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Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
4 stars

Hahahahahahah what a fiction out of Hollywood books or Dc illusional book cooking city where you can find looks and sound good to be true. The place where you can find expert for every solution as long us you got some greens yes money talk.

02/07/12 @ 00:08
Comment from: አንናናቅ [Visitor]

እኔ የሚገርመኝ, ኢሳትን ከኤሬ-ቲቭ(Ere-TV) ለመለየት ትንሽ ያስቸግራል. ለምጣሙም አንባቢ ሳያቀር ተብታባ ኤርትራዊ ነዉ የሚመስለዉ. ስታየላቸዉን ቀየር ለማድረግ እንክዋ አይሞክሩም!. ምነዉ የሄን ያህል የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ እንደ ጂል አያችሁት?..ትንሽ እንከባበር እንጂ!

02/07/12 @ 03:14
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


It looks like a 70s. Disco club with all sorts of bi ink blink…..

Have you notice the news reporter and surrounding….what is left is those shimagilles parties dancing on the floor.

02/07/12 @ 03:25
Comment from: Eden1 [Visitor]
5 stars


The fact that you posted both sources of press on the same page deserves FIVE stars. It is food for thought.
US Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Burns to the point.
-DRAFT THE PEOPLES LAW FOR JUSTICE AND HAVE IT SIGNED BY SEVERAL CITIZENS ( well ? cynical? possible for the fight of it).
-As the ANTI-TERRORISM LAW stands, FORM A BODY OF LEGITMATE INVESTIGATERS AGAINST TERROR, TORTURE AND HARRASEMENT IN ETHIOPIA by a regime whose upper military officials are of the same minority ethnic/language as the Executive office.

02/07/12 @ 09:50
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

ETV and ESAT what a contrast, this so called ESAT is the mouthpiece of G7 and Eritrea, they always work hard to destroy the Image of Ethiopia under the EPRDF.

Thanks ETV, ETV is reliable media, I trust ETV, ESAT is very unreliable media outlet, its aim is to serve as a propaganda machinery for G7 and all Eritrean slaves.

Viva ETV, ETV informs us about development in Ethiopia while ESAT keeps on laying.

02/07/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afagniman what the hell are you talking about ,Tigre Mafiosis moron kilib banda .You mean,ETV, your leba master’s mouthpiece under the command of TPLF illittrate cadres and specially the Shabyan blood sucker Bereket .As a reliable media .When we compare these two medias as a Home place .ESAT could be considered as the living room while
your dirty media not even at the level of the rest room not even to be considered as the trash cane or a
garbage collector .It’s an INSULT to the true Afar Peoples that a TPLF Thug and Shabyan Ass Hole is usurpating their idendities .

02/07/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]
1 stars

Nazret.com work for woyane..how come you compare free media with ETV?the funny part the editor in chife of nazret.com work for woyane but still Nazret.com blocked in Ethiopia…medre hodam banda hula

02/07/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: Trueth [Visitor]
5 stars

Esat is telling facts.Esat tells us,how meles zanwi treaty ethiopan people:selling land and working for white people benefit in somalia.Etv is always layier like woyane slave.

02/07/12 @ 19:49
Comment from: Eden1 [Visitor]

The Visual, audio and especially content of these differing presses ( state vs independent ) seems to be judged in the eyes of the beholders’ affinity. At least so far from the comments. As Ethiopians, this could have initiated a practical discussion, which ever side one prefers.

Unfortunately, the real thinkers seem to refrain from this forum.

02/07/12 @ 22:21
Comment from: essu [Visitor]

thank you nazret. you compaire esat against bbc cnn not etv. thank you!

02/07/12 @ 22:45
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]


02/08/12 @ 03:31
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars


So much so, for your democracy, free speech bla bla.. with the rest of toxic diaspora wanna be oppo politicians. The fact of the matter is you people in the diaspora who night and day deafning our ears about democracy, humanrights, freedom of speech are the ones alergic to all of those things and have nothing to do with it.
Here on this forum, you’re given all aspects to choose and judge for your selves that, who really is talking the truth, who really is the enemy of the people.
And ofcourse reality hurts. You can’t stand to face the truth of ETV showing you the real people the poor Ethiopians working hard to eradicate poverty, while ESAT, showing a file video “kimichit” which has nothing to do with the reality, and telling us about their dream of distablizing the country.
Reality bites!!!

02/08/12 @ 07:40
Comment from: Tati [Visitor]

ETV report is always Distinguish
ESAT is always Rubbish
bere welede bicha(OX gives birth)

02/08/12 @ 08:27
Comment from: Eden1 [Visitor]

This opinion is as objective as possible ( not a member of Ethiopian political party and/or media).

ETV: Before the ETV video was posted, I have watched the pieces on aigaforum.com I felt the usual development story, although seemingly it is good news to hear.

Here, in comparison, the ETV presenters are subdued, some what detached from the news. You can easily tell it is a controled state media.

In all most its entireity, it is about what is built, the concern for wide life, the environment, arid land with its danger and risk to nature, man and animals. Fine, and some months later the follow up will come in the paradise the regime help create. Well be it. It could also alert professionals in the field who are in the diaspora to think about what they could conribute.

For all the development the state media’s usual coverage, althogh I don’t follow all of their news, it does not mention the source of its funds, except typically unless it is Al Amoudis’ investment. Only recently, Ethiopia took out over 5 million dollars loan from China.

Obviously, with in the reign of this regime- factories, condos, the Nile dam etc keep building. It will historicaly show credit to such era, but the future rulers of Ethiopia will most likely inherit a complicated debt that will not make a smooth saling in governance. This includes remapping, dealing with 100 years leasing to foreign farmers. The resettlement of the Gambelan people might also come back to sting among other things.

TPLF has a well grounded EFFORT among other personal wealth for their futue generations. There is also aid money that gets diverted including for oppression.

Development: One of the best things about it is that locals could find employment. Over all, the regime does deserve some of its due credit.

ESAT: Their presentation holds your attention as the reporting is vibrant, captivating and delivered with confidence and with an involved tone voice. This is only a brief segment of the news and the ending gives a clue.

They are opposition and gave an up date on an important lesson learnt regarding the experience of a major opposition party with the EPRDF.

It varied the news to include what took place in side and out side the country. ESAT is not just about news either. For any Ethiopians interested in well moderated either opposing opinion, some jewel Ethiopians/historians like Dr.Fikre Tolossa, Prof. Getachew Haile, Creative national costume designers and other high achievers are interviewed in a smooth sailing medium. I am not a constant watcher due to time constraint. If I get this much out of it from posts on major media, I can imagine those who are constant followers get out of it.

There was also one very memorable EPRDF supporter vs.ESAT’s journalist Abebe G. moderated by Ato Gizaw; it was fair and square.

Two of its journalists (Sisay and Abebe G.) were also moderated by Ato Gizaw; and both were asked by Gizaw what are the achievements of the current government. As each stated its honest views, they were a reflection of what a “free thinker and communicater” is. ESAT deserves the staying power and the support, and all this by exiled journalists who do their jobs fair and suare, not neccessarily drain you with propaganda or hate opinion.

02/08/12 @ 10:27
Comment from: solo [Visitor]
5 stars

nazareth how can u post a free and democratic ESAT.on the other side ETV owned by one ethnic group and undemocratic

02/10/12 @ 05:02

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