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Comment from: [Member]

Good news for emmamaa ethiopian lovers bad news for our enmies such us VOA reports

02/09/12 @ 20:58
Comment from: EPRDF is Corrupt [Visitor]
EPRDF is Corrupt

Has Meles got the permission from Ethiopians to use and misuse their country and property?

What is the populations say?
Had they been consulted?
Where and what is their voice on this?

How much did Meles and his cadres got from this sinister deal?

This is hazardous to health and to the environment plot and will put peoples life in danger in that small country were there is no health care.

That must be stopped!

02/09/12 @ 21:03
Comment from: [Member]

Shabia is corrupt,..

Take it easy. NO OIL FOR YOU!!
May be if you behave, we will send you some garbage you can use for fuel.
Crying for every move we make doesn’t fill your empty belly.

02/09/12 @ 22:25
Comment from: WHY FIGHT [Visitor]
4 stars

Why does everyone argue? When woyane falls a new leader will replace him. But do you see in western countries people getting revenge on the previous government if they did something wrong? Are people trying to kill George Bush? No they are not! We need to act civilized. If we get revenge we will just start a new war. POint less eh? Move on and don think about The EPRDF when they fall. Think about the new government. Let us become civilized!

02/09/12 @ 23:45
Comment from: Aba jiffar [Visitor]
Aba jiffar

It is not new people in ethiopia steal power line tower steel to make knife. Risking their life to be electricuted. Imagin oil passing in the back yard. I bet you people start drilling the pipe to get their own share of the pie. In the process loose of life and enviromental disastet is a matter of time. I feel sorry for my ethiopia.. There is no leader who dearly care and see the risk.

02/10/12 @ 02:21
Comment from: ወይ መአልቲዒ [Visitor]
ወይ መአልቲዒ

ወይኔ ወዲ አፎም!ፈርዶብኝ አሁን ደግሞ የነዳጅ pipe የሚያፈነዳ terrorist ማሰልጠን ሊኖርቢኝ ነዉ? ምነው ያቺን ቀን, ያቺን ክፉ ቀን, ልገንጠል ያልኩ ቀን,አልፎ ተርፎም እንደ አማራ(አድጊ)መስሎኝ እባብ(አጋሜ)የተተናኮልኩ ቀን በሞትኩ ኖሮ? ሰዉ በገዛ እጁ እንዴት ጭንቅ ይገባል? ወይ መአልቲዒ.

02/10/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: In all fainess [Visitor]
In all fainess

What makes EPRDF(Woyanee)different from Derg is they have learn from historical mistakes in terms of forging relations with neighbors(Eritrea is just a renegade state) and they are doing a good job of securing strategical importance for Ethiopia..that, no one can take away from them..At the same time they tent to make some silly and potentially disastrous decisions when it come to domestic issues such us the recent urban land-grab policy which has now brought almost all property and land related transactions to stand-still. That i thought was unbelievable and it is even safe to think an enemy adviser might have infiltrated them. Otherwise there is no doubt they are making some significant and historical geopolitical decisions that might almost compensate the blander of all blander that left Ethiopia land-locked..let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

02/10/12 @ 03:16
Comment from: Bekana Bekafa [Visitor]
Bekana Bekafa

Woyane will loot the oil production that runs through Ethiopia.
Woyane also may has made enquiries that the pipe line goes via Mekele then to Djibouti in order to get respect and loot the product.

02/10/12 @ 03:19
Comment from: [Member]

Don’t be deceived Meles is just a western poppy(puppet),he just take orders from his masters,if they order him to jump meles will ask how high that is it,and if Meles refused to take orders or turn against his masters he will be history within days.almost all African leaders are western puppets not only Meles,what makes Meles special?well he trust his own lies and he is against his own country Ethiopia from day 1.now understand why the western masters chose Meles to represent Africa in order to be the most loved and trusted puppet you must hate your own people and get rid off every true nationalist leaders which the westerns hate the most.

02/10/12 @ 03:38
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

What has happens to Ethiopia oil in Ogaden and illibabure ? The Arabs are paying underground that Ethiopia and Yemen should not be an oil independent nation. That is sign in their blood and pay annually to all explorers campaniles not to find any oil or lose their international money.

It is an Arabian kingdom secret embargo sign with all involving oil and gas investors not to find oil in Ethiopia and Yemen.

Here we have south Sudan with oil a few km away from illibabour province and Uganda which far away from is drilling it’s oil soon ready for Market. It is a conspiracy by west and Arabian Devil empire that we can not find a single oil. 50 years ago an American oil company did a research and found billions of worth oil and gas in Harar province. That is still well document and any ne can find it in America institutes for oil and gas exploration……And not only there but also they did explored even in Tigri province and found oil reserve there, but the Devils of Arabian Kindom paid everything to stop all exploration in Ethiopia Christian kingdom and sign a secret deal even in future exploration to be sabotage and stop by any means….there you have now south Sudan got it’s independency with help of western Charity,NGO and those new American Christian association ….. Conspiracy ??? There you have a good answer!!!! Why Pipe line via Ethiopia to Djibouti? This time, the America Christian org. Has a big influence in south Sudan and weyannes are branch wing of these club and obey what they say because all the food and money that is flowing in Ethiopia is approved by these org. Like to bore money from IMF is first approved by these secret org. to Ethiopia future. There you have melese position as a monkey in Zoo.

02/10/12 @ 05:46
Comment from: ewnet [Visitor]

Even though I am happy about this news, I feel sad that,we, east africans, have failed to understand the meaning of unity. Now south sudan will have to build infrastructures from scratch while its people would have been better served by remaining under Sudan. The same holds true for Eritrea and all other nations wanting to separate themselves from the big countries like Ethiopia.

OF course, we all know that the prevailing problems in governance are immense. But , it makes you wonder why people would opt to make the proper changes alone instead of working together with others to make their dream a reality within the already set international boundaries. The independence of south sudan may seem a happy day for them, but it is a very sad reality for all parties involved in the Sudan and to the people of Ethiopia, Eritrea and the whole region.

wey guud…mechereshachin mindinew ???

02/10/12 @ 06:28
Comment from: [Member]

I know how desperately Eritrea attempted to ally South Sudan with her but, it seems they are being told f***off as they deserved. Going all the way to Djibouti through Ethiopia shows how South Sudan wants to avoid the bastard state of Colonialism and Arab-ism. Love it!!!

02/10/12 @ 06:41
Comment from: warya [Visitor]

This only happening when we removed Shabia from in Asmara.We could even produce more oil from Ogaden region.Other wise is just day dreaing.Pipeline is easy bust by single person’Lets us work hard the peace in the region of HOA.

02/10/12 @ 07:30
Comment from: Asqign [Visitor]

WoW! SS is loosing it hightime:)
SS is fooled by Woyane and broken contact with his BigBrother greater Sudan for ever? This will attest that woyane is the biggest trouble-maker of the zone and backfire Ethiopia’s relation with Sudan for many years to come. Woyane is destroying Ethiopia inside out.

02/10/12 @ 08:12
Comment from: Shameful [Visitor]

You always think with your behind, huh:)
South Sudan is still a good friend of Eritrea, but Eritrea cannot afford to let the South Sudan oil pipeline pass through Eritrea for Export, because our Pearl cannot afford pollution and conflict with all neighbours.
Eritrea is smilling at your temporary Heyaho! Enjoy till it lasts lol

02/10/12 @ 08:33

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