopian troops have been conducting a series of vengeful attacks against the people of Somalia , before engaging in the conscription and training of local militia to advance the Ethiopian agenda in the destabilisation of the country.

Somalia is going through a historic moment in time and it is the combination of the efforts of its people that will determine the outcome of its future. We therefore urge the Muslims of Somalia to set their differences aside and unite against their common enemy as they have done in the past in order to defend their country as well as their religion from the aggressive invasion of the allied African crusaders. You are facing a barbaric enemy that has no appreciation for the sanctity of human life; be firm and steadfast against them and fight them with all your might.

We also warn the invading Ethiopian forces that you have struggled long and hard to settle in Somalia during your brief occupation in 2006. Know that you are entering Somalia while the corpses of your comrades are still fresh in their graves; and the path that you tread upon today is reminiscent of the path trodden upon by your fellow soldiers yesterday. It is a path that lures you to taste nothing but the bitter depredations of war; for in front of you lies the agony of death, the torment of captivity, the deprivation of comforts, the departure of loved ones and the piercing bullets of strong-willed men with a determination of steel and uncompromising belief. The very men who’ve subjected the might of your army to the ignominious defeat of yesterday are today grinding their swords once again. The people of Somalia shall never accept or live under the humiliation of occupation and the spirit of resistance shall not fade as long as a single invader remains alive on Somali soil.

11/26/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: what is news [Visitor]
what is news
3 stars

i some times read nazret not that ilike it but to see what is the mind set of the ethiopian today is there some change of there attitude toward other nation in the horn and them self or they are commenting like what we call in somalia chiking talking jajajaja .
and sad i see no difference between chiking and some ppl here .
there words are kill them. destroy them. somalis are no better either in fact they are worse them all .
so if we want to life in the horn of africa we better share what we have. then we can life side by side no ppl are going no where somalis or ethiopians so life and love each other or destroy all the pll and others wil take the land .

11/26/11 @ 16:43

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