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Comment from: bendo [Visitor]

The Saudies invest on this long time a go while Ali Abdo was the mayor of Addis. by that time they built more number of mosques than what previously been in Ethiopia. and the gov. was quite. they start teaching children there extremist way 15 years a go and now they are graduated on degree with religion and started to show there true colour. It is just like pay back time.
They have done this in all over Africa. Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt… all are seeing the result now.
They are using Gov.. official as well the wife of Junedin sado is been detained when she comes out from Saudi embassy with a hundred thousand of dollar.
So guys wake up this will consume the life of your family soon if it didn’t stop here.

07/24/12 @ 08:43
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

What Would Have Happend Without Woyanes?

Thank God for our current govt! Without them we would have been swallowed with these savage islam extrimists turning our beautiful and peaceful nation to a hell on earth.

07/24/12 @ 08:46
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

By the way ,what about the Sheraton
sheik ,this guy is not only paying Azeb gangs fake bills but also he has made financial contribution for these
so called religious Institutions .

07/24/12 @ 08:47
Comment from: Matitu Kebede [Visitor]
Matitu Kebede

Thanks to the current government for taking every measure to protect our country and our peace. Hope PM Meles will get well soon and back to work. He needs our support and prayers the hero of Africa the love of Ethiopia. Hope you will live way long to see the seeds of your work and effort. May God Almighty Bless and Keep you safe. Love you.

07/24/12 @ 08:56
Comment from: Alemu2 [Visitor]

I see for this arabs 18 yrs in jail by woyane unless they pay there way out.

07/24/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: Tsimona [Visitor]

please lets support the goverment on this one. Let God save our Ethiopia and her people from evil…

07/24/12 @ 09:18
Comment from: XXX [Visitor]

To the Ethiopian government and people.

We are saying for 21 years since EPRDF took power about this very serious issue. But the government didn’t listen. Instead it was doing things that were/still are the best breading ground for them-to the desert creatures that are making the world the very dangerous place to live.

We still are saying to the government that only Arabs are the worst enemies to Ethiopia using their demon religion called Islam. Don’t cheat by them when they show you money comes from selling the oil. Our fathers did everything for thousands years to protect our nations from these creatures. But the last 21 years they are multiplying like rats and termites in our country and now they feel, they are in the position to attack and take over our nation.

This is how the Arabs sick brain thinks and works. First they come in as if they are peaceful, then when they become with more people and feel they are strong, then they start to attack to take over the nation. This is the way how they came in North Africa and elsewhere.
It seems Europe and USA are now defeating them while for the last 10 years they were on attacking mood from all sides against the west. Ethiopia also must defeat these desert creatures and expel them to the hell desert they came from and belong to. We don’t need them. As long as the Arabs are around, be sure, we are in a very big danger on daily basis.

If really we need them for investment, why don’t we create our money or borrow from friendly nations that are many and willing to do so? Do we need the Arabs because of trade? No. our agriculture and industrial products go to Europe and soon will be to Asia including China and India. I read a week ago, the Ethiopian coffee becomes the best selected product in India where 1.2 billion people are living. Ethiopian agriculture and mining products will be very much needed to China, Korea, Japan, Germany and so on. So, why we need the Arabs? Is it to destroy us by choice?

They need us very much for survival reason than we do to them. But we are behaving as if we need them for survival reason. Do you think Egypt can survive without the Ethiopian highland Nile water? Do you think Saudi would survive without having assurance in the long term food and water items security Guarante from Ethiopia/Abroad?

That means if they need us, they have to play according to our rules. If not, kick their shit lazy Arab ass out of our beloved green and paradise country.

The Ethiopian Muslims also must not be fool. Arabs which are the worst racists against blacks see them not as real Muslims but slave Muslims and their position is last or bottom. The Arabs see themselves as the pure and first class Muslims. If the Ethiopian Muslims are real believers, they need to distance themselves from the Arabs. They are playing with them with money that in the long run will destroy them and our common country Ethiopia. We can/have to develop our nation together in a peaceful and brotherly ways as we did till now without having the Arabs around.

The world especially since 9/11 is suffering from excess of money. The world is suffering from huge skilled unemployment. The world is suffering from shortage of investment opportunities.

That means if Ethiopia wants she can get any amount of money she is looking to invest from friendly nations. If she wants. She can get lots of skilled young foreign workers from friendly nations. If she wants she can have many investors from friendly nations.

But the government is committing the worst crime by allowing the Arabs to destroy Ethiopia in the name of Investment/development. The government is giving them lands including to Egypt to have base in the country to destroy Ethiopia in the form of investment which is a total lie. We know they have secret agendas that are to destroy and control Ethiopia using Islam as an Instrument with its satanic form.

We hope, this time the government is totally waked up from the long deep sleep while the country is taken by the Arabs in the form of investment, tourism, Charity and with other known their misleading tactics.

China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, USA, India and other friendly nations are more than enough to get anything we want to develop our nation and us. Why the government is allowing the lazy Arabs (even they are not capable of doing their own job in their country) in the name of investment in Ethiopia is just a mystery. The government is making the very dangerous and grave mistakes to destroy the nation in the long run by having the Arabs around thinking just to solve a short term simple problems.

We don’t want Egypt, Saudi and any Arab to own land or property in Ethiopia. This issue is very serious. No one but the Arabs including Saudi and Egypt are the worst dangers to our nation now and in the future. This is not about religion but our nations.

Ethiopian Muslims are not pure and real Muslims in the Arabs religion philosophy. The Arabs theing they are the pure and first class Muslims. Then others will follow while black Muslims are considered to be slaves and ignorant and they are the last/ bottom class in Islam.

This is not my word but just ask any Arab who tells the truth despite it is difficult to find any Arab who tells the truth but based on the situation that is good only for him. They are the known liars seem it is teh main part of their religion.

The government also has to check about the living condition of those fanatic Muslims. If they don’t have job in the country, they must be financed by the Saudis and other Arabs to destroy Ethiopia.

Again: the government must stop allowing Egypt, Saudi, Qatar and all those Arabs coming to the country in the name of Investment, tourism, Charity and so on. It is like inviting the enemy to affect us from inside. There are millions of investors and skilled young workers from friendly nations world wide ready/willing to come and invest and work in Ethiopia. Any human being is better than any Arab, don’t forget that ever. If you do, you are making a very grave mistake that would destroy the nation for good.

07/24/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: Taxi Driver [Visitor]
Taxi Driver

Addis Zemen

It’s their country too, ante denkoro! How does don’t interfere in our religion translate into burning down the country? Don’t muslims have children ? Don’t they want them to grow and in a prosperous country? They have a simple demand. Don’t interfere in our religion. How is that hard to understand for the masters of division.

07/24/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: Meskaari [Visitor]
5 stars

This is just the tricks of the long standing tplf divide and rule evil acrobat who helped muslims to build mosqs all over and then tarvelalled all the way to Libanon inorder to import another antagonistic Islamic sect for teasing and provoking the local indegenous muslims to go and seek help from the extremist Wahabist Saudi feudal faily religion. To ahve permanent conflict and permanent poverty is the permanet politics of an insecure minority dictatorship. tplf wants people to be divided and kill aech other while the minority tyrants are stealing mountains of wealth and depositing them in foreign banks. Don’t be cheated by the superficial online and offline propaganda of the cunning fox tplf dictators dressed in sheep skin and fooling us out of our liberty, dignity, security, etc.

07/24/12 @ 10:19
Comment from: aya mola sanjaw wegaw [Visitor]
aya mola sanjaw wegaw

Ayeeeeeeee, i know for sure terrorism is going on
In emama Ethiopia! Very gooooooood job Ethiopian cops…..you did the best job to save millions of life.
What I can say is ” God bless all our ethiopian cops”
People, please don’t be like ” tikure dingaie or black stone” if our best p.m Melese where cruel and dictator, he would not let all the member of “that fake kinjit leave the country. As one of this dick head embaressed his by saying that, melesse is a dictator or cruel, p.m melese could killed all members of kinjits, teddy afro also would not be alive, debebe eshetu ( shaft in africa) would not be alive….. come one people wake up! Oromo is trying to destroy our country. Melese and weyane are the best! You see it terrorism under the muslim movements. Melesse and woyane are doing their best to save ethiopia………wake up oromo is trying to make you cry forever……I am ethiopian and guragay……if we loose this government we will loose ethiopia. Don’t forget this “yalehead sew aymesgnim” if the best p.m ethiopia melese was that fucking nutt and animal Mengitu haliemarim, most of the people like, kinjit….teddy affro….debebe eshetu (shaft in africa) birahanu nega…..kikikiki….tamrat laynea…. all these were killed right away….but most of them are all over the world like U.S.A, U,k…….wezte terfe (etc)…. p.m melese is wise and brave man! Very goooood job our Wise Ethiopian cops ” god blesss you for saving ethiopa and millions of ethiopians…..Ethiopia is growing in every direction goooooood job ” woyane”

07/24/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: Nero [Visitor]
5 stars

The worst thing and the ugly calamity in the world starts with religious conflict. We Ethiopians have defended our Christian faith for century even though those who surround us are arabs with Islam as a religion. We have never been against any except defending what we have and what we are. It has to be never forgotten that Ethiopia is among the first to give shelter and asylum status to the very first disciples of the Prophet Mohammed. Since the beginning of the so called radicals things are changed for ever. Islam is now trying radically to convert any nation and make it Islam nation by force, subjugation, murder, financing and all what they possibly can do. Saudis have never been our friends except plotting against us and the Eritrean Shabia was among many enemies of the country who benefited from such support. Irak, Syria and the Saudis were major supporters of the bandits who brought such destruction in our country for the last decade. Now they are motivated because of the oil revenue to do what they can and convert us into Islam. Many thousand young Ethiopians have been bribed with money and became Islam. Now boldly their activity is in the day light in our capital. It was shame they came to such stage because of their money. Had a single Christan was seen holding his bible in Saudi, we all know what happens to him. This guys who have been under arrest should be given a serious lesson to make sure there is no free ride with us. Most Arabs are always in hateful mood simply we kept our faith despite their hate and conspiracy against us.

God bless Ethiopia and we shall overcome whoever comes against our unity and faith.

07/24/12 @ 10:30
Comment from: Tammirat [Visitor]

addis zemen,

What Would Have Happend Without Woyanes?” you wrote

Lunatic wayane payed cadre. You may educate your self if you have a tiny brain left between your tiny ears just look at what did not happen interms of religious conflicts both during Haile Sellassie and Mengistu rules compared to the currently chaotic situation soon to swallow your masters. Why ask the obvious? Your Wayane bosses travelled all the way to Somalia to kill muslims, then travelled all the way to Libanon to import new foreign islamic sect ideology just to insult the indegenous muslims. All evil divisive actions flow from wayane evil act. :)

07/24/12 @ 10:31
Comment from: [Member]

Taxi driver,..

What an asshole! Who is saying don’t interfere in our religion?
How stupid can you be not to deferentiate between the extermist islams or the terrorist and the true innocent muslims of Ethiopia?
There is no such a thing “don’t interfere” while they try to instigate viollence. Our law enforcment agencies have the obligation to see the well being of our citizens.
The true innocent muslims of Ethiopia have no issue or demand except worshiping their own God peacefuly and participating on our Growth and Transformation Plan, like the rest of Ethiopians working hard.
Meanwhile you and the rest of Ethiopian enemys salivating to see a distablized Ethiopia with whatever means can eat your hearts out. Noway Jose!

07/24/12 @ 10:41
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

Addis Zefen the Brianless TPLF

Reality is because of people like you Ethiopia is disintegrating slowly close to point of no return.

TPLF and Meles have failed Ethiopia many times over and this is the latest example. MORON!!

07/24/12 @ 10:43
Comment from: Yoni [Visitor]

Tammirat [Visitor]

Don’t flatter yourself ante Akataree Opposition wanna B.
Your past idols suppressed and killed everyone who date to think of freedom let alone speak it….while current gov’t forgave and released your “gudefecha” dergue fathers who enjoyed your moms “Tella” and “Tej".

If u r smart and sightful u would think that even if the Gov’t addresses these akrari’s issue it wouldn’t be to your benefit as geographically they are you neighbors who shares land and resource with you than those you think are enemies. lol
If these Akrari’s widens their mouth, guess who will they eat first bro? U r a used item dude.

07/24/12 @ 10:47

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