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Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

Thor Halvorssen and Alex Gladstein

I command you for true and honest journalism. He is lionized for no other reason than being a subservient of the west, specially the US. The truth we all know is far from that. He has failed us and we have a lot to repair.

08/23/12 @ 00:35
Comment from: [Member]

Does human right foundation mean terrorism and anarchism? LOL!!
These vagabonds have totally lost it. They seem to be unemployed and broke ass.
All they understand is chaos, and civil war in a distablized insecure country where they can shade their crocodile tears to make a living.
Ethiopian govt has disapointed them time and again when they were salivating to see a chaotic distablized Ethiopia. Even more our great leader PM Meles Zenawi humilated them by going even farther to our neighborhood countries, ie, somaliia and the sudan/ south Sudan, achieving a peaceful agreement and transition. They can never forget all the defeat and humilation they sufferd. And we know they will keep coming now and then to cry on all kinds of abandoned Ethiopian web sites to spew their fake human right venom.

08/23/12 @ 00:50
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

This evil Tyrant had never been a “Lion” !!!But a Hyena ,Vulture and cricket prospering on the suffering of the Ethiopian Peoples !!!!

08/23/12 @ 00:52
Comment from: Ameha [Visitor]

“First off, many of the rosy development statistics given out by the Ethiopian government are simply fraudulent; independent sources still rank Ethiopia at the very bottom of poverty indexes…

Oh my!

Since when do development statistics translate to ranking at the top 10 or top 100 for that matter. Development statistics simply show where you are heading to!

I could find as many flaws and fallacies as there are paragraphs in this piece, but I will let others cover the rest.

Zero objectivity and respect! Despicable! may I add Contemptible!

Some times these westerners go too far!

08/23/12 @ 00:54
Comment from: assegid tiruneh [Visitor]
assegid tiruneh
5 stars

Well done gentlemen I coud not have said it better. This is a guy who brutalized the Ethiopian population as no other Ethiopian leader before him. Ehtiopia today is ruled and looted by Mafia groups who never consider themselves Ethiopians and who have the utmost hatrate and contempt for anything Ethiopian. Meles is a pathological lier and he has been conning the western leaders for over 20 years. His demise hopefully will usher in a better era for this unfortunate country. His greatest legacy is bantustanization of a once proud nation. His TPLF front played a big role in land-locking 85 million people. I hope his soul rotts in Hell. I have no words to express my joy over his demise. It is time for the Ethiopian people to rise against the rule of TPLF whatever the price may be.

08/23/12 @ 00:56
Comment from: Obsaa [Visitor]

This article is one of the best written on the current politics of Melle’s death. It reveals the truth as it is. As any human being we may show sympathy for his untimely death. But this should not cover up the the crimes of the tyrant. We have to say spade is spade.

08/23/12 @ 01:02
Comment from: Zenawi [Visitor]

All I have to say to these monster “writers” is repeat what a fellow Ethiopian said about our beloved P.M. Meles Zenawi:

“I am very shocked when I heard the tragic death of our hero of heroes Prime Meles Zenawi. It is great loss for all Ethiopians’ and Africa as well. Our Exceptional and Dynamic leader Prime Minster Meles spent his entire life to serve his country so that we may see a prosperous Ethiopia. You showed us in a very practical way what leadership means all about! We love you so much PM Meles . what I can say is Bye from Eye but not from Heart.
May God rest his soul in peace! “


08/23/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The only thing I regret is that we should have brought this Banda to Meskel sq. Hung him there together with that DIABLO ABUNE stinky. But I will promise this to all Ethiopia that their dead bodies will not rest in peace , we will dig them out from ground and burn them in Meskel sq. These are not human or Ethiopians but a parasites ..

08/23/12 @ 01:19
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Thor Halvorssen and Alex Gladstein

You beasts, get fucked on your ass and filthy mouth.You must have been denied an entry into my beautiful country, Ethiopia, to write this trash. A trash from a trash so called journalists intnsely cosummed by grudge. As I said it above, get fucked on your wide ass and filthy mouth. You idiots

08/23/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: Tariku [Visitor]

These human rights groups,

They must hate it when we are united in our thoughts and actions!

A shameful article!

08/23/12 @ 01:41
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]

This is how history will remember this dictator .. as a brutal killer. As Birtukan put it his death was a big learning time for the regime that they could have handled things much better had they chosen then right way… To bad they didnt and I am sure Meles will see himself as a LOSER had he seen the funeral … But no man is above the whole nation and we will move on leaving our TRASH behind.

08/23/12 @ 02:27
Comment from: Selam [Visitor]

Selam le melaw Ethiopia!!!!!

You Tube

08/23/12 @ 02:36
Comment from: [Member]

You can’t lionized a lion because a lion is a lion.


08/23/12 @ 03:12
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]
5 stars

You Bandas do you know how to read. The article is from FORBES and these guys writing was picked up by Forbes because because they are great writers that have jobs unlike you loosers. Looser think everybody is a looser for self preservaction. Otherwise they will be depressed if they know the truth that they are the only loosers.

08/23/12 @ 04:00
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

shame on both of you, idiots.

08/23/12 @ 04:19

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