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Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Both ZTE and Huawei made the news here in the U.S when congress concluded this week that the two Chinese companies are a security threat. Both companies became dominant in bbm (broadband mobile) and network/telecom after ripping off (theft of intellectual property) of Cisco and others. Nowadays, the Chinese companies are among the only three who do the whole infrastructure while Cisco is relegated to selling components only. The Chinese stole from everybody apparently to make themselves whole. If you have a telecommunication company running in another country, the U.S contends, you own its information. The two companies, according to CBS’s 60 minutes, are backed by the Chinese government. Ethiopia has nothing to lose, we guess, and somebody has pocketed a hefty bribe from this companies.



10/14/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

ZTE and Huawai are well known by despots and Tyrants for being their main furnishers on equipments to block websites ,satalite transmissions and also on electronic spying.This is the main reason that the Agazi bandits have made their evil choice .Some ignorants shall argue that these companies shall make the investment
by financing the projects without any condition .By the way forgetting all the raw materials that would be sent for FREE to China
once again leaving local peoples in misery .And what about the under table comissioons pocketted by the
Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis..LOL!!!!!

10/14/12 @ 02:49
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]
5 stars

This is excellent news reporting the expansion of mobile telefon network in Ethiopia. The project will benefit millions and is to be financed by the Chinese.
But it seems as if there are always some cellar rats that cannot tolerate anything positive happening in Ethiopia, and rather see the glass always half empty. The first two comments came from someone who suddenly discovered his love for Cisco, and the second commenter just rants about Chinese companies being friendly to dictators and makes wild claims of bribe.
It is easy to stand aside and criticize those that work hard to change our nation. We should not ridicule the efforts that are made to develope mama Ethiopia, and we better learn to give credit when credit is due.

10/14/12 @ 05:03
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Werner 2010

What is wrong with two fellow Ethiopia who expose weyannes dirty job? Specially, Teddy who knows weyannes brain cell long before they do something.

I am glad that china invest in Ethiopia and we have seen the rapied Developement that is taking place in Ethiopia and else where in Africa . I just wondering why not give the contracbt to Somalia mobile service. They have the rapied and fastest service in whole Africa without proper gvt. The bank service, i mean the mobile bank service in Somalia is a free and fastes in whole world. Can we learn from them? No, no, some Hoddams with no brain or do not know how o use it are afford that they loos their bribing job and stay primitive Internet device that we ave now.

10/14/12 @ 05:27
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

Great news. Our primitive telecom sector urgently needs some 21st century expertise, upgrade. Long overdue!

“… Debretsion said in an interview in the capital, Addis Ababa, yesterday, without giving the size of the contract. “Both (Huawei Technologies Co.and ZTE Corp) will have a SHARE IN THE MARKET.”. Nice one! Er’m, were are “Extratermite” & Co who were barking the other day on similar issue claiming that Ethiopia needs to keep such sectors 100% government owned, controlled? Praising GOE for keeping the Telecom and others under government 100%? :):) Funny herd-like folks! I bet now they would come out and support this move while eating up their own words!

Well done Ethio Telecom. Can’t stay primitive for longer than necessary.

That said, I’ve read on ‘Financial Times’ the other day what “TEDDY” was talking about. Though the developed, civilized world are making best use of the technologies that Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp provide, in a positive, productive manner, tyrants of Africa are using them to spy on their citizens! I say, it is best to have a modern telecom service than a primitive one regardless. Either ways, GOE is unlikely to stop spying on citizens & stifling decent so future civilized generation would make appropriate use of such technology … in the mean time, we just need to have developed, 21st century telecom sector.

10/14/12 @ 06:01
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Where those EFFORT’s children? No to imf, no such type of investment to foreigners, bla bla. China is more accountable than EFFORT. Stupid ass wholes.
China needs this investment as long as serious counterparts meet them. They dont want one night stand business. They need the money home, they have billions mouth to feed. The more telephone access the Ethiopians get the more money they get. It is as simple as that. Not like EFFORT’s tugs, wow we got food in the south lets take all to the north.

10/14/12 @ 07:03
Comment from: Andualem [Visitor]

Worthless few bunch diasporas have no life at all but ended up in vain just waiting to die commenting always negative against anything good Ethiopia is having/getting/doing including the best China and Ethiopia relationship is nothing but trash.

China is the best gift Ethiopia is getting from humanity. With China help and co operation, Ethiopia is rising. We, real Ethiopians will never ever forget what China is doing to Ethiopia. Ethiopians many Generations to come will be the best friend, ally, trustworthy and strong partner to China. No one will stop that. We thank them and we are always asking them to help and support us in a way we become developed and strong by ourselves as they are in the long run. Strong developed, peaceful, united, sustainable and confidence Ethiopia will be always good for China, too.

Worthless Diasporas that are living with foreign aid in Abroad (system) are nothing but valueless Ethiopia has nothing to do with them. They are just crying from the dead bed they are landed there many years ago.

Good work the Ethiopian government having such good and multi-dimensional relationship with China. As Ethiopia is the only African nation has no the legacy of colonization and slavery where England, France, and Arabs are using their dark legacy to play games against Africa today, Ethiopia could/will have the best relation with other nations including China. China-Ethiopian relation will remain strong and tall as the African Union building in Addis Ababa Built by china is. This is the great practical and useful symbol in the African capital city (Addis Ababa) not only to Ethio-China but also Africa-China relationship for many years to come.

You, worthless Diasporas! Just cry from your trash and dead bed. No one notices even your existence. The Good and worthy Diasporas that are 99.9% all Diasporas are doing the best for their country. This is what matters. You with very low IQ and doomed brain Diasporas just cry with comments thinking this is the best job you are doing in life while you get nothing from it but losing yourself for nothing.

Imagine the very low IQ sub human on the internet like TEDDY if he goes today in Ethiopia. He even couldn’t manage to have a life like those daily laborers are having. He is enough only for living under the system in abroad. If that system stops today, tomorrow he is dead. Because he has no ability to work, generate his income and have life. He and his likes are living with foreign aid in abroad. Trashes like him are acting on blogs as if they are somebody from the place that looks like cemeteries worthless individuals like them are to be found.

10/14/12 @ 07:30
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


U worried the chinase will spy in ethiopia… If I don’t know Ethiopia I will think Ethiopia is America…why invest billion of dollar to spy on Ethiopia when u can bribe few office for 100,000 dollars…

Second u say the chinase copy American theology.. As if America never copy anything from other… In the begging America copy everyone beside it is not our business who copy from whom… Our national interest must come first…

Do u know the stroy of blood diamond, the America buy blood diamond knowing the truth about blood diamond how about blood oil in Nigeria the American exploit oil without benfiting Nigerian they didn’t say they will not buy because it is blood oil I can give u million example but what is the point.

About cBS report I don’t believe every thing said because if America want u dead first they will spoil ur good name.. Ask Canadian when they don’t want buy their meat they say Canadian meat have mad caw dessese. When they try to stop Japanese car they say their car break fail and caused death.. They even doesn’t stop destroying a poor country like Ethiopia they painted Ethiopia as hunger nation only to cry land grap

Now late me go to teddy and hummer him twice so that he can wake up.

About bribe… U have very good point I will not doubt there is bribe exchanged.

But I have two question… Can u tell me the opp. Party is in power( it could be ganbot 7 or oLF it doesn’t matter) the point is are u going to tell us they will not take bribe… U can give me single name or party name that u think they will not take bribe.

My second question is why u care if someone thanking bribe or not as long as our tele modernized…

If u ask me a CEO of tele in Ethiopia must get $10 million birr per year to run that billion dollars company if we want first class company then u have to pay first class salary…

Even America company pay bribe they might call it commission or bonus but it is birbe..

One last question did u or ur family pay any bribe in ur life time to help u get passport or to help u out in business or do a government work…tell me u never pay any bribe in Ethiopia..

Or late me put it this way u will not birbe to came to America if u were in Ethiopia.. U rather stay in Ethiopia paying birbe…. I can go on but what the point… U will not answer my question directly..

Yes we all agree bribe is not good… The point is u wii not pay bribe to free ur own father from TpLf jail. U will late ur father die instead of giving bribe.

I love this question so I will add very simple question.

Late say u are CEO of tele and ur salary is $10,000 birr and u have ten family to support .. Rent is 4000$ birr teff is $1600 birr and ur elderly father is sick and need to go to s.africa hospital that cost 250,000 birr etc etc now the question is the china company offer u 10,000,000 birr cash deal if u sign the contact..

Now tall us our wise man, what is ur choice…

About given our tele contract to Somilia is in fact it is good idea.. We can invite them to operate in Ethiopia side by side with our tele just like bank.. We should not leave any stone untrun when it come to ur development

10/14/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

To whom it may concern,

There is a difference between a foreign company setting up telecommunications network in Ethiopia and competing with Ethio Telecom and two companies, Huawei and ZTE getting a two yyear contract to
work in partnership to develop ethio telecom.

On Spying
The US and Europeans spy ion their people regularly. What you read, who you communicate with on the net, what you eat are all objects of scrutiny. They might do it through the police, market researchers or the so called private media, but the fact is we are all under 24/7 watch. Why do you think they coined the saying ” Big Brother is Watching?”

If African ‘tyrants’ want to spy on their people, they don’t need expensive and sophisticated technology to do that. They hire people. it is actually more effective.

10/14/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

From the page of Huawei’s own Corporate Citizenship customer service culture:

Fair operation: Huawei abides by ethical business practices, operates with integrity, and strictly observes Huawei Business Code of Conduct. Huawei promotes fair operations, strictly implements “transparent procurement” and “transparent sales", and opposes bribery, corrupt activities, dumping, and monopolies so as to build a harmonious business environment.

- China is the only country known for dumping. Case in point: solar panels. Ask the Europeans.
- Transparent procurement and sales? You be the judge.
- Opposing bribery? That is right, we are stupid.

The TPLF guys make a lot of money through their relationships with China. Their folks are trained en mass by the Chinese. The two-way street works beautifully between the two. China steals from the west and monopolized the world with cheap and inexpensive products and services. So far it has been a win-win for China - only. Twenty years from now, however, the picture would be different. China wants to be a superpower might. Just like Woeyanes, they would like to control everything one day -Yellow Plague- population dumping and all. Not at all unfounded fear. They have already beaten Japan, India, U.S, Europe - the world. Poor Africa would be their playground. So much for farsightedness in leadership. And China’s gateway to the rest of the world and spiritual enablers are none other than Woeyanes. Assyria-Gog Mgog connection, non-Christian power, as any one tells you at the top U.S universitites, the Chinese are machines no one can beat. Forget India or whites, the future belongs to China. And its not a good news by any stretch of the imagination.

10/14/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Ebdualem ,you are just fooling yourself with your Agazi Masters Fairitales .The new Ethiopia that you and your thuggy bros are talking about is the land of this poor beggar obliged to cry your dead master arguing that if he is wondering in the streets of Addis is by trusting him “Egnia menged layi yewottanew esatchewn temamnen
nehu ,lezih nehu azigne yemaleksew.."what a SHAME !!!!Dinkem
seletanne ,sewhun be rehab eyagossakollu massekayet ,le tekit ye Agazi terekamiyotch kintotena metchot tebelo behiberitegnenetena bezeregnenit astesaseb temerkuzo .”

10/14/12 @ 12:55
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

@ Andualem

Why are so angry? It was your late Zenawi who said he can NOT let China or any foreign investors in the Telecom sector for he though the “Tech Wiz” kids will out smart him, he’d lose control, wouldn’t be catching up? That was pretty much Zenawi’s words at the world economic forum? Also a bunch of retarded cadres on this site, just the other day were screaming, bragging about how great thing it was that GOE kept Telecom & other Major industries as primitive, cash strapped, stagnany organizations & giving kudos for keeping it 100% government owned.

Now, two days later, we hear about this great news, this is how business should be done yet some have concerns over the reputations of these two Chinese firm’s practices in the developing world, so what? What are you Mr Brick head insulting people as worthless diaspora blah blah for? Are you not diaspora yourself? Who are you to insult TEDDY? He makes more sense than all of you village clowns combined together on this site. You folks almost always behave like pack of sheep herds here with the exception of “Bethihu & Belay". Whatever GOE says & does, you are like baaaaa baaaaaaaa like Goddamn sheeps! So, don’t twist this ok? Most are pro cash injunctions, pro modernization, pro development, investments & PPP, which is what is happening according to this article!! Not only the companies are contracted to upgrade, bring Ethio Telecom back to 21st century, they also have “shares” in the company, meaning Ethio Telecom would be open for competition, no longer be stagnant, while the government still retains control & ownership to greater extent. So, please save your insults, this is what most diaspora have been suggesting for many years & most TPLF camp going against! Finally I say!

10/14/12 @ 13:26
Comment from: Andualem [Visitor]

Amhara Princess

Meles said:

“We are working very closely with Chinese companies and government. They are not good at with speculation the way others do against us. China is the savior to Africa. Without China, we wouldn’t be today the way we are. China is doing so much with in a short period of time for Africa while westerns didn’t for centuries but affecting at all levels, China respects us and approach us with an equal partners. They want us to grow and benefit. They want have peace, unity and prosperity". And he continues saying so many good things about China

Again: you are jumping to comment always negatively before even you are reading and understanding the article.

The article says two years contract to modernize the Ethiopian telecom and internet too not overtaking. This is the best move. This is how you get foreign knowledge to get the work done on time and to be self sufficient in the long run.

Take for Instance.

Chinese companies have built Tekeze Dam and I believe Tana Beles, too. Ethiopian engineers, students and workers have worked alongside with Chinese with Chinese willingness to transfer knowledge.

Right now the second (or first) tallest hydro Dam in the world which is Gibe III with its 243 meter high and capacity to produce 1870WM officials and workers are Ethiopians. The manager to the project is an Ethiopian woman.

One of the seven biggest hydro Dams in the world and by long distance the biggest in Africa, Hedase with its 6000mw, project is 95% conducted by Ethiopians. The project manager is an Ethiopian engineer.

It is the same with wind energy. The Nazret 1 wind farm was done by Chinese and Ethiopians including from Addis Ababa University. The Nazret 2 is already started and will produce 153MW. Ethiopians will take the lead working alongside with Chinese on this project.
The next phase will be Ethiopians alone going to build wind farms all over the country by themselves thanks to Chinese knowledge(know how) Transferring. Ethiopia is currently producing the necessary wind farm machine spare parts in the country knowing wind energy is the future in Ethiopia and we need lots to build in the near future. .

It is the same with Telecom and other sectors Ethiopia is having relation with China. China is doing so many things for Ethiopia we true Ethiopians will never ever forget but giving them back something good in return when we become capable of doing such things. However we love, respect, admire and appreciate them for the things they are doing for Ethiopia. Mobile assembly, Tractor assembly, Best cars assembly, window Glass factory and so many things china is doing for Ethiopia are vital for our people to have job, knowledge and the country grow/be part of the modern world. This kind relation with China and other good nation will continue in the future at all levels. Your or may comment will do nothing about it but just nonsense talk on the internet/closed door).

If really you are representing an Amhara Princess (not an ugly one from inside as well as outside) you need to be smart and happy about it rather than complying always about everything that shows how hard life you living in.

10/14/12 @ 14:50
Comment from: dany [Visitor]

i hope the deal includes a cancer treatment package too. The phone they make these days cause serious risks.specially products that are shipped to africa. Business is always good when it is healthy.i might be wrong .

10/14/12 @ 15:58
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

By the way Ebdualem the then Junta despot Mengistu made the same statement ,as your leba master ,when
asked concerning his close ties with the then Soviet blocks and North Korea .Two years or even two days contracts ,the hidden agendas has always confirmed that Chinese shall profit on the raw materials of their choices .And worst for FREE!!!Even your leba master on one of his last speech did confirm that the risk for the economic activities being under Foreign Control . As if he ,his evil wife and the Agazi bandits are for Nothing on such evil event .Is because your dear leader has built all these great Dams that 99.99 % of the peoples are actually living under candle lights suffering from electric and clean water supply services .Hope your next argument would not be that if peoples are actually feeding only once a day is just because they are suffering of Diabet and need to be in Diet…WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!

10/14/12 @ 16:27

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