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Comment from: johnk [Visitor]

“The Ethiopian Government still considers the death rate intolerably high”

That is really funny.Woyane is killing, torturing and sending its own citizens to exile and yet considers child mortality is high. What a kind government we have?

05/24/12 @ 22:30
Comment from: Ahmed [Visitor]

Johnk, your comments reveals clearly what you and few of your likes care more. They care about their personal profit and well being instead of saving millions of childeres lifes. That means nothing to them as it did the last 200 years before Meles!! You have been the enemies of Ethiopia ever since. What you mean when you say you love Ethiopia to death, you mean you love yourself and dont care for anybody else, even if your country people are dying like flies from hunger! You and your likes did nothing to change that except boasting how you love your country.That is not love and compasion but cruelity!! You are not Ethiopian!

05/24/12 @ 23:43
Comment from: Andom [Visitor]

@ johnk:

What makes a good farmer good? Because he/she saves the crop and kills the weeds. What is new in the world? What weeds are good for? They may even appear greener than the crop but they have always been detrimental. There is a legally sold item to abolish them, called herbicide. Developed nations have been using them for a while but as you know we just got the chance. Soon we should be free from these noxoius weeds and bring our farms to the most productive level. Long live the Good Farmer! Your good deeds will always be rewarded!

05/25/12 @ 01:24
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Is it a misnomer for “junk"? why did you quote that sentence out of context and tried to paint black the whole optimism shown in the text? You know, Ethiopia is really a blessed country to have feeble foes like you.

05/25/12 @ 04:39
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@ To all,
The femele “army” may save lives, but the Woyanne CADRES destroy the country!
Let us all have hope for our sisters good work, but at the same time let us all fight and destroy the pathetic, non-productive Woyanne CADRES.

Truth bless you all.

05/25/12 @ 05:29
Comment from: Derbe [Visitor]
5 stars

If as reported, most of this was achieved in the last five years, imagine what the government can accomplish in another forty years, given the chance.

05/25/12 @ 16:27
Comment from: minew [Visitor]


Your metaphor is really worrisome. I think you are a sick man, what you are refering as weed and to eradicate are the people of Ethiopia you are talking about. I hope people are aware of people like you, the next aspiring Hitler and we know your colleagues from outside who are educating you on depopulation. Of course basically you are experimenting on Ethiopian people that we won’t see the result after 5 or 10 years or the next generation. I hope the Ethiopian people need to be educated that not only you guys are just racists but also aspiring Hitlers. Just remember, India and China whith highest population accept their over population and are continuing to grow and how to get the rest of their people out of poverty while you guys are thinking of how to destroy your people, but in twisted way the people you see as enemies. You the “farmers” soon your stories will be out and you will be in front of ICC. We don’t care who ever is helping you accomplish this.

05/27/12 @ 15:21
Comment from: Andom [Visitor]

Ha ha ha…..you seem to be very scared. I guess you are one of the weeds, may be even the thorniest. Well, as you were able to precisely speculate, we have gone way far to plan for the next thirty to forty years. I hope no one doubts on the clarity of the road map we have on place, even your next to God - America. However, your analogy to compare the visionary PM Meles Zenawi with that of the 8th grader moron Mengistu was a big mistake. TPLF fought for 20 years to abolish Mengistu, who do you think will fight against TPLF? None, at least as of now. Trust me, no one of this and next generations will dare to quit college education and determined to camp at the desert to fight against hundred thousands of well armed soldiers. Perhaps you may speculate, the fall comes from within. But, remember, every Tigrean remembers what you did between 1940s and 1980s. We won’t let you dry the sea any more. The sea will rather become an ocean.

Again don’t worry; we still build sky scrapers in Gojam and factories in Gondar and life saving hospitals in Debreberhan. We have no intention to abolish the innocent. We clearly understand that there are Amharas who were as victims as we were. For the weed Amharas, though, we have the herbicide in action and soon you will see the leaves wilting and flowers shading. Happy 20th Anniversary my people!

05/28/12 @ 00:05

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