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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The only revolution that you brought is a chigaaram revolution that never belongs to Ethiopia. The day you steped your chiggaram feet in Ethiopia soil s the day Ethiopia invaded by thousands beggars org. Thanks to your chiggaram revolution since the late 90 up to now Ethiopia is in beggar list. The poorest of poorest.

Do not you even ashamed to wake up in the morning that you are nothing but a beggar whose main task is to beg day and night.

A human garbage. Ethiopia with this chiggarams is always in beggar list.

12/04/11 @ 23:23
Comment from: agerwedad [Visitor]

So how comes the so called Sub Saharan African revolutionaries are still in power oppressing their population? Apparently Meles, Musevini, Kagame and the like don’t see that they have become what they overthrew and just like their predecessors they have become deaf to their people’s demands. Let’s not forget that what goes up must come down.

12/05/11 @ 00:37
Comment from: [Member]

Absolutely true.

12/05/11 @ 00:49
Comment from: OC [Visitor]

I guess that is exactly what Gaddaffi said when asked about revolution in Egypt and Tunisia.
Libya has a revolution back in the late sixties. The people are happy in him at the helm for 40 years. So what is going around his neighbours are what Libyan experienced in late sixties.
Funny all dictators the more they talk the more they sound the same.

12/05/11 @ 01:15
Comment from: Ethiopia [Visitor]

Melles you are shameless man.you allready giveup your life but please don’t embaress you children because they will read and see what you said………….you are getting crazy.

12/05/11 @ 01:41
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . . .i dont believe you monkey, because even you killed many people, even you sold our lands, even you looted our treasures, even you bribed us to other countries, even you made us landless in our motherland and even you shut up our mouths. . . .but because we love our country and our peaceloving people, and because we dont support armed struggle against your dictatorship. . . .still, you are in your EVIL THRONE. . . .but, dont forget. . . .EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, THERE IS AN END. . . .


12/05/11 @ 02:00
Comment from: Change is coming [Visitor]
Change is coming

Let’s show him I don’t know what we are waitng. BEKA

12/05/11 @ 02:01
Comment from: [Member]

Mr. Zenawi is in a simple denial. People are against Zenawi’s rule because of the absence of freedom. Zenawi is a dictator who throws innocent citizens to prison. Zenawi, an eritrean himself, has landlocked Ethiopia. The Red Sea is the natural boundarry of Ethiopia. The economic projects which Zenawi claims to have executed or are in the process of being executed are a cover up to cheat the people of Ethiopia. It would be very difficult for Zenawi to rule Ethiopia wihout such economic grand projects which will be difficult to realize. Generally the people of Ethiopia are suffering from the oppression and economic hardship imposed by Zenawi and his eritrean thugs. The best solution is for Zenawi to relinquish power peacefully by allowing free elections to take place.

12/05/11 @ 02:12
Comment from: Lost Nomad [Visitor]
Lost Nomad

Not at all! The Arabs are pioneers of people power. The dwarf Tigrayan tyrant is in denial, delusional as he ever is!

Ethiopians must get rid of this misanthropist dictator, who says one-party rule was in the past for Ethiopia. With a 500+ parliament, all EPRDF, except one independent (ironically included in the parly to thwart evil eye), how can one cliam there is political plurality in Ethiopia? Anyone remember Gaddafi’s “all my people love me” shriek?

Ethiopian must come together (putting aside ethnic and ideological differences) to overthrow this tribal junta. Ethiopian must also empathize with their brothers suffering under Meles’s genocidal war in Ogaden. It is hell there, away from world media and international scrutiny. Most Ethiopian has been silent about these crimes, often highlighting the 2005 elections massacre, but ignoring the Ogaden genocide. Yet, those who died in 2005 in Addis Ababa only account for small fraction of the number of people killed in the Ogaden. If at all people want to win hearts and minds of the Ogaden people, this is the time.

12/05/11 @ 02:19
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

“"Comment from: ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ [Visitor]

Dear Zerayakob Yared,

Thanks for taking us with your journey; looking forward the Axum experience
12/01/11 @ 07:09″”

ውዲት ምቅርቲ ቤዛዊት እንድርያስ፣

“የ’የእርስበርስ ጦርነቱን” ተስፈኞችንና የማወናበድ አርቲስቶቹን ለማረጋጋት ብቻ በማሰብ ነገሩን ትንሽ ለማጉዋተት በመወሰኔ ቅር እንደማትሰኝቢኝ ባለሙሉ ተስፋ ነኝ! ምክኒያቱም፣ ካልተረጋጋንና በዚያውም አጠሙነንና አስተውለን በማሰብ ካልተንቀሳቀስን፣ መሪ የለሽ የግብፁ አይነት “አብዮት” ሊመጣብን ይችላልና።

መሪ የሌለው የህዝብ እንቅስቃሴ ደግሞ መጨረሻውኑ ካለምንም ዓወት ሬሳውን ብቻ ሲቆጥር እየዋለ ያድራልና፣ ከእንደዚህ አይነት ሁናቴ መጠንቀቅ አለብን።

ግን የሚያመልጠን ነገር የለም፣ ሪፖርቱን እንዲያውም ሰፋ ባለ መልኩ በቅርቡ እንመለስበታለን!

ለጊዜው ግን ካሁኑ መልካም በአላቱን ( የፈረንጅ ገና፣ የፈንጅ አዲስ አመት፣ የኛን ብርሃነ ልደቱንና ጥምቀታችንን ) ልመኝልሽ!

ትብብር ለኢትዮጵያውያን!
ሞት ለዋሾ ተስፈኞች!
ሓቐኛ ዓወት ንኢትዮጵያውያን!

12/05/11 @ 02:29
Comment from: chikunu [Visitor]

through out life ,there is a win and lose situation,you are the winner at the moment you can say what ever comes out of your mouth but,when the right day comes you to leave the country,the allies and the people your rely on will be against you.I mean since you have done nothing good to the people…..please GOD help us from this Evil regime.

12/05/11 @ 05:23
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Even the Junta Mengistu made the same statement concerning the new
evolution in the then Soviet Blocks .Arguing that in Ethiopia ,Abyotu yefenedaw ,Ye fewdalun astedaderv kmeekelbesse belay lezemenat keterrwlid wode tewlid yemitelalefu serawotchun akenawnewal” ;and you know the final result he runned away to Zimbabwe .This is the same crime and
leitmotive of tyrants hanged to power against the wills of the majority of the peoples .Call it
Green ,Yelow ,Orange or whatever colour of revolution you want the only evidence is that Ethiopians as any African peoples shall soon get rid of you !!!!

12/05/11 @ 07:47
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Yes we had a revolution that brought Mengestu to power for 17 years. The next revolution brought you power for 20 years (more than Mengistu) and left us with a parliament filled with parots. The revolution that brought Mengistu wasn’t the last. Neither will be the one that brought you to power. The last revolution will bring the people’s vote in a free election to power. And it will kick you out unless you leave the sene soon.

12/05/11 @ 07:48
Comment from: afarman [Visitor]

Meles zenawi, wellsaid, Ethiopia has witnessed psetive changes since the EPRDF came to power in 1991. The body guards of famine and backwardness/the Dergue has been ousted in 1991, now Ethiopia has launched a war on poverty and we are seing posetive results. Those remnants of the past regime who are in the diaspora are trying to depict a negative image of Ethiopia, they even want to introduce some kind of arab spring in Ethiopia, they are late, its already winter now and they cant do that in Ethiopia. Ethiopia had its own revolution twice, one in 1974 and another one in 1991. We cant afford to make Ethiopia the labaratory for wanna be revolutionaries.

We Ethiopians need to join hands and maintain the peace and stability we have now, peace and stability will ensure continuous economic development. Ethiopia needs stability and peace than this so called democracy. The democracy we are enjoying now is enough, democracy is like a culture. it will consolidate with the socio-economic and political development of the people.

12/05/11 @ 09:59
Comment from: ameneshewa [Visitor]  

Bravo Meles you know how to reply for any question the Arab spring is very late and we are ahead of them they are oppressed people for centuries

12/05/11 @ 10:11

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