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Comment from: [Member]

We have been hearing there is gas in Gambela, Afar and Somali region; but until now we have seen none. As one guy said there is no ” nedage” but there is plenty of ” anadage” in Ethiopia

09/13/12 @ 22:39
Comment from: Habeshian [Visitor]

Check out Ethiopia’s Mines Minister Sinknesh Ejigu’s “EYE BROW"; yep! that is CRUDE OIL

09/13/12 @ 23:15
Comment from: [Member]

This is good. But I doubt very much whether this could be done because of the anti-Ethiopia nature of TPLF-EPRDF. There are some ethiopian patriots like this minister, who have good ideas. However as long as the government is infiltrated by eritreans and half-casts, it will be difficult to form such companies that would benefit the ethiopian people.

Our feature depends on how much we can provide food and security to our people. If we can develop infrastructures and our people have a high standard of living, then there will peace in our region. The Somalis should be treated humanely and be given leadership in the national and regional level. Every region in Ethiopia should be supported to feel like all ethiopians.

Ethiopians should have their own ethiopian government led by ethiopians only. Eritreans should not be allowed to join the government or hold diplomatic posts. We should first resolve the issue of power. who heads Ethiopia? What shall be the policy of Ethiopia regarding her own ports and history? Who is going to negotiate for the boudary between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Who would defend Ethiopia’s history and her right in the international political realities? What are going to do about Sudan’s involvement in our internal affairs? How do we deal with neigbouring Somalia? How do deal with Djoubiti? Should Djoubiti remain indepedent and who decides? Why was Djoubiti granted referendeum in the first place? Why did France honour it’s agreement with Ethiopia to give back Djoubiti to the sovereign of the Ethiopian State?

Why was Eritrea allowed to secede from Ethiopia? Why do the eritrean think they have the only right to the Red Sea which has been the extension of Ethiopia? Is Eritrea a colony of Ethiopia? Was the federal arrangement for Eritrea in 1952 right? Why did the UN decide to federate Eritrea with Ethiopia instead of returning Eritrea back to Ethiopia?

To properly deal with the many issues our country has to deal with, we need to have a good patriotic government. We should not allow eritreans to take any participation in ethiopian politics. Even those Tigreans who support Eritrea, should not take governemmntal posts or be members of a political organization like TPLF-EPRDF. The eritreas should be treated like any other foreigner regarding national and security issues.

The eritrean Meles Zenawi wasted 21 years of our life. He eritreanized the Ethiopian State. This should be stopped. Only ethiopians shall decide on ethiopian policy issues.

The Minister of Mines should be supported, but it might end up only as a draft as long as we do not have a strong patriotic government which stands for Ethiopia and is led by Ethiopians only.

09/14/12 @ 01:22
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

“Ethiopia announced plans to start a state-owned company that will develop oil and gas resources in a partnership with private companies”

We already have that company (State and Private). It is called:


Endowment Fund For Rehabilitation of Tigray!

09/14/12 @ 01:30
Comment from: CamelRider [Visitor]  

On my dead body personally….they don’t have the pubis to do so, Weyeny being saying this for as long as i remember…How will this be possible when our people being under genocide, beheaded, marginalized, deceived and denied the very basic needs of life such as water, food and housing….this is just another fabricated news to mislead the poor Highlanders, may be ONLF can’t defeat the merciless , terror Army of Highlanders accupiers but they can for sure defend our resource and is well proven fact previously…..

09/14/12 @ 03:03
Comment from: wekaw [Visitor]


Very brilliant statement. How can Ethiopia develop when there are anti Ethiopian elements exist? They might implement to make as if Ethiopia benefit but in reality it is the control of Eritreans and pro Eritreans holding power who will benefit. I wonder how the West who are a pro TPLF see this which doesn’t see eye-eye with Eritrea? Ethiopians need to wake up.

09/14/12 @ 03:08
Comment from: CamelRider [Visitor]  

@ magdala…Are you high on Crack or when you wrote this shit you were drunk…You talk about all the problems in the world…Just fed your self first before you wory about Somalis, Eretrians and D’jibuti…you sound like you wrote this shit from Bar near by…

09/14/12 @ 03:09
Comment from: CamelRider [Visitor]

Sinknesh Ejigu have rop before Petronas she is trying to rob new companies…Like they fool me one shame on me..foll twice shame on me..Western companies will never do oil business in Ogaden region as they know for sure there is stability

09/14/12 @ 03:32
Comment from: Reality [Visitor]

@ Magdala,
You better keep the pieces you have on hand before stretching your brain left and right. The people of Eritrea have made their mind not today but hundred years ago and fought Ethiopia for more than 50 years. At the time they spilled their blood for the cause of liberation, we never considered them as part of us and never worked to stabilise the situation and never tried to use diplomatic means to come into an agreement. To the opposite we destroyed the whole country and refused them their rights to live in peace like we deed for decades. From day one we were agressive and tried to use force instead of peaceful means and that made the gap grow stronger and larger among the people. Our leaders made us believe while killing and terrorising the people of Eritrea and destroying whatever they had, that Ethiopia is going to make them kneel down and bring Eritrea by force. Now is Eritrea world recognised Independent country. Quite obvious, Eritreans who fought for 100 years would fight us back for more 200 years if necessary and they have all the right and hundreds of supporters by their side now. But is it worth when we ourselves are divided into pieces? I do not think would solve our insider crises instead it would be smart to gather all the falling puzzles of Ethiopia and save Ogaden before we are scattered beyond repair. You may wonder why I openely criticise you but our situation is out of hand no more secret is remained that we keep by force under the rug.

09/14/12 @ 03:45
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What the hell does this lady talking about .Agazi Bandits have already establisheded their own Mafia Firm EFFORT controlling the mining ressources exploitation with the complicity of their Saudy Master’s firm MIDROC .But if one day there will be gas and oil you will certainly know who shall own the exploitation by having the Monopole .Again as usual as it would be expected EFFORT and MIDROC…LOL !!!

09/14/12 @ 03:49
Comment from: Somali [Visitor]

Before extracting oil in Somali region, first get the confidence and the go ahead of the Somali people who own the oil fields. You will never and ever extract oil without the consent of its owners, it is just a foolish dream that will never come true.

09/14/12 @ 04:14
Comment from: [Member]

TEDDY [Visitor]

Ayie leka yanchie newe endzihe yemigemawe, duke argeshtale leka tekuse areshene, eni demo mendnewe yemigemawe ezihe topic weste eyalkue;)

bla bla bla tefram gonderie mechie newe gene yemtseltnewe?

Meberate asgebanleachuhe, mengede seranelachuhe, hospital keftelnachuhe, weha asegebanlechuhe, arachune besereate masrate gene ancheleme. Grow up ;)

09/14/12 @ 08:36
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Millions Ethiopian farmers cultivated better than last year is good news. Millions ethiopians struck by famins bad news. Ethiopian government leases non-tigre land to forginers is bad news. Because the leas money oges to the government ie tplf. Right now what ever natural wealth is a new capital for tplf so it is bad news.

09/14/12 @ 09:45
Comment from: Ogadenson [Visitor]

All western oil companies have had warned memo from ONLF,not fall EPRDF bogus Oil business contracts.
They would be remembering what happened to the Chinese after they had been ignored ONLF warning and insisted to drill obole Oilfields.
Therefore,I don’t think the regime can easily alluring oil companies to engage oil/Gas production in Ogaden region.

On top that,I believe ONLF had been sent warning memo to all Oil companies who have concerns in future business for Ogaden oil/gas not rash bogus deals without having the landowners consent.Their voices must be heard before their oil touches.

So far,the Federal Government in Addis, have no rights to represent the Ogaden people in the region due to not respected their constitutional rights and represented unconstitutional hand picked people.

09/14/12 @ 10:21
Comment from: GONDAR [Visitor]




09/14/12 @ 10:46

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