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Comment from: Agerwedad [Visitor]

I hope Mengistu ends up facing justice before he meets his demise under natural circumstances. It’s sad that individuals like him who brutally ended the lives of so many Ethiopians get to live comfortably. With that said, his replacement Meles is not any better and needs to be held accountable for his actions too.

The unfortunate fact is when Mugabe kicks the bucket Mengistu will likely be transfered to the ICC if the Zimbabwean government decides to kick him out thanks to the fact that Meles has made a mockery of the Ethiopian judicial system by turning it into a kangaroo court that lacks legitimacy to internatinal observers.

04/12/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Ethiopia has moved on beyond the pain he caused her and I hope he commit suicide before extradite…but again he likes to run coward…

04/12/12 @ 00:36
Comment from: Dejazmach Habesha [Visitor]
Dejazmach Habesha

Hang this mass murderer. It will ease a tiny bit of the pain of the millions of mothers who lost their children to this filthy man mengistu.

Yes he did not kill “several thousand” as this article states. He killed into the millions of his own countrymen.

Zimbabweans hear my call and please hand over this devil so he can face true justice for what he did to us.

04/12/12 @ 00:43
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

I wish they ship him to Asmara so that we can cut all his fingers, ears, legs, take out his eyes and then we can send him to his country Ethiopia.

04/12/12 @ 01:15
Comment from: Zabarga [Visitor]
1 stars

The usual attention diversion and beating about the bush to hide the current and ongoing atrocities by talking what has long been gone as if the victims may come back. This is called flogging the dead horse while the living mad horse is still kicking hard.

Typical bickering Ethiopians rich in finding targets but absolutely impotent beyong belief in actions to save the current and the future living problems. Kkkkkkkk…

04/12/12 @ 01:21
Comment from: [Member]

I hope he comes back. He is a better leader than this agames for Ethiopia.

04/12/12 @ 01:31
Comment from: mengistu haile [Visitor]
mengistu haile

There is no burial place for him in Ethiopia.

Bury him with Mugabe dead or alive just like in the old days. He does not desrve to be covered with Ethiopian soil.

Deal with him like they delt with Hitler.

04/12/12 @ 02:16
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

May the good LORD doom this bloodsucker! He killed numerous of our innocent citizens and created a generation gap. He is vindictive, utterly reckless, short sighted and bloodthirsty murderer! Among all the crimes he has committed was he killed so many able men’s who are capable of changing Ethiopia for the better & guarding her, defending Her, from her eternal enemy TPLF and Shabia who are groomed by Arabs and the West to destroy her. He killed them all and handed over the country to savages TPLF and Shabia. He terrorized the entire nation killed indiscriminately unlike TPLF who are targeting Ahmara and Oromo’s. He left the country vulnerably open for the worst kind murderers, looters and dividers to destroy her. Ironically he claimed he loved Ethiopia. What a disgraceful butcher; he still sounds unrepentant and has no remorse totally in denial! After listing to his interviewed. I’ve reached a conclusion saying that there got to be a place unfamiliar territory for ordinary folks separated from those who has shade innocent bloods mass murders dwells subconsciously. They scape reality denied evidence, factual accounts that confirms their guilt’s; When He was asked why did he killed people in which he respond, “I’ve never killed anyone not even a single fly.” The current partner in crime Melse Naziew does sounds identically the same they both are pathological liars and savages. They both will be reunited in hell that I have no doubts.

04/12/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: Live_&_let_live [Visitor]

At least he was open about his agenda of greater Ethiopia! What are you going to say about the racist agame regime then. They are killing you slowly. Ethiopia will eventually disintegrate under this government. Disintegration is may be for the best as the horn of Africa can do without the trouble string white man’s puppet united Ethiopia.

04/12/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

“He fled his country in 1991 to settle in Harare as the Tigre People’s Liberation Front and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front surrounded Addis Ababa".

Nazret why is that you seem hell bent to to disinform your readers? our name is TigraY People’s Libration Front, and it was this front together with the other members of EPRDF that surrrendered Addis Ababa, not Shaebya? Seems you are getting some alms from shaebya as your cousins in the Gimboat 7 camp.

04/12/12 @ 03:28
Comment from: oukkaka [Visitor]

Justice is on a scale.Zinawi and Colonel Mengistu will stand on both sides of a scale.Zinawi and Colonel Mengistu will not be allowed to have lawyers because the judges and the jourries will be composed of mothers,little girls,and young men and women.

No single person in this world will boubt that Colonel Mengistu is an Ethiopian,but how will Zinawi prove that he is an Ethiopian?

Question both Zinawi and Colonel Mengistu will be asked:

Tell us who you are and who you were born to?

Why are you here,in Ethiopia?

what have you done to defend Ethiopia?

Describe briefly your grandfather’s or the father of you grandfather’s role during the battle of Adwa? Or in any war or wars that Ethiopians engaged in the defence of Ethiopia?

If you were born and was matured enough and able a man,would you fight against the patriots in the battle aginst fascist italians?

What does family honor means to you?

Are you the descendant of Askaris or Bandas?

Do you know how and where you will die?

04/12/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: ameneshewa [Visitor]  

Mengistu must face trial in his own country if he is Ethiopian not change his nationality to Zimbabwean he must visit maekelawi, kerchele and kaliti prison places as he build and killed so many respected Ethiopian

04/12/12 @ 04:02
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Do not worry Mengistu is in Zimbawe by the CIA and Mosad. This has been verified by Robert Mugabe and the US embassy.
So they will take care of him. He paved they way for the colonization of Ethiopia by the west spear-headed by Anglo-America.
Who can judge him?
TPLF surrogates in power are not in a position to bring him to justice.
First hang Melese Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin upside down like their godfather Benito Mussolini.

At least Mengistu were not allowing Ethiopian girls to be sold for Arabs like the Tigrean stooges.

Melese is a traitor Banda.
He is the one who made Ethiopia land locked country.
There was no land grab by Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Europeans, etc
He did not divid the country into Bantustan regions. The people were not divided and economically exploited.

Mengistu was a communist but not an ethno fascist like Melese and his coherts. He was east European puppet.

Death to TPLF and EPLF
Death to the devil Melese Zenawi the modern slave trader and Askari

the great
Ejolee Sebeta

04/12/12 @ 04:04
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

RIP., grand eminent painter, truth speaker and true doer, Afewerk Tekle ! Painter of all times !!

To his family, and his friends, artist fellows in Ethiopia and abroad, Bizu Birtatina metsnanatin emegnalehu!

Very very few people in the world don’t mess up with things they don’t know and charms they don’t posses: Fame, money, media-gitz, careerism, personality cult., etc might form some one to the better, they might also doom him/her to nothing, irrelevant nobody. These people in their lives with great care preserve their early precocity. Afewerk is one of those. Artists, journalists, literati’s and un/educated [rich/less affluent] working people should learn from his perseverance. To travel long in three political dynasties - ok, systems - like Afewerk’s journey is unheard of, even in the world art historicity. With that, also securing a place at the helm of the platform; sokkel, kept for undying ones - long enduring names, like ours’ Tekle, is some thing special.

Afewerk, Ethiopians will miss you much in person but
every body knows you have left unavoidable monument of grand scale in their heart - thus you remain in us.

one of your fans and listeners,

04/12/12 @ 04:46
Comment from: [Member]

Mugabe should have asked for a fair and impartial court to be arranged in any african country for Mengistu to be sentenced. By now, everbody would have a winner. Most probably, Mengistu would have been sentenced to life in prison. Zimbabwe should extradite Mengestu to Ethiopia or to Internationa Court of Justice. Zimbabwe sould stand for it’s own strategic interest and for an indvidual murdere who betrayed his own people and is vegetating now. If Mengistu loved his country, he should have continued fighting.

Zimbabwe should know Mengistu is a simple soldier with little education. He was promoted by The Emperor’s Government to be an officer and had no formal military training.

Mengistu and his family should stand trial. His family, including his wife and children are part fo the Terror directed against ethiopian intellectuals and people.

04/12/12 @ 04:52

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