Ethiopia Muslims rally on Fridays as tension rises - AP



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Ethiopia Muslims rally on Fridays as tension rises - AP

File Photo: Ethiopian Muslims protest against government interference in religious matters at Ethiopia's Anwar Grand Mosque

Ethiopia Muslims rally on Fridays as tension rises

By KIRUBEL TADESSE, Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP)
— As midday prayers came to an end at the Grand Anwar mosque in Ethiopia's capital, worshippers continued on to what has become a regular second act on Fridays — shouting anti-government slogans.
The demonstrations this Friday did not turn violent. But tensions are rising between the government in this mostly Christian country and Muslim worshippers. On Monday, federal prosecutors charged a group of 29 Muslims with terrorism and working to establish an Islamic republic.

Not all encounters between police and the protesters have been peaceful. In July, hundreds were arrested after a scuffle in the mosque that injured many and damaged property, including city buses.
Religious violence outside the capital has killed eight and wounded about a dozen this year in two incidents, including one last month when protesters tried to free jailed Muslim leaders in the Amhara region. Protests first erupted in December after the state, wary of Islamist extremists, wanted to change the leadership of a religious school in the capital.

The government also expelled two Arabs in May after the pair flew in from Middle East and disseminated pamphlets at the Anwar mosque. Two-thirds of Ethiopians are Christians; the rest are Muslims.

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Comment from: Freedom [Visitor]  

Change is couming from us we will fight for our right freedom we are not second citizen !!we are proud muslim Ethiopian !

11/02/12 @ 23:57
Comment from: Lideta [Visitor]

“Two-thirds of Ethiopians are Christians; the rest are Muslims.”

Either the government is in denial of muslim population or the gov does not know the real percentage of muslims population in Ethiopia. eighty years ago Malaysia was buddist country now muslim country, in fifty years you will be like Egyptian Copt minority. False reassurance is dangerous.

11/03/12 @ 00:56
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Freedom you have and don not spoil it by turning you back on mother Ethiopia that feed you And stand for those fanatic Arabs poison your soul and brain. I can guaranty you that Ethiopia is not against Ethiopia Muslims but things are changing in every direction and we some fanatic,stone age,muslims who want to bring their stone age Shari law is not going to work in Ethiopia today and tomorrow. We have welcome many Arabs billioners to build mosque from saudinnArabia, but do you think we can build a single Christian church or Jews temple in Jedda/Saudi Arabia?
You think you can help us build a church or Jews temple…”

11/03/12 @ 01:11
Comment from: loveforall [Visitor]
4 stars

I do not understand what is happening. why is it Ethiopia going in the direction of Nigeria , Mali, etc.we need peace.

11/03/12 @ 01:21
Comment from: Freedom Fighter [Visitor]
Freedom Fighter

Unless Muslims rights are honored, eventualy,separation is the natural result. You can not force your will on people. Period.

11/03/12 @ 01:49
Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]

The provocation of these jihadists has no limit. Enough is enough. The government should arm the Christian majority to teach them a lesson. Kit atabi islam hula. I hate the way they dress, the way they pray, their beards and more over their backward desert religion. A country without a muslim is a blessed country. If Ethiopia becomes a muslim majority country the muslim are the one who would run away from it.
The government should close any mosque used for jihad purposes.

11/03/12 @ 01:52
Comment from: Habesha [Visitor]


You mom raised you up by being loyal maid for rich Saudi man. Yet, you don’t appreciate. Are you mad because your mom was a sex slave for a saudi man? too bad that is your luck.

11/03/12 @ 02:05
Comment from: Fact [Visitor]

It is better for the government to clean up the flees in the fanatic muslim messenger’s beard. Somethimg behind this muslim protest. Ethiopia government should be strong on fighting and eradicate those extreme muslims from our country. We Ethiopians christians and muslims want peace, we need to find a way to feed ourselves than fighting for religion. Muslims never been denied to be a muslim comparing other countries. We eat together, chat together, and fight together as well as bonded in marriage. Some sell out muslims sold their souls for money, I’m a christian but surprisingly my God father is a muslim. That was out of love not hate. I love him so much. Our families respect each other. During holidays, my dad buy a meat from muslim store and cooked. The same way during mulim holiday they buy meat from christian store and we eat together. That is love , passion we Ethiopians have each other. Those sell out people must be punished severly and give a lesson to others not to try.

11/03/12 @ 02:25
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

If you are a real Daniel, it is because of a person like you who is clueless and confused about every thing that Islam is winning. The confused white man let the likes of Salman Khan immigrate into their country and empower them over native Christians. Try going to Pakistan with your bible, or to Saudi or Turkey. The face of tolerance, the Clintons and Jimmy Carter, the former gave pillar number one i.e Yugozlavia and the later no. 2, Ethiopia. And guess what? They inherited the wind. America and Europe have to contend with Islam until the end of this world. Don’t let your stupidity rule you.

11/03/12 @ 03:22
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Ethiopia is covenant country. Muslims and Pagans do not understand what covenant means. It means the Israelites and Ethiopians are worldly possession of God the creator. The rest of the world changes and perishes, but not the covenant country. The covenant country lives on glorious as long as it adheres by the rules. Any force that rises against the covenant country ceases to exist. the buck stops at the covenant country. If there is a civil war in Ethiopia between the children of Abrham, Isac and Jacob and say others, unlike in Syria, Turkey, Egypt and others, Ethiopia rebounds and comes out stronger. Why, because it is a covenant country and God defends. If there is going to be a war in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia will go down as did the Ottomans before it. Any country who goes counter the covenant country falls.

11/03/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: jack [Visitor]
3 stars

We are covenant. good idea.
That is why we starving to death ?

11/03/12 @ 04:06
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

C’est moi senait [Visitor] & My2cents [Visitor]

Yesterday this two idiots were telling us here about Muslim rights and today they totally make a U turn and are against Muslims. Idiots. Ethiopia is a Muslim country as much as it is a christian. You two idiots you better shut up. You two are the ugliest Eritrean bltches on this site.

11/03/12 @ 04:13
Comment from: chefo [Visitor]

This fanatic moslims helped by our longtime enemies egyptians and other arab countries. The goal is to harm ethiopia and to stop the development. They are doing thier satanic work for centery.
ethiopan cristians we want leve together with all our moslim citizen peacefully and we want together protect our country from forign invaders, but some fanatic moslimes have no place in ethiopia. we destroy them and we wipe them from our country.

Godbless ethiopia!!!!!
death for all ethiopian eneemies!!!1

11/03/12 @ 04:13
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


Saudi has been seeking the downfall of Ethiopia since Haileselasssie. Of course Egypt included. Read “House of Saud” they have been funding Liberaton Fronts for a loooong time. They have finally succeeded after the secession of Eritrea. Now with the help of West they want to break Ethiopa just like North and South. TPLF are their stooges. They set TPLF up against the people by doing so many crimes against Ethiopians such as the human trafficking of Ethiopians to Saudi, etc, now TPLF wants to hide and confused but for sure they are allowing the orders coming from top. This all comes down to by weakeniing Ethiopia and break it, as Mulsim region being South and Christians nation being north. They ahve trickked tplf to form Abyssina to justify the break up. the Muslims will morph into demanding “right” as in break up which OLF Muslims have been demanding. It is not accident that ONLF is intensifying war to weaken tplf. But it is clear where it is leading … break up because some Wahbist who work for Saudi and Egypt, with the support of West will soon start the war to destabilize Ethiopia. Sudan will soon go down as well. What makes Ethiopia a different case. What will be the danger for Ethioipa? The danger is, no one will hear about Ethiopia’s plight on mainstream media. The world is sensitive about Ethiopia as Western ally etc, this change will come to Ethiopia without any one hearing about it. I am sure news about Sudan etc, will bombard the media. Because the West do not want to be implicated, it will be “quiet”
If the Ethio Muslims truly want peace they should protest as Ethiopia not based on their “rights” that is being confused left and right. The Christians have been weakened under TPLF and is not accident. This is to strengthen the muslims more. So this is giving many muslims the upper hand to control everything so it will no longer be about that vague “right” but it will morph into secession, domination etc. because they are being encouraged by Arabs, West and TPLFites who are Shabia. This will shut the coffin on Ethiopia. It is all about resource control

11/03/12 @ 04:54
Comment from: DeathToSiltes [Visitor]

Siltes are the sold out terrorist Muslims

The Ethiopian security and people must Target the Silte Muslims. Thess are not Muslims but
sold-out for oil money to implement 1000s year old Arabs secret Islamic agenda against Ethiopia.

If the Siltes get money, they don’t care for anything including for themselves.

They are in Addis and other cities engaging with criminal activities and the same times having shops and so on. Ethiopians must stop buying or having any commercial activities with these sold out and anti Ethiopia silte Muslims. It is impportant to wage an Economic and social Sanctions against them.

Siltes are very few in numbers. But their crimes in the name of Islam are getting beyond the limit. It is the same in Silte zone, against the none siltes.

There are the number of so called Charity organizations conducted by Arabs in Silte zone. The Ethiopian security must aware of it and expel those criminal Arabs doing their Islamic criminal activities under the cover of Charities, NGO and so on.

Ethiopian customers and others need to isolate these sold out Silte Muslims and stop having any commercial activities including stopping buying anything from any shops owned by Silte Muslims or being in their Bars and hotels.

11/03/12 @ 04:55

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