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Comment from: [Member]

We need to cut the extended hand of shabia eritrea to achieve a real peace in that part of land. As long as shabia exists and insists to be part of the conflict as a culprit there will never be peace.
Eritrea think the Ogaden conflict is their only survival ticket.

11/07/12 @ 22:07
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]


Dont let western journalists deceive you when it comes to Ethiopia internal conflicts such as the COWARD ONLF.

The coward ONLF have never won a battle in its entier existence no matter how much support its getting from various powerful countries.

Most western & arab journalists always gives media attention to anti ethiopia elements throughout thier history.

During the struggle against Derg,when we the heroic Tigray fighters were crushing derg in Eritrea and ethiopia western journalists & eplf used to do every thing to steal the credit of our victory.

Because from day one Tplf and its veteran leaders had a clear goal,that was to defeate derg and liberate all nation nationalites of Ethiopia.

It was also true the heroic TPLF was the only TIGRAY guerilla fighters in the world history that never was assisted by any foreign countries.

The point is there is no such thing as OGADEN STATE .

Ogadens are small number of clans who migrated to our country ETHIOPIA from MOQADISHU SOMALIA.

Ogaden is just a small strip of area consisting different calns of Somali who hate each others guts.

But yet the western,and arabs journalists wants to make it like the entier somali killil is inhabited by ogaden clan.

The coward ,gutless ONLF that killed innocent ethiopian and chinese workers is nothing but full of coward fighters who had never controled one small town in thier entier history.

Ethiopia Somalis knows who is who,and most of them are happy to be part of ethiopia,.

BTW how come the western journalist talk about the BASQ PROBLEMS IN SPAIN?WHO THEY WANT TO SEPARATE FROM SPAIN AND FRANCE?

The basq of spain struggle is far more longer than the coward ONLF.
to be continued—

11/07/12 @ 22:41
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

correction:How come western journalists don’t want to talk about the BASQ problems in SPAIN & FRANCE?

11/07/12 @ 22:47
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

When I closely read the whole writing, the author relates tribes, religious, country: ONLF, Christanity vs Muslim, Eriteria vs Ethiopia vs Somalia.

It is best if ONLF stop conflict and continue to develop energy. This will develop Ethiopia as a whole including the clan.

pray your religion if you want and not interfer with other’s affairs. This is an individual motives afterall what to follow.

If Eriteria wish, they can reunite with Ethiopia. The port of Asseb will be used for mutual benefit. Eriteria too gets many benefit from Ethiopia such as agricultural commodities. I wish if both would be a nation. Unity is strength and diversity is an asset. If wished, Somalia too but it appears this is an different country.

Nomadic behaviours that would disturb Ethiopia either by producing various writing or inciting conflict will not bring a value added to the country. I believe that the Clan too will not help itself without development.

Lastly, to the gullible person whether you believe it or not, there is no philosophy of human right. It was designed for other purposes and highly contextual. Rather you better off if you focus on Economic development activities. if there is any disturbance, a possible solution is to make assure that the rule of law intacted.

11/07/12 @ 22:58
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

The first to comment are those hired mercenaries:
addis zefen the first degree murderer
agazit woman second degree murderer
usuf third degree murdere

the list above shows how quick wayane is just so organized to loot muslim areas.

I heard the TPLF elites are seeking marriage in Ogaden people and Meles just built his Hospital under his Memorial name.

Oil will never flow to tigray mercenaries. Al amoudin we love your investment but stay away from lunatic EHADEG.

11/07/12 @ 23:43
Comment from: Warrior [Visitor]


While I found out some of your comments are useful, It is also evident that you are a wishful humble person may be PENTE. I suggest you need to have a strong firm stand when it comes to Ethiopia and Eritrea. As an Ethiopian I believe it is good that we are separated from this cancers confused people they never gave Ethiopia peace from the beginning so we are better of with out them. What bothers me always is TPLF gift that gave Assab to Eritrea and left us land lock. Assab was and is always Ethiopian’s port. By the way Eritrean’s never ask to be part of Ethiopia, so please don’t tell us your wish that it would be beneficial for Eritrea if we use the Assab port they can get benefit and so on. You are speaking on behalf of Eritreans interest. I am not sure you are Ethiopian but if you are Shabia then I can understand you miss fertile Ethiopia land for framing etc. as you have mentioned. Please also remember the mad Sahbiya head Isayas wanted us (ETHIOPIANS) to pay Dollar $$$$ to use the Assab port. Actually, Meles responded by saying if we do not use Assab, it will only be useful for camels drinking purpose. That was what he said although he was responsible for the loss of Assab in which he admitted many time. However, we need to get rid of this nomads call them selves ONLF back to where they came from; they dirt and war ridden desert Somalia. Yes we can do that…..no doubt about if you do not self deport yourselves ASAP and time is running out soon you will feel the heat.

Thank you

11/07/12 @ 23:50
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Mr William Lloyd George what do you call yourself a writer or a terrorist can you litsen to yourself “Predominantly Muslim and culturally closer to Somalia, the residents of the region have long felt detached from the Orthodox Christian ruling government in Addis Ababa” These are your words i just cppied and pasted i am not gonna repet what you wrote read it let me paraphrase it “–Orthodox Christian ruling government-"you are one hell of locked secular minded not in the real world don’t ever come to our country

11/07/12 @ 23:54
Comment from: serbedin [Visitor]  

we as Ethiopian need to prevail peace and stability in the whole region in order to continue our economic growth as a whole but regarding Ogaden this region is not the part of Ethiopia from his-try any one can read and understand that and also most Ogadeni people don’t like to live with this Christian dominated Government and they have the right to have their Independence soon we give chance for independence for Eritrea and why not for our Ogden brothers and sisters?? because they are Muslims?? we know that the Oppression of Muslims in Ethiopia continues most of our preachers and old alims are in jail so in order to live at their Islamic region Ogaden must get it’s independence independence our constitution article 39 allows that right for any ethnic group to have such a right

11/08/12 @ 00:00
Comment from: Kassahun Gebremariam [Visitor]
Kassahun Gebremariam

Western journalists are always negative about Ethiopia. They should not be trusted when they try to present such outright terrorist groups as the ONLF as legitmate freedom fighters. This epitomizes the Western world’s deep antipathy towards Ethiopia and its mysterious capability to outshine its multifaceted challenge and survive and thrive as a nation. They don’t , and can’t, understand the very fabric of the unity and diversity of Ethiopia. They always sniff around in search of the slightest opportunity that suggests, however remotely, her demise. Despite their gruesome “analyses” Ethiopia existed and shall exist!

11/08/12 @ 00:15
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]
1 stars

Gragn Ahmed

Refer to the really Nebiyu Mohamed’s messages that he told you clearly don’t mess with Ethiopian Christians. If you cross his message, he will destroy you…look what kind of punishment they are getting those clowns who believe they will get reward if they kill Christians….I have been following you for quite some time and you sound like one of those gutless clowns….

God bless the world!!

11/08/12 @ 00:17
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

“Orthodox Christian ruling government in Addis Ababa” That is so true…if anyone think otherwise come forward.

Ruling Minority gangs from Tigray Liberation Front, Keep your big mouth and negotiate with ONLF.I think they have been a thorn in your flesh for a long time.

They tought you greedy, mother selling Hyenas how not to mess with their natural resouces without their say and envolvment.

You bush people only know other bush people with guns. Peaceful demonstration is not in your vocabulary.

11/08/12 @ 00:46
Comment from: Shiridhaam [Visitor]

Nelson Mendel la, Gandhi, Arafat, all these great men were terrorist in the eyes of their enemies so is the ONLF but history painted them in different collar.

Somalis in Ethiopian/Kilil 5 /or Ogaden region what ever you call them,the only way the can be Ethiopian is there own choosing

11/08/12 @ 00:50
Comment from: Elias [Visitor]

I am an Ethiopian. However, I can not deny the truth and the fact remains the same. The people of Ogaden are Somales and they share every thing in common with Somalia. They practise the same relegion, Islam as Ethiopian Muslims, and they share absolutely nothing with Ethiopian Christians. They have every right to be an independent state or be part of Somalia. You can not forcefully rule people against their will as History proved it in Eriteran case. Clearly, Eritrea has more in common with Ethiopia than Ogaden people. If Eritrea goes, why not Ogaden? Personaly, I prefer if the Whole Africa becomes one country but not by force and against the will of any religous or ethnic entity. The funny thing is Weyane is inflicting considerable damage against the people in Ogaden in similar circumstances it received it
from the Derge regime.

11/08/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: [Member]

Agazit woman,..

You’re right, I know these renegade foot soldiers are just a bunch of confused khat grazing wanderers, who have no idea about their own existance. The so called leaders whose office and residence is in London have never fought in their lives except making noise from the comfort of their office by writing such a rubbish with the help of out of touch western journalists.
And ofcourse the likes of jawar mohamed above, is using this kind of news and opportunity to gain some kind of fame which they are craving.

11/08/12 @ 01:08
Comment from: Obsaa [Visitor]

Donot pretend as if the cause of political crisis in Ethiopia is Shabia/Eritrea. Let us not deceive ourselves. Nations and nationalities were raising their guns against the colonial Abysinian forces even before Eritrea got independence.The struggle of the Ogden people for selfdetermination has nothing to do with Shabia and Alshabab. Some Western journalists are echoeing only the news they get from Woyanes to the world.

11/08/12 @ 01:39

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