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Ethiopian Minister's Wife Accused of Using Saudi Cash in Unrest



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Ethiopian Minister's Wife Accused of Using Saudi Cash in Unrest

Ethiopia civil service minister Junedin Sado's wife is implicated in the charge

Ethiopian Minister's Wife Accused of Using Saudi Cash in Unrest

By William Davison

Oct. 30 (Bloomberg)
-- Ethiopian authorities charged a minister’s wife with terrorism for using money from the Saudi Arabian Embassy to pay for Islamic protests against the government, defense lawyer Temam Ababulgu said.

Habiba Mohammed, wife of Civil Service Minister Junedin Sado, was among 29 people charged with terrorism offenses in an Ethiopian court yesterday, Temam said yesterday in an interview outside the court in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Nine members of a 17-person committee formed to dispute the government’s control of the Islamic council, which has led the demonstrations, were also among the 29 charged under a 2009 terrorism law the U.S. and United Nations have criticized as too broad. Habiba was charged with belonging to and aiding a terrorist organization, Temam said.

Muslims in Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous nation, have been holding protests at mosques for more than a year against government control of an Islamic council, some of which turned violent. The government accuses the group of being led by extremists who want to convert the secular nation into an Islamic state.

A call today to the Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa was not answered. State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal did not immediately answer two calls to his office today.

The defendants will answer the charges at the next hearing, scheduled for Nov. 22, Temam said.


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Comment from: [Member]

We want make sure they are guilty beyond reasonable dought before they are sentenced. I know the justice system there in not good, but if they found more evidence they should pay the price. Our country was the only place where you can find religious harmony than any place, but now others are jelious and want to keep us backward and ignorant by funding and instigating problems. We know who is behind all of this; Saudi, Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan and other interested countries seem to have invested intrest to make the horn unsafe place, we need to denounce and fight back these kind of masterminding. They have tried so many things now, Religion is their last resort to keep us in dark and under developed. People need to wake up and say no to religion indiffrences. Ethiopia need to take decisive action against these hostile countries sever deplomatic mission.

10/31/12 @ 01:01
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Whatever Agazi Bandits ,Tigre Mafiosis and Kersam Bandas say and
write Junedin Sado and his wife are
from their own clan and firm .Directly and Indirectly they were also enjoying on such illegal business .Afterall ,it’s not a secret to anybody the close link of the then Crime Minister and his Agazis with Gulf States Emirs ,Iran ,Arab Despots and International Jihadist Groups .

10/31/12 @ 01:51
Comment from: Netsamet [Visitor]

There might be extromists envolved but it is better ti see those people to comw back to rheir senses. There are extrimists from chriatians too. But we have to be carefull that to deferentiate the innosent onea from the extrimists. If there are pwople who are crying about these exteimists who are in jail those people must be extrimists. The Ethiopian gov should watch those people.

10/31/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: elias [Visitor]

it is very sad Ethiopian justice system become backward,we ethiopian muslim elect our representative (the committees) when the government interference our religion,the government lable our committees as terrorist.without ethiopian muslim there is no development,they are our heroes specially abubeker ahmed.

10/31/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: asiga [Visitor]

Amahara mussie and congratulations on your long story but I do not know what course arab Juliie blessing will always govern you and you can do nothing. because your slaves and will continue to talk to you about your long History. forget it. arabs are chosen people, and will use such countries (sudan.somalia.eretria djibouti and maybe even southern sudan.)
war against you.
make no difference whether or not you hated arab will remain king.

10/31/12 @ 04:21
Comment from: Fanta [Visitor]

If the Ethiopian Gov. believes that Habiba Mohammed has committed a crime, then they should also consider close down the Saudi Embassy who is big culprits of terrorism.

10/31/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: siso [Visitor]

William Davison

Are you still there? Who invited you to be there? Is it the Ethiopian government or people? You are there by yourself for your own interest thinking you can do anything you like in any time and place/office in Africa. Because you feel superiority among them.

“A call today to the Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa was not answered. State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal did not immediately answer two calls to his office today".

Who are you calling them? They have other important things to do rather than answering phones to small Individuals like you doing anything bad against others for their own interest and benefit.

What is your plan and what is going to be your contribution to the matter when you are spending time, energy and calling as far as the highest offices? You are nothing man but looking reasons to inflame and worsen the situation. Because this is the nature of the English and some American journalists. Chaos, conflict, war, disasters and son on are your best places to work and get results.

But not in Ethiopia. You are exposed and very match known as dangerous to the nation. Stop writing about Ethiopia a country doesn’t belong to you. Observe how Africans and also Ethiopian journalists behave and life condition in your country. They are not interfering in your country internal affairs but trying to survive doing anything possible.

10/31/12 @ 07:15
Comment from: fact [Visitor]

Yes! Muslims in Ethiopia enjoy their freedom as never been before. Majority Ethiopian muslims never complained or questioned about their Ethiopianism. They were Ethiopians, they are Ethiopian, and they always been Ethiopians. Arab expansionists want to drag Ethiopia to an extremist state of Islam. They used young Ethiopian muslims to advance their wish to become one in the name of government interferance. There are two major religions in Ethiopia. Muslim and christian. Their fellow christians excersice different christian sect and they live together peacefully without any hatered and or bombing fellow christians or any citizen. The same should go for muslims. Any mulim person in Ethiopia have the right to excersice any sect new or old like their christian brothers and sisters as long as they are peaceful and able to live with their counterpart. Besides that, any muslim exteremist who carry out or advance foreign agenda or who take money for this evil purpose shuold be punished severly in the land of Ethiopia. We don’t need any disturbances on our land. We have enough problems to deal with such as severe poverty that should be taking care of than allowing another headache financed by Iran, Egypt, and other catalyst tiny countries. Any muslim who claims religious intereferance or unhappy with the present religious freedom and want to excersice islam extremism suit yourself to go to Afgahnistan, Iran, Saudi, Egypt and other countries to practice it freely before it is too late to escape from Ethiopia and I guarantee you there are many countries to choose from.

10/31/12 @ 07:32
Comment from: Burik [Visitor]
3 stars

TPLF small minded supporters,did not learn,about How Ethiopians suffer under TPLF terrorist group and they are still showing their Loyalty to TPLF rather then showing the people of Ethiopia!! Mrs Meles stole billions tax payer Ethiopians money but she did not face corruption charge because TPLF in charge of our beloved country Ethiopia Also 85 thousands Ethiopians in TPLF jail with out any charge but TPLF terrorist group,when Ethiopia citizens ask their right then The calling them “Terrorist"!!Its not fair for justice when We ethiopia united fight you!! I am sure they will say “sorry” but WE ETHIOPIANS WILL SHOW YOU>WHO IS TERRORIST!! All Ethiopians must fight the right of our beloved people of Ethiopia even We Ethiopians have Political difference does not means we must against or hate each other or Our people Ethiopia living under Terrorist regime Tigray People la-portion front so Please Be aware,If we fight each other or hate each other that means TPLF military Tags have big opportunity to rule in wrong direction, our beloved country Ethiopia!! Let fight the right of our people rather then against each other!! Power the people of All Ethiopians!!!

10/31/12 @ 08:01
Comment from: Kassech [Visitor]

Most likely she will get the death penalty.

10/31/12 @ 08:34
Comment from: Rezak [Visitor]

Wey tegab ! weyane pass their lemit
… I remember the story nerated by my dad ones up on a time they were white red black bulls they live together they sleep together when they were together they watch each other not to be attacked by
wolf or whome ever enemy’s one day a black one think i can be easly watched in dark night by wolf because of I stay with white bulls why I don’t kicked the white bull out the group then he got kicked out the group then the wolf eat him easy they could save him but they didn’t help him when he attack by wolf then now again the black one think still i am a risk If I live with a red bull let me kick a red bull out Then if sleep no one can see me at night then he kicke the red bull then again the wolf eat the red bull now wolf come to eat the black bull when the byte the black bull the black bull couldn’t servive but before he died he said to the wolf when you first atack the white bull we alowed you we didnt do any thing that the day I oready gotten eat today I have no strength to defend my self that is what him the black bull last word ……. I brought this story because of this is what happen our country Ethiopia . weyane killed thousand oromo and Ogaden ppl then he passed the border and invade Somalia and kill thoused muslim and giving the USA air base in arebamench and became number one supporter of Sudan saparation …….now what ………killing Ethiopian Muslim and now he use terrorism law to kill and put ppl I’n jail what is next …..gafdaffe is gone husnimubark is gone …….do u see what I see ……why weyane recently a lot of be heavier change why why …..

10/31/12 @ 09:17
Comment from: Habesh [Visitor]


Copy and pest on google

10/31/12 @ 10:19
Comment from: justice prevails [Visitor]
justice prevails

In today’s world nothing is more dangerous than Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Egypt and Iran. They all have one common goal: Imposing Islam (convert Christians,Jews,Hindus,Buddhas and others) by force and see the whole world governed by notorious Sharia Law.But the West have been reluctant to take actions against these Muslim Expansionists(Muslim terrorists and their supporters Saudi Arabia,Egypt,North Sudan,Iran,Qatar, etc) who are intoxicated by their oil money.We are witnessing the situation in Mali. In Ethiopia, Saudi Embassy is evidently supporting(financing) the
terrorists.For these barbaric uncivilized Arabs, destabilizing Ethiopia is crucial to control the whole East Africa and there by cause problem to the only democratic country in the ME, Israel. Now that Egypt is controlled by MB, it is gonna get worse.Hence, the peace loving world community must act now before it is too late.This is what have to be done:
- Help them develop the economies of Ethiopia and South Sudan
- Help them improve the living conditions of these people.
- Help them build democracy and improve human rights issues .
Ethiopia have never in history surrendered to or given up the fight with Muslim terrorists. Fortunately, the majority Muslim population in Ethiopia are peace loving and moderate.

Long live Ethiopia!
God bless all the people of Ethiopia!!!

10/31/12 @ 10:51
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

can you focus on the story. the lady was caught carrying money and other things from the saudi embassy. she herself is not denying that. now last time i checked saudi embassy is not a bank and the lady is no ordinary woman, she is a wife of a minister. on the other hand saudiarabia is one of the front nation in expanding the strict form of islam using its resourse, now do the math..

10/31/12 @ 11:02
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Fanta [Visitor]

it looks like you own Ethiopians. You suggest Saudi embassy close? What you mean? There are million muslims who depend on Saudi money for a livelihood. When Wayane is in trouble it is always pinting fingers at others. Now, Wayane lost control over christian orthodox and he is losing ground over Muslims if they continue to act foolish. Ethiopia muslims don’t get help from West like the pentes do. We will defend Saudi Embassy and other Muslim countries give enough support for the people of Ethiopia in particular Ethiopian muslims. As it happens orthodox and pentes have built enormous and numerous institutions up to college level. The Muslims are the ones that have no institution to their side in Ethiopia. Only a few mosques built here and there will not make Ethiopian Muslims strong in science.

10/31/12 @ 11:32

1 3


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