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Comment from: Langano [Visitor]

Adwa monkeys will pay heavy price, just like Gadafi for all what they are doing to our people

01/08/12 @ 01:10
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

How back word is this guy that is being interviewed? extremely annoying and disappointing that a brainless like him are making decisions on behalf of all of as us as Ethiopians!!!!!!

Saddening to wittiness!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/08/12 @ 03:56
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Channa 4

These wester journalist are losing their ground. With India and chines developing the Africa continent ,the wester journalist try to find way to create trouble and see the same pictures of a dying child wit flies roming around his face and that picture is not any where to see any more in Africa. For them, Africa should always be a dark continent with conflicts and misery so that they can take pictures of that dying child, and collect every chritmas so that they can be an angle of the world.

This ia a White man propaganda . These charities and NGO are behind these campaign and any development in Ethiopia.
They want Ethiopia to be for ever and ever a beggar nation.
Now, they come up with this accutiation against chines and India , want to create havoc in Ethiopian elsewhere in Africa.
That is why. Say throw out these parasites wester charities and NGO from Ethiopia soil. They have been in ethiopia for 100 years and turn our ppl. to beggars. Now, things changing rapidly with chines and India investing and developing . These they do not want to see. They want us to stay a beggar nation for 100years to come. With all sorts of channels they accusing the chines or India who invest in Ethiopia.
Let us give a chance to chines and india ,what is wrong with development. We have now more than 1500 parasites ngo and charities invading us. We have not complain about them.
Why are these journalist always there to report bad things about india or chines. Why did not they wester co. Invest for the last 100 year when Africa begged them to invest? Now loosing their ground and no African country chose first western company but chines or india that make it better and cheap.

01/08/12 @ 06:14
Comment from: Ras Mitat [Visitor]
Ras Mitat
1 stars

White liberal reporting…Wishing Africa to remain with a begging bowl.

EVEN IN U.S. & U.K., people get evicted to build highways, or any mandated development…


01/08/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: Zemene Mathios [Visitor]
Zemene Mathios

200 years ago there was no a single English/white man in Australia. The blacks (aboriginal Australians) were speaking more than 300 languages. They lived there about 60,000 years. Look now what happened to them with in less than 200 years. Learn what they did to them.

So, rather than talking about Ethiopia, why don’t the English talk and do about their action in Australia?

The English are…

What the English don’t like and will fight is development in Africa. They already lost the fighting in Asia. However, thanks to china, India, Korea, Germany, France and other nations, they will not stop Africa from developing. Any nation that is free from the English direct involvement/influence is free and will grow. Aid is their tool to affect any poor and weak country. They like to see weak and poor country knowing they are the better and winners. That is why they don’t like others to develop and have life.

Class system in the 21 century is the way they want the world to be and accept them this way which is not happening anymore. Look the poor people in England. Divide, ruin and rule is their way against Africa during slavery and colonization. This also is not working anymore.

01/08/12 @ 10:25
Comment from: gudu [Visitor]

What is the difference be it westerners or the easterners. Fact is that their primary aim is exploit and make money and supply their people with the needed grain that they are growing in Ethiopia.Do you think the easterner give a damn about their host country. Fact is they are as racist as the white man, even the bare foot, illiterate Chines or Indian feel, he is better than the educated Ethiopia.

As for the grabbing of massive land, like it or not, the aim of the tplf and his groups is to make money as much as they can get for rainy day and deposit it in foreign bank. It might take not selling land, how about the so called the white people coming to Ethiopia to buy so called orphans at a $30,00.- a baby? Or the hoard of prostitution of young boys and girls that is flourishing under tplf and has been a destination of the Arabs and European, as a place of sex truism and where do one think where the money is going through the various means

01/08/12 @ 12:39
Comment from: [Member]

Now Nazret.com is becoming unrliable source of propaganda to
destroy ethiopian recnt success.
They want to brain wash people who wish the end of Ethiopian poverty.

Death to Ethiopian enemies

God Bless Ethiopia & it people.

01/08/12 @ 13:27
Comment from: [Member]

@ si no senait

It is really difficult to know where you stand!
No doubt that we are desperate for investement & investors. Attracting investors & getting their confidence is also a difficult task. Investors may also bring Job opportunity , technical assistance , etc….for the local community. Finally this can minimize handouts and could bring viable & sustainable economic growth. Right now those anti-Ethiopian forces who controlled power are giving too much for the so called investors. With no regard to those poor farmers who were farming and own the land they offered…cheap price,…tax free import & export,….no environment protection ,….no obligation to local community,…no compensation for dislocating,…..are among the secretive deal they reached.
The relationship with the local community is no more than feudo-colonial system.
I invite you to read more on this issue.
As usual the money for selling all, is no where to be found! What they are doing now is no citizen who considers Ethiopia as his home country will do it!

01/08/12 @ 14:55
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Gash mamo

One thing about Ethiopians is they are afraid for change. It is in our DNA to fear for new change.

Why do not you and others who oppose this investment speak a bout these invaders parasites charities and NGO?

Are not they destroying Ethiopia while we speak by turning the entire Ethiopian farmers to be beggars? Please, do not come here try to lecture me what is land grabbing or feudal colonial system. You have not had a single solution to stop beggerism or a mass starvation of our ppl. Year after year. You and your kind are always welcome these parasites charities who feed you a free food so that your belly growth more than your feet.you are good to invite thaws beggars org. But object any one ho invest . No europians want to invest in Ethiopia because they know us as a beggars. But the India and chines want to invest and we have seen some good development in matter of few years, so, why not allow them and let us see in ten years time…… We have those beggars now for the last 30 years and still we keep begging for more food…..
Do you want developer or beggar.?

Has it been a western investor, you all speak of good about them but these are India and chines with new face in Africa.

01/08/12 @ 16:25
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

The alien imposed federation of secession is responsible for the assistance and security of this neo-colonial type exploitation. Patriots of Ethiopia will continue to rise up to defend their country and freedom, from the divide and rule policy of ethnic federalism, which seeks to impose its views by force at the expense of Ethiopians and their land. These neo-colonial land grabs are totally and absolutely unacceptable by Ethiopians who own the land, Ethiopians farmers who produce the crops have been forced to buy the their food from markets at hyperinflated prices from wages below the poverty because this neo-colonial exploitation has caused the supply of food domestically to outstrip supply. Therefore the alien puppet regime shall be driven away as the smoke is driven away.
Ethiopians are not your cattle!

“Neo-colonialism today takes two forms: economic and political. We recognize that economic dominance is not only often the more difficult to eliminate, but often serves as the entering wedge for political domination. We further recognize that, given the history of our continent, and the conditions under which we came to freedom, it is not unusual that, despite our best efforts, the economic independence which we seek is long and difficult in coming. Long-established patterns of trade are not easily or quickly reoriented. Let us not delude ourselves in thinking that these facts, for such they are, are of no significance for the future of Africa. But let us, at the same time, toil with all our strength to alter them.
When we consider political neo-colonialism, our desires, although perhaps no less difficult of attainment, are at least easier of articulation. We seek to avoid a rigid and inflexible posture which prejudices our position on major issues before the world. We seek to avoid alignment, to achieve true non-alignment. Our late good friend, H.E. Prime Minister Nehru of India, put it thus: ‘The only camp we should like to be in is the camp of peace and goodwill.’” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 269-70

“The fundamental obstacle to the realisation of the full measure of Ethiopia’s agricultural potential has been, simply stated lack of security in the land. The fruits of the farmer’s labour must be enjoyed by him whose toil has produced the crop.” Selected speeches of HIM Negus Haile Selassie I, pages 492-3

“The aim of those leaders that is based on ambition for power and personal gain is one with no firm foundation and will, consequently, crumble easily.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 471

“For those of you who possess the land and labour but lack capital, We have made credit available at low interest. For those of you who have the necessary capital but do not possess land to work on, We have, in accordance with Our proclamation which entitled every Ethiopian to ownership of land, established offices in every province through which you may be able to acquire land. Those who have neither land nor money will be granted land and a financial loan at low interest. For those of you who possess land, who have financial resources and manpower, We have made experts available to furnish you with the necessary guidance and advice in your undertakings.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 486

“The longevity and tenacity of a building can be judged by its foundation.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 495

“Every structure must be built on a solid foundation, for those constructed otherwise would soon collapse. The proclamation by which We made land grants to the entire Ethiopian people is the foundation of this scheme. Recipients of land grants as well as those who had previously owned their own holdings do not by the mere owning of such land satisfy the requirements. They must make proper use of the land not only for their own benefit but as well to that of the people– We shall not permit any land to lay fallow.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 487

“Man can only begin an enterprise, it is for God to dispose of it to a good end.” Selected Speeches of HIM Haile Selassie I, page 391

Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live African Unity!
Long Live the charter of the United Nations!
Fire burn down the neo-colonial witchcraft star of the alien imposed federation of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Gasha for Ethiopians!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

01/08/12 @ 17:36
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
5 stars

Thanks you very much we better land lease to great investor than sit and wait hand out Western donation. Wester donation nothing but pure cancer.

01/08/12 @ 18:54
Comment from: afandi [Visitor]

kill this indian monkey,they grabbing our land

01/08/12 @ 20:53
Comment from: GEDION--NASHVILLE,TN [Visitor]  

education in ethiopia & kindergarten
-primary school
-high school
-apply for a money based job.
WORK WORK WORK ’till ya die.

Bloody economics these days Life is based on money, first you must get education, find and get a job that earns lots of money, reproduce maybe, get some pleasure along the way, help the society grow.
And if you can’t deal with it, you don’t get too far until you commit suicide

Everyday, millions of children march to school with drudgery and resistance. As young children, they go in open-hearted and free – at night, they imagine that their tiny hands can reach up and touch the birds. The entire world is a new place and the fascination of beauty never subsides. But as older adolescents leaving their high school, they go close-minded and bondaged – at night, they drink themselves into passing out and talk about the most popular thing to come, under obligation. The boys worry about their sexual conquests. The girls worry about their sexual appearance. Both worry about being social in a society that has made a weakness of kindness and an insult of emotion. Such a great change occurs between those who enter school and those who leave it.

Just think of the sheer idiocy of compulsary education. We threaten these children with imprisonment if they do not appear in class. Once in class, they spend their time either sleeping or completing tasks that are completely irrelevant to them. By giving them no option in their schooling, what have we taught them? The first lesson they learn is to detest learning, to hold unbridled sympathy for education. Take any man, put him in chains, and force him to recite poetry, or force him to play an instrument, or force him to farm the land – and once he becomes a free man, do you think he will want to engage in that activity that was forced upon him? The scars on a slaves hands from working the fields, the memories of abuse of a house servant; given the right to do as they wish in the world, is it likely to think that they will return to that work which they were forced to do? And then consider schools. We force children to sit and overfeed them erroneous facts, faulty logic, damaged reasoning, concealed under the guise of “schooling.” Once the mental faculties of these children are damaged, their heart grows an animosity towards learning, towards books, towards facts and knowledge. It is the greatest folly to make children hate learning, and the greatest danger to a real, living Democracy in any nation.

Our ignorance is their power.

Real knowledge is acquired by learning what interests you, through reading, investigation, practice, or any other desirable method. To become intelligent, you must engage in activity with the idea that are you learning because you want to, because knowledge is a goal. The path to conformity varies greatly from this. First, you engage in nothing, but allow cultural standards and social obligations to control you. Second, the idea of learning is to memorize random, perhaps unrelated and blatant facts – true or untrue – so that they may be recited upon command. Third, the goal is not knowledge, but a passing grade; they learn to for the sake of knowledge, but rather for the sake of social acceptance.

Take two children. Give the first freedom and liberty, give him a wealth of books and movies, give him teachers to aid him upon his request and a place that encourages art, creativity, and independence. Then take away the freedom and liberty of the second, require his presence in a classroom in front of a teacher, threaten him with a jail sentence if he does not go to his school. Give each of them ten or fifteen years, and check the development of each of them after this amount of time. The only forced to endure slavery may be able to stand in a lecture hall and he might be able to say to you, “George Washington was born in 1732 and died in 1799. In 1776, the Revolutionary War began where he acted as general. In 1783, it ended. In 1789, he was elected president a first time, and in 1792, he was elected president a second time.” You are given dates and events, surely, it is true history. But take the child who was given freedom to do as he pleased, and he might be able to stand in a lecture hall and tell you, “In the sixteenth century, in Europe, a Spanish physician by the name of Michael Servetus was convicted of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church. Fleeing from his oppressors, he made it to Geneva, where the vindictive John Calvin had absolute authority. In earlier years, Servetus expressed his doubt on Calvin’s protestant religion. Once captured by the authorities, Servetus was burned to death at the orders of John Calvin in 1533. They had him wear a hat of sulphur and used slow-burning wood, that the crowd could listen to screams for mercy for the duration of a half hour. One year after the death of this man, Calvin published a list of insults of his former enemy.”

Be a rebel. Because being a conformist means admitting that the parts of you that matter are already dead.

But if that’s the case, what does matter? The emotions that run rampant through our head, the thoughts that we tumble and toss over in our minds constantly – sexual fantasies to memories of our friends and family, thoughts and ideas about our future, wishes and desires for our current life with those who are close to us. The idea of a living freedom, knowing that what you wish to do believe with your mind is unrestricted and what you wish to do with your body, so long as you harm none, is unlimited. Life matters to us because we make it matter; if we never told a lover we would miss them upon our departure for a long voyage, if we never told a family member that we dream of a time when oppression ended, if we never wrote a poem and hoped to give it to a friend whose face we haven’t seen in years – if we never cared about life, then life wouldn’t matter. What matters is what we make matter. So in a few years, all the kids who graduate from high school will know that their grades never mattered, because even though so young, they already know that it won’t be the grades they got that they think about upon their death bed.

Twenty years ago the textbooks used in history class just began to cover some of the issues of the four hundred years of oppression of the African race in this country.

Children who are forced into a school and forced to complete erroneous assignments learn only one thing: to hate education. I clearly demonstrated this truth earlier, but there is more to be learned from it. Take a slave. It could be a slave from any society, whether an African in colonial America or a Plebeian in the Roman Empire. For the entirety of their life, they labor. Their sweat, their tears, their blood, the biproducts of their toil seep into the ground and their garments. All they produce goes to the one who did not labor (and alas, our modern Capitalist system has managed to recreate these conditions). Inside every slave, there will be a growing hatred of their activity as a servant, a farmer, a manufacturer – they will learn to hate what has been forced upon them without their consent. But inside some of them, there will be the kindling of hope for a dream. One day, they will hope to produce for themselves, knowing that what their hands reap will be what fills their stomach, and not the stomach belonging to idle hands. So, too, it is with our compulsary education. The more we are forced into schools and our minds filled with useless facts, the stronger our thirst grows for real education, for real knowledge. Few are like this, but we exist. Others simply remain politically and emotionally sedated, as the focus of their mind is the next test or the next prom, and not children enslaved in southeast asia or the meaning of life.

To every student who must endure the excuse of an education system that we have, I can only offer these words of hope… Educate yourself, not with school teachers, but with the books they wanted to ban. Teach yourself, learn, grow, and develop. Learn that the greatest asset education can offer is that of independence.

“If the teacher happens to be a man of sense, it must be an unpleasant thing to him to be conscious, while he is lecturing his students, that he is either speaking or reading nonsense, or what is very little better than nonsense.

01/09/12 @ 10:12
Comment from: bahre [Visitor]

Any body who has idea and money is wellcome to the new Ethiopia. We don’t want any distracters. Development, peace, and liberity is our vision and we will attain it through our stragel. Those who choose to be distractors will be ashemed soon. Ethiopia belegochewa tiret tadegalech!!!!!!

01/09/12 @ 15:05
Comment from: Disgraceful Meles/EPRDF [Visitor]
Disgraceful Meles/EPRDF

Meles and EPRDF must return land grabbed by Mengistu and subsequently by EPRDF. Land belongs to citizens not a government. EPRDF must look for long lasting solution rather than creating long lasting problems .

That is why Meles kept on begging for food and turns around and sell land to the highest bidder exploiters.

The only way to create wealth is when Ethiopians themselves own their land not foreigners. Let Ethiopians farm and sell their crops to their people. Stop chasing out farmers from their farms.

If the Indians and Saudi Arabia can come to farm and sell food in Ethiopia why not the Ethiopians? If Meles wants to empower farmers he should give them farming machines and materials It is not an excuse to sell land for 50-99 years to foreigners just because farmers do no have farming machines.

01/09/12 @ 17:02

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