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Ethiopia Seeks Bids for Coffee Farm, Other State-Owned Companies



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Ethiopia Seeks Bids for Coffee Farm, Other State-Owned Companies

Ethiopia Seeks Bids for Coffee Farm, Other State-Owned Companies

By William Davison

Ethiopia’s government invited bids for six state-owned enterprises as part of a plan to raise 1 billion Ethiopian birr ($55.1 million) this fiscal year by selling assets to private investors.

Among the companies being sold are the 600-hectare (1,483- acre) Arbagugu Coffee Plantation in the central Oromia region, said Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency spokesman Wondafrash Assefa. The company grows the Harar variety of coffee in Ethiopia, Africa’s biggest producer.

“We have a program to transfer almost all enterprises aside from the strategic ones,” Wondafrash said in an interview yesterday in Addis Ababa, the capital. A mission of the agency is “to transfer public enterprises to the private sector because of the free-market policy” of the government.

Ethiopia is selling assets to private investors to help finance a five-year growth plan under which it will spend 144 billion birr this fiscal year on industries including housing, transport and energy. Last year, the government sold Meta Abo brewery to Diageo Plc (DGE), the world’s largest liquor maker, and Harar and Bedele breweries to Heineken NV (HEIA) for a total of $485 million.

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Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

Now it is time to walk up. Oromia lands are on the market for exchange of creating fund elsewhere.

There is no philosophy of free market to grap others property including natural resources. I can assure you that the person who is advocating the sell of the land for the sake of the free market policy has no clue what’s the country policy is at all or does’t know the effects and the agendas of globalization. Even he/she cannot understand what the free market is, and even cannot give me an example of a country where free market has been implemented if any at all!

This is entirely a heinous action against the people of Oromia and Ethiopian as the whole. Coffee is an oil for the country. Coffee is an appreciable product. Your green industries are depreciable product. please notice that I support industry expansion but it should not be at an exurbant cost.

I entirely opposes any chaos in the country against the stability of the nation, but it appears that a person or any entity initiating to sell the land have a hidden agendas to heed up war against the government. If any at all, government should closely examine the reason why this was initiated and who is initiating this for the sake of its stability. Even why the current status of the land is unproductive. If it is unproductive, give to the region, period.

11/10/12 @ 01:41
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


Well said but I am afraid that I do not agree with your argument which leads us to backward when the world is turning upsid down with rapied economy and change is coming weather or not you want it. We can not relay on Western Aids which turning our ppl. to beggerisem and we need investors to help our very poor ppl. Who daily live with less that one dollar . trade is good if it is fair trade and benefit our social program like school,hospitals etc. As you know Ethiopia is sucking on rich countries aids for the last 22+years and has not made any change but still begging the world for food. This has to be changed by allowing investors to come to Ethiopia rather than parasities charities that are destroying us.and these investors
spend their money to create job and this is what poor Ethiopian need right now. What do not you criticise those parasites charities that are now already invading us and destroying Ethiopian in generall. ????

I welcome investors not beggars charities.

11/10/12 @ 02:49
Comment from: C'st moi senait [Visitor]
C'st moi senait

Just remember that aids is just a sticking plaster, but development is a cure to poverty.
C’est moi senait.
The true and pure Ethiopia has spoken.

11/10/12 @ 02:53
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

Dear C’est moi senait,
Thanks for your opinion.
What type of investor do you need on coffee farm? Who is this investor?

do you think that the coffee farm has technical, economic, or allocation inefficiency problem?

Last point I support your point is that, any investor who engages on green industries or others mentioned above are very well come but not on an existing coffee farm friend. Bye

11/10/12 @ 03:07
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

I agree with you but there is no a free ride in today’s competitive world economy ,so we have to limite our demands and allow investors first and then you can tight up the demand and Criterial after they invested. You should know by now that our coffee farm is run by govt. with no money to invest to improve the technical that require to produce more and create more jobs and bring more income to Ethiopia. We can not survive with today’s fast growing countries like Brazil,colombia which are a big producer of Arabic coffee with their more advanced technics while our coffe producers still straggle with old technics just to survive . We need investors to modernise Ethiopia coffe farms .

11/10/12 @ 03:28
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

C’est moi senait,
It appears that you are out of the theme [sic], or you have your own objective.

11/10/12 @ 03:38
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

We have a program to transfer almost all enterprises aside from the strategic ones,”
Strategic ones are the press and communication
No matter what this one party government will never let people express themselves
It is very profitable to the government and very beneficiary to the people if telecommunication has a competitor companies. No need to sale tele but let investors compute. That is Risky according to gov because the gov loose its control over the people which is more important than developing the nation.

11/10/12 @ 11:47
Comment from: confiscate-then sell-then confiscate-then sell-confiscate-sell-confiscate-sell [Visitor]
confiscate-then sell-then confiscate-then sell-confiscate-sell-confiscate-sell

History will soon repeat itself. The people will have a revolution and confiscate all privately owned farms and other enterprises soon same as they did in the early 70’s.Then a few decades later the government will sell it to another bid.Then confiscate-then sell.The vicious circle in Ethiopia of confiscating and selling will last forever.

11/10/12 @ 15:10
Comment from: men [Visitor]

That is incredible that Agazian Azeb a few day ago announce to transfer tigria siete as a zone of industry and she is ´´busy´´ to work on that no healthy objective.
On the other hand the Agazian are working very hard to dismantel any type of buiseness be industrial, agricaltural or services sector in others Ethiopian zone by the name of free market economy and they sale all infront of them /all properties, industrial or land to the not well knowns/
The reality for this is clear, that is to make ethiopian ppl socially dis- balanced and to lead to deep poverty and to total crisis.
Ethiopian no oppose any industrial siet witch give richness of tigrian at the end of Tigray is Ethiopia and no wayane but this type of rasist work will damege our sosiety, this is a perfect design to divied ppl. Amhara or Oromo and Afar or Gambela and Somaly or Gurage zone need the same but healthy vision.
We adivise this is not healthy to any body and must to be stop.
International well known personality must to advise to the so callde investers to take out their hands from this type of ilegal negotiations, the impact of concequence is very danger humanly, economicaly and moraly.

11/10/12 @ 15:27
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

I don’t know how far true what you have written. It is my understanding that each region are autonomous to implement any project they want to do so. If there is special project, the federal government would allocate for each region, or give a project for different region turn by turn (based on the availability of fund and other resource inputs). If indeed the government announced a specialization issues for each region, it will not work but likely creates instability. Take a civilized countries like USA, Canada where each regions are empowered equally.

I assume that Ethiopian government too striving to do his own best fairly. If not, it will be a crisis.

I suspect that do you have different goal? Please can you collaborate your premises with any written or announced information sources?

11/11/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: men [Visitor]

To usfu
The problema begin here, when one put interesting and visible advise TPLF agent or collaborator come and run immediatle to labeling that idea as with interest or differnt goals.Ethiopian talented son who are insied jail, who were killed and disappeared are the victm of labeling and that is the product of close ayes of some analyst of ethiopian criminal administration, and for shure they will face big responsabilities.

Man I no need to dig none exsisting problem created by wayane, the reality is on the ground at house table. Ethiopia is without clear vision in front of, they are giving green light for loosing the country, look all land sold to the Arebes, pakistan, Indians Sudanes Egipt, turk,,,/Aseb, Gambela, Amhara rigion to the Sudan , Amhara rigion walkite tegede…../ all this and others are the main factor of socillaly destabilizer. When to come to the bad and racist vision of industial exspansion also the reality is on the ground and visible no need to look deep or big analysis only look the the late Demon vision presented by his wife, that is ver sikcness of her, man.
Today information flow speedily no anything will be stay closed and that information is archived for justice.

As you asked me some reference for my littel comment here you find some and that is only to please you, ok,,,, Enjoy that and open your eyes… Azeb Mesfin: Meles Zenawi tried to industrialize Tigray through EFFORT Ethiopia ‘forcing out thousands in land grab’ Ethiopia: Mr. Obang Speaks about Land Grab in Bremerhaven, Germany!
Ethiopia at centre of land grab

11/11/12 @ 03:56
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

It is people property that the EPRDF government is bidding on.

EPRDF is turning the farm into a fast money making machine. Return back those coffee farms to its original owners.

11/12/12 @ 15:02


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