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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

I just heard Meles wife is introducing the adaptation option through Ethiopia commodity exchange. This is the new and fastest way making money by selling children to even phadoxxzxdophiles , lesbxcxians ,and homosxcxsals .

The 7 or 11% digit GDP is based only on selling lands, children ,women and organs . Thanks to weyannes Leba that are selling Amhara children to phadoxxzxdophiles and lesxcxcbian in the west and destroying our normal lives.

This madness has to be Stoped by all means, I mean by targeting every one of these agency in side Ethiopia and even individuals person who work there. Time has come to target these parasite adaptation agency run by weyannes maffio and burn them in their offices.

If you one of you gimmatam weyannes ask me what is good for children f Ethiopia, then I tell you right in your face .
Charity starts at home. And family planning starts at home.
Ethiopia women are not a factory of children’s to be sold in e-Bay or Amazon com. to some phadoxxzxdophiles ,lesxcxcbian or homxcxmo in the west. It is like a a Cloth factory from India or Bangiladish that are exporting in mass their clothes and here weyannes are exporting in mass our children’s and got millions of dollar into their pockets.
These chigarrams sub animals weyannes are the reason why Ethiopia become the destination of child abuse center by western phadoxxzxdophiles ,lesbiaxcxcxians and hoxcxcmos

Why not sterilise those women and men who breed like a fly and abandoned their children to adaptation. I am sure this will be the best solution to combat child from bing left on the street and sold to strangers. We have to have Radical population control. We are overpopulated. These chiggarams weyannes with help of western parasites charities and NGO are destroying ethiopianisem .
Now, let me hear of you gimmatam chiggarams weyannes cadres. I am sure you mothxcxxer is breading like a fly in that oxfam centre USAIDs provided free food so that she can sell her childerens to Azeb WESFAT to export them to west.
There you have your have why we the true Ethiopia we call you beggar …chiggarams.

04/29/12 @ 03:09
Comment from: Tati [Visitor]

Ewnetm ethiopia adgalech

04/29/12 @ 08:13
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

the tplf/shabia regime’s appetite for the almighty dollar is out of control.the ruling party is amassing billions in foreign banks.make no mistake about that.in order to satisfy their greed they will sell ethiopia’s precious resources left right and center.its children,fertile land,young women and so on.anything that will bring hard currency in their pocket.power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.as long as this corrupt regime is in power everything in ethiopia is for sale.because they just can’t resist the temptation.

04/29/12 @ 14:23
Comment from: Alemu2 [Visitor]

C’est moi senait, I agrée with you we need to have a radical population control. People do breed like fly in Ethiopia, but don’t you see on video how her life transform by coming to state or she would have been just like her family sleeping in mud and eating dirt. pls look on the positive side of it as well..

04/29/12 @ 14:39
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

C’ est Mio Senait

What a funny and wild man/woman you are becoming! You just remind me a joke that I heard long time a go that you wouldn’t have your morning coffee, unless you find victims to insult inorder to satisfy your bad mouthing addiction…

All you are showing here is that you were not brought up to this world from well mannered family background that would have cultivate you how to function in this world.. I’m sure you have
been told this Amharic proverb “assadagi yebedelat/yebedelew”
which is you just keep barking like mad dog….I mean you just embarrassing yourself on this web site….

As far to the GDP or developments that you bragging about, no bady claimed that Ethiopia became reach or developed country.
All we are witnessing is, there is a development starting point and a blinking light of hope. So, it will take years of hard work, and commitment to fully eradicate poverty which is the main
enemy of our society…

God bless the world!!

04/29/12 @ 14:42
Comment from: zk [Visitor]

I think this girl is in a better place. She will have great opportunity to succeed and prosper. I admire the family who has given her this chance because not everyone can show this kind of kindness and support to someone who is different. We Ethiopians need to care for our people instead of complaining about westerners doing the right thing by adopting our children whom we cannot raise. At least we should teach our people family planning so we could see the children grow up with us and be part of us.

04/29/12 @ 18:52
Comment from: weyne [Visitor]


Whose family was raised bad pray tell? Is it Meles/TPLF/Azeb or C’est moi. You like to twist the fact. Is it the one who produced slavery, selling women and children that was raised properly? Wey gud zendiro. You are insulting the victim, you have learned well of the propoganda my friend. No concern for these childlren who are not even orphans, no concern for the women being tricked into Arab countries because poverty is chasing them to uregntly save their family thus they have to leave to make money and save their family. Wey there is no “man” in Ethiopia. UN study has shown that, domestic abuse, ways of putting chilrend and women in destitute is an indication of poverty at home and lack of leadership. So point fingers at your incompetent EPRDF who is rubber stamp and TPLF. Yes, such great change their brought to the country and crushed past regime. We have seen of their development. Shiny buidlings is indication of development, slavery is indication of development for you.

04/30/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: London girl [Visitor]
London girl

Ce’moi Senait,

You see this girl is in a better place with loving family. Jelous? Ahiya! Had she not been adopted she would have been a person like you, an illiterate psycho.

04/30/12 @ 15:31
Comment from: [Member]

What a measuring stick of meleASS’s “Booming Economy"!!!
The exodus of Ethiopian babies sold to the highest bidder and the hard currency for his coffeur is beyond belief.

04/30/12 @ 15:59
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

C’EST MOI SENAIT i agree with you 100%.it is just too bad the majority who comment on this forum are too mentally challenged to even begin understanding what you write.i say let them tplf cadres go to hell.they are too sensitive and nervous whenever someone like you expose their dirt.i mean most of them tplf cadres don’t even belong here.don’t worry they will all pay a heavy price one day for their arrogance.that’s right.he is coming…he is coming…he is coming…MOA ANBESA ZEMENEGEDE YIHUDA!

05/01/12 @ 14:09

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