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Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

“Terunish been entered in place of Genet Yalew alongside Meseret Defar and Gelete Burika in a formidable team.”

If I read these article correctly,… Terunish is replacing Genet Yalew to compete in 5,000. What happened to Genet Yalew? Is he sick, got hurt?? How did” The Ethiopian sports federation” come to this decision?

If she was sick or hurt, I can understand their decision. If not, they are robbing this young girl her Olympic dream to make room for Terunish.

I have all respect and love for Terunish. She a magnificent human being and i am proud of her. She should compete in 5000 and 10000 BUT Not in somebody else’s place. They should have straightened this mess before they board that plane in Addis. I think Genet worked hard for this moment just like any one of them to represent her country. It is her time to shine just like Terunish and the rest, be it gold or none. It is her moment. If I were a runner, I would have been mad. I don’t care if it was Haile or Kenensa, I worked hard for this moment and I want to be out there competing for my country.

Anyway……….. Wish you all luck.

08/06/12 @ 22:10
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

It is really sad to hear Fantu sidelined because of injury at the last min. She has put a lot of hard work into this. I can only imagine what she’s going through.
Get well soon….

08/06/12 @ 22:22
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

What a disaster!! When I saw this girl run at the New york diamond league, I was just amazed how somebody can make that much gap between the rest of the group to win it so easly in an 800m run.
She looked so dominant and unbeatable. And I was sure Ethiopia to get a Gold here. Wow! That’s really sad.

08/06/12 @ 23:05
Comment from: Colt [Visitor]


I agree with you. I feel bad for her.

08/06/12 @ 23:08
Comment from: Sefu [Visitor]

Tiruneshi, you can do it! My prayer is with you. My joy will be doubled if Tirunshi Dibaba wins the 5000m.
Good Luck my dear

08/07/12 @ 00:38
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

Melo, The Ethiopian team leaders have made the right thing by including Tirunesh in the 5000m. This us a competition and you always have to be represent wih the best runner you have. Bad luck for Genet but she has no chance of winning Gold here. Meseret is not at her best shape and she has lost for cheryot in every meetings they had in the past. This is an Olympic Gold we are talking about and they have made the right thing. PS! I am a competitive athlete and have been in similar situation in my career, and had no problem with that. Yes it is very very sad Fantu is injured :( There we lost a GOLD.

08/07/12 @ 02:11
Comment from: [Member]

Genet Yalew was consented and agreed to cede her 5000 m Olympic place to Tirunesh, she agreed to do so based on the realities of her or the Ethiopian team winning chance without Tirunesh.

There is more glory if Tirunesh win this Gold than any other Ethiopian. Two double Olympic gold medal is a big glory.

It is a sacrifice Genet made even if Tirunesh is not that sort of person and most likely undeserving, Tirunesh don’t have a team spirit at all, I never forget how Tirunesh was an obstacle for Meseret Defar to win Diamond League on the final moment. Tirunesh don’t have a good will for other fellow Ethiopian success even if she have benefited from other fellow Ethiopian time and again.

The athletics world never forgets how Tirunesh made unnecessary extra efforts to block (not to win as there is no award for Tirunesh) hundreds of thousands of dollar award waiting for Meseret, I remember how Meseret cried in front of the camera.

I am not against this move Genet made but, it just remind me what Tirunesh did on Meseret and this should be a life long lesson for Tirunesh Dibaba.

08/07/12 @ 03:05
Comment from: [Member]


You have it vise versa. Rather it was Mesert Defar who deliberatly blocked Tiruye not to win the million dollar jackboat.

08/07/12 @ 05:47
Comment from: Zurga [Visitor]

Bad News

Very sad indeed that Fantu Magiso, one of the favourites for the Olympic women’s 800 metres title, has been withdrawn from the Games due to injuring her leg during a training.

Magiso is an outstanding female 800m runner in our team.
The Probability of her Winning was very high. As she has beaten Kenya’s Olympic champion Pamela Jelimo in the Rome Diamond League meeting in June.
Furthermore, she has an impressive win at the New York Diamond League.

I wish her good recovery and all the best.

the great
Jolee Sebeta

08/07/12 @ 07:42
Comment from: Shiromeda [Visitor]

I’m really saddened by the news that one of our most expected medal winner in the middle distance Fantu is going to miss this Olympic. Fantu is a rare and unique runner who was showing her brilliant talent and skill to out shine the most famous athletes in the category for the year 2012 and definitely I have had full confidence to win the gold and rewrite a new athletics history beyond the traditional long distance big achievement. Her Olympic win will be our big chance to break the old tradition of all new comer athletes to be a runner of long distance only by following the wake of their predecessor and we missed this big opportunity a lot. I wish her a quick recovery. I’m happy by Mohammed 1st place win in the first heat of the 800M yesterday.

08/07/12 @ 08:19
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

Olympic is the biggest stage for athletes, if all things go right according to plan, it is a launching pad for their future carrier. That means more sponsors, a privilege to go out and compete in exhibition matches where the big money is and of course the steady flow of cash and more. But for us, fans, Ethiopians, the only thing we get out of it bragging rights, nothing more. And to tell Genet Yalew to step aside because Ethiopian fans need to satisfy their inflated ego, that is just being out of touch with reality and being selfish on Ethiopian fans side. You want Gold? ? Genet wants that gold more than any one of us here. It’s her job, her career, its her life.

And people, please understand this…… bragging only don’t pay the bills. These young athletes have a family to feed. They are not there to feed our ego…. They have been feeding our ego for too long, most of them got old without making something out of it. It was just few athletes who benefited from running, the rest were used, abused and thrown to the garbage. Something has to be done. Most of them spend the peak of their time being used by their colleague as a pace maker In the name of team work.

Terunish has gold in 10000m already. If she loses in 5000m, it’s no big deal. She already is one of the best athletes out there. She got nothing to prove. But for Genet 5000m means a shot to greatness, a shot to be part of the elite, a shot to have a promising career, and an opportunity to help her family and contribute to her county. There is a lot at stake here for genet,…BUT For us, fans/ Ethiopians, what is at stake is our ego.

if kenenesas’ lose in 10,000m is any indication,…… the two athletes who were running alongside him, Tariku and Gebremedin, missed their chance to give it their 100% and win the gold because they were told and programmed to be pace makers, nothing more. It’s just pathetic. They were begging kennessa to take the lead instead. The time will come when Kenensa gets old and someone has to take his place. When that time comes, it might be too late for these two athletes to compete. They have been used and abused too much.

08/07/12 @ 08:23
Comment from: Melo [Visitor]

*career, rather.

08/07/12 @ 08:29
Comment from: dani [Visitor]
3 stars

Melo, I can understand why you are are siding with Genet but I think in this case, country comes first. Based on management assessment, they thought Ethiopia has a better chance winning Gold with Tirunesh. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Is it unfair? yes but managemet has to look out for the country’s interest.

08/07/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: kul [Visitor]
5 stars


I feel the same way. Genet was included in the 5000m team based on her performance. They should have made this decision at the trial stage. Evicting this young athlete simply because Tirunesh changed her mind to participate in the race is a grave injustice. Dube Jilo and some dumb officials at the EAF did the same thing to the world champion Ibrahim Jeilan. They refused to allow him participate in two Olympics in a row. He is in a better position than Kenenisa, Tariku and G/Mariam. But Dube and his buddies don’t like Ibrahim Jeilan. Our loss in MEN’S 10000m is due to a very biased and poor decision by Dube and other EAF officials.
Any way, all Tirunesh, Meseret and Gelete have qualified for the final. GOOD LUCK to our athletes.

08/07/12 @ 09:41
Comment from: [Member]


C’mmon, be reasonable. Do you remember the last time we lost the WC women’s 5000m finals. It is because they didn’t put Turye in the squad believing Meseret could be good enough to defend it. Mesert even failed to win a medal.
When they selected this team for London, Turye,s status was not reliable because of her injury, and thought it would’ve been impossible task for her to accomplish. But as you see her, she is a real miracle maker which will be a crime not to give her a chance or ignore her achievment. Imagine and Think about it, if we loose the 5k without her what would be the fate of the officials back home. Literally the public will flog them in the middle of Merkatto.

Speaking of Jailan, you’ve it all wrong. He is rather the one who boycoted the team, due to his support for the muslim protesters, angry for some being arrested. From credible source I heard that he stop working out and stoped communication with the national team. I know he has really a good talent. But any talent in a sports world without dicipline is nothing.

08/07/12 @ 10:50

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