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Comment from: emahoy [Visitor]
1 stars

Who cares, weyane die weyane come. All of them are the killer of my people and my Lovely country.

03/13/12 @ 22:55
Comment from: wegs [Visitor]
3 stars

Change we need now!! Enough of very old people and exhausted leaders. We need young and energetic leaders.

03/13/12 @ 23:04
Comment from: Silent Thinker [Visitor]
Silent Thinker

It is sad to say thank you to God for another person death, but WE should All Pray that he Die. because our country is tired of this useless individual leading this great nation of ours. SomeOne please Hammer his head with Hammer.

03/13/12 @ 23:39
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
5 stars

Wish him well no matter of age.

03/13/12 @ 23:46
Comment from: Reality Really [Visitor]
Reality Really


For his body,,, coz, his soul was gone the day he accepted the post

03/14/12 @ 01:31
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

This shimagiles Hoddam weyanne president has costs Ethiopian ppl.money. Over 5 million dollar has been spent on this gimmatam weyannes for the last 10 years not to mention the daily medic,ajl treatment and medicin with thiopian ppl. Money.. Just think a streets kids in addis with no food or shelter to cover and no one pay attention to them or get a free medical . Just think the money this Hoddam spend could have saved thousands kids that are now begging for food in addis.

I will take this Hoddam weyannes president to Meskel sq. Bridge and push him down to the river.

03/14/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: truth [Visitor]

An old man with no purpose in life,
This man wastes the poor ethiopians tax money with no value in return.

03/14/12 @ 03:06
Comment from: SHADIYA [Visitor]

Why is the president not geting his check up in Ethiopia? Are Ethiopian hospitals not even qualified enough to give a routine check up or is that he is scared of Ethiopian medical professionals?

03/14/12 @ 03:17
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

What a joke .Didn’t their Thugs and
bandas tell us that everythings have changed in the country even the social fields and the economy .But what the hell does this chimp Banda
doing in Saudia Arabia .Dead or alive
this senile Kersam has never brought positive things to the country than serving his Woyane masters and the Tigre Mafiosis .What can you expect
from a parasite who did betray his own family for those who tortured and imprisoned his own daughter in 1992 .AFTERALL IF THIS EVIL GUY DIES ,NOBODY THAN THE TPLF BANDITS ,THE TIGRE MAFIOSIS AND THE KERSAM BANDAS ,SHALL CRY FOR HIM !!!

03/14/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: Sober [Visitor]
5 stars

I never tried to know who this person really is in the past. After I read the news this morning, I looked at the President’s biography in Wikipedia for the first time since he assumed the presidency office. To my wildest surprise I learned that the President used to be a vibrant and very active fellow who served his country in many areas and responsibilities. Without any exaggeration, the aging President Girma WeldeGiorgis, who some unfairly criticize, was the most qualified and experienced person to become President in the history of Ethiopia by any standard. Let’s not allow ourselves be blinded by hate and political prejudice because of ideological and philosophical differences we happen to have with others. May God bless Ethiopia!

03/14/12 @ 03:48
Comment from: men [Visitor]

Wrong titile, this pig inhuman is not Ethiopian president , he is another notorious mercenary for TPLF.

03/14/12 @ 05:02
Comment from: Geresu [Visitor]

President went to Saudi Arabia last week for a routine medical check up?
A short while ago there were many Woyane dogs barking about the successful removal of a huge tumor 24 lb (11 kg) from a 60-year old man at a Debre Birhan hospital. Woyane cadres were giving credit to that “medical wonder” to Melles’s “visionary” leadership. On the other hand others were arguing if the medical institutes are so perfect as Woyane agents are assuming why then do Woyane elites, cadres, agents, opportunists and their puppets be sent to foreign countries for simple luxury, fashionable and pseudo illnesses like diabetics, high blood pressure, obese, eating problem combined with alcohol excess and or simple checkups like “President Girma” or propaganda minister Bereket Simon did?
It is a sad fact that Ethiopia’s main health problems are communicable diseases caused by lack of sanitation and malnutrition in cities as well as small towns and villages giving rise to many diseases endangering the lives of our people. Streets are filled with rotting garbage. Due to Lack of public toilets defecating and urinating wherever they have the possibilities to do so is very common. The high prevalence of worms and other intestinal parasites indicated poor sanitary facilities. In the meantime, rivers and lakes are contaminated by domestic and “industrial” waste. Epidemic diseases are increasingly common due to fleas, lice, rats, bedbugs and because of the lack of simple hygiene etc. These especially affect and are prevalent among children. Common diseases arising from the lack of sanitation includes measles, malaria, typhus, cholera, hepatitis, parasites such as band worm and co. rabies, AIDS/HIV, meningitis, polio, tuberculosis, Schistosomiasis, leprosy, and yellow fever etc.. Venereal diseases, particularly syphilis and gonorrhea, are prevalent in towns and cities.
A study shows that the leading causes of hospital deaths were dysentery and gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, malnutrition and anaemia, liver diseases including hepatitis, tetanus, and malaria. The leading causes of outpatient morbidity in children under age five were upper respiratory illnesses, diarrhoea, eye infections including trachoma, skin infections, malnutrition, and fevers. Nearly 60 percent of childhood morbidity was preventable. The leading causes of adult morbidity were dysentery and gastrointestinal infections, malaria, parasitic worms, skin and eye diseases, venereal diseases, rheumatism, malnutrition, fevers, upper respiratory tract infections, and tuberculosis. These diseases are endemic and quite widespread, reflecting the fact that Ethiopians had no access to modern health care.
In short, the disease of corruptions and luxury does not affect the Ethiopian masses rather the neglect of the regime and insufficient funding and equitable distribution of health services.
The question for woyane agents is if the Ethiopian medical institutes and Doctors can remove 11kg of tumor from a 60 years old man in Debre Birhan, where is the problem that “President” Girma has to travel to Saudi Arabia for a checkup. Where is the problem that Ethiopia has to waste its hard currencies for the luxury and decadent treatments of Bereket, Girma and others like them? If Ethiopian doctors can remove, 11 kg of tumor why not remove also 70 kg of fat from Mr. President Girma?

03/14/12 @ 05:25
Comment from: lexemdagos [Visitor]

Demons in hell,congradulations,the pig that you awaited restlessly has arrived dead;this filth is sent to you the way you wanted it;again,enjoy the 833 pound dead giant,and hope it will pull you through to satisfy your hunger.

This pig survived long enough by his keeper being fed more than it consumed everything from what it was familiarized to to the new and any edible stuffs for the last twenty one years.The pig was totally conditioned to what its masters presented to it and, as a result it was rewarded with eternal sleep to the satisfaction of demons that lived in hell.

This dead pig had known by what he passed onto the enemy including military secrets and other crucial classfied information that highly damaged the country’s security;in particular,while he was assigned in Asmara in diffierent capacities,this enemy of ours had helped wombadais to gain military victory over ours;therefore,if this hated wild pig dies many times,no single Ethiopians will get tired of hearing the good news about his expected death.Wheather this enemy of the country is in Saudi for medical treatment or for any other reasons,he is already dead while alive,anyway.The giant pig has already been crippled and has not been able to even pick up tissue paper let alone walk a step.The only task that this filth has been able to do was to pick something up and put it into his mouth;other than this,there was nothing he could do in his capacity.Of course,his leaving this peaceful world is a good news for all peace-loving people.The cruel regime that fed this pig to reach this size must be relieved of the burden of keeping the pig fatening and fatening by spending public money for too long for job well done while acting as a spy and informer for too many years.Once again,congradulations all,this pig is gone for bad,worse and for anything else.

In the past three to five years,Zinawi ordered his men to restrict this fightening-giant pig appearing before him for any minor or major matters that the protocol needed the pig to have a working meeting for a short or long encounter with him, as Zinawi was so scared of becoming or reaching the size of this pig and was constantly worried that soon Zinawi’s craving for additional food might put him to the risk of having a shortened life;Aba Paulos too was so scared he even told Zinawi to send the pig somewhere far out of his sight so that he would focus on doing devilish things that he was assigned for.Azeb Golla too has been worried about throwing up on seeing this giant pig in any occassion that might have brought them around banquet cermonies.

In short,the life of this useless pig was filled with too many sins and crimes that he committed for the last many years and and had accomplish his anti-Ethiopia mission to the satisfaction of his masters.

It has been been a secret and has been kept as a secret from the pulic being told that the pig is sent Saudi for minor medical checkup,when the main reason Girma w/Georgis sent,if in fact has been sent to a hospital in Saudi for his constant complaints that he had swallowed too much,way too much food unchewed so that he had hardly had the taste of the food in his mouth before swallowed it into his giant stomach;well,the complained reached the Saudi Doctors,which themselves are big-and-pig-eaters prescribed the pig with too much glucose and on the process too much sugar was injected into the pig’s blood stream and quickly elivated the sugar content to the point that they could not reverse it;then,the pig became completely imobile and quickly shipped to South Korea for a medical solution.The South Korean Doctors looked into the medical condition of the pig and reccommended to have fixed additional teeth so that the pig would have most of the food gotten chewed reasonabely enough so that that the pig would have the taste of the food on his multi-layered tongue.The South Korean Doctors then have increased the food intake of the pig by 43% per week and sent him back to where he came from.The news caused a mixed reaction to Zinawi because Zinawi didn’t want Grima,the pig to live anylonger as the expense to keep the pig going reached the limit.Golla too, was upset the big-pig remained a bad image on her husband.Many would wish the pig to see his own dead body and go back to his eternal sleep.

03/14/12 @ 06:43
Comment from: tati [Visitor]

Yidfah tilk gumare

03/14/12 @ 06:56
Comment from: temesgen yilma [Visitor]
temesgen yilma
5 stars

yilma siga bet kesere belegna!

03/14/12 @ 07:48

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