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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The reporter tell us how big the income difference and weyannes unfair Development ,the young prostitutes waiting to be send to Arabs b Azeb women trafficking agency are training by selling their bodies for old westerners charities workers and Arabs. The beggars from Agazi ,exteraterriotera,heny province from north are now invading addis. If they are lucky that the will be sold to Arabs or western phadoxxdohils like these Agazi woman, Exteraterritral and Heny and end up being a sex slave all their life. That is why they act like that. The sex abused childerens of weyannes

11/10/12 @ 23:37
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Addis Ababa has become a destination of a new type of Sex tourist. Weyannes do not do any thing about it. They are selling childerens to Arabs and wester phadoxxdohils . What kind of prove do you want. This journalist visited and saw the daily life of addis in his open eyes. The prostitute and beggars and these is a symbol of weyanniesem . The western and arabs phadoxxdohils are now running to Ethiopia to abuse childerens,woman’s and young boys. And weyannes are now exporting childerens and women’s in mass . This is today’s Ethiopia and any one of you who refused to believe what I am saying are nothing but a bunch of GIMMATAMS with no brain or blind to see what is gaining on.
The truth hurt to see and swallow it. I am telling the truth in pure and clean way without any doubt .

11/10/12 @ 23:48
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

“scratch the surface and another world exists” what an expression. I love it. I wish the writer traveled outside Addis. He would have seen the bare bone of that other world without scratching.

11/11/12 @ 00:06
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Thanks Senait,

It is like the story of the Cuban Revolución.

The reason behind the revolución down there was the cultural denigration causes by tourists from América and beyond. Cuba became destination for gambling, prostitution and drugs in the ’40s and ’50s during Fulgencio Batista regime before the Castro’s revolución ousted him. Whenever you have a flood of tourists, half of them are predators.

11/11/12 @ 01:11
Comment from: [Member]

mary Harper, what’s exactly your point? I don’t get it. You said Ethiopia is the fastest growing none oil economy in the world.
Then you end up lamenting, “there are between 85 and 90 million people living in Ethiopia-and most of them cannot even dream of cupcakes, let alone decide which one to choose in that charming cafe I visited in Addis Ababa.”
How in the world you conclude an almost metropolitan city life can represent a whole nation life style?
Addis Ababa is a symbol of our country’s urbanization, due to the economy growth, in which the booming construction business of bulding skycrappers and roads etc. Attracting the mass exodus of daily laborers from rural areas for the sake of a “better life". You cannot expect an equal share of the “cupcake” in this kind of enviroment. And by no means the city life style cannot represent the more than 80 million Ethiopians living in rural area mostly dependant in Agriculture.
All in all, you gave us a good picture of Addis Ababa’s night life, which is normal for any newly growing semi metropolitan city. don’t expect us to be perfect or an overnight middle income class society. It never happened even in the developed nations citys, ie London or New York. No “equal share of cupcakes".
But with our govt ambitious goal of eradicating poverty we are on the right path. our Growth and transformation plan is successfuly excuted and working.

11/11/12 @ 02:08
Comment from: To. Senait [Visitor]  
To. Senait

senait you look like you were also on the prostitute busyness .
Why all this noisy comments as if you had done something to your country. wil you please let the people and the government work what they should do for the sake of our development.
Your noisy stuff will not help.
By the way you hodam gulicha denez lazy all what you see in addis is because of weyans. You will love them inside even tho
The taste is bitter for you and other bozenes. Because you can not work and help the country just pepper tigers always complaining.
You are hopeless

11/11/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,you perfectly know what this lady is mentioning about .That between 85 to 90 millions of the peoples ,the majority can not even have the chance to dream of the life
of your Agazi Bandits and the Foreign Looters .That means not even 10 000 peoples are owning everything while the peoples are starving . Peoples in Addis are not really dreaming of “Cup Cakes” but how to have the means to eat even once a day .This the result of your so called “..ambitious goal of eradicating poverty we are on the right path. our Growth and transformation plan is successfuly excuted and working.".MORON LEKAMMI

11/11/12 @ 02:38
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
1 stars


11/11/12 @ 03:03
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

The good news is that most of people who don’t get the cake are diabetes free and are not obese. This decreases medical costs and save live. Those who are eating more of those stuffs, they will understand or take it some after they learn its merit.

Everywhere we go, there are beggar and prostitutes across the world but the number and its categories varies. Some might be due to lack of opportunities and others wanted it to make their style of life for non-conclusive reasons.

There will be a time when Ethiopian gov’t will have social and welfare protection program. There will be a time when more jobs will be created.

11/11/12 @ 03:04
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

This Hoddams who eat this and that and even buy to their healthy children’s will end up suffering from all sorts of health problems and not to mention you all become FAT UGLY PIGS LIKE THOSE AMERICANS who can not move an inch . Look at that President of weyanne Ethiopia, he is a good example of these cakes that he consumed aboard . Do you want your childerens to be UGLY FAT AMERICANS with 150+ kg weight.
Haaaaa , whenever I come to USA I see these humans elephants everywhere. God …hahaaaaa. You do not need to travel to Serengeti to see Elephants there you have in every meter in USA streets.. Haaaaaa For me it is like a human elephant safari in modern Serengeti in USA. Haaaaa. Soon we will see these Hoddams childerens as fat as an elephants with these shits.

11/11/12 @ 04:07
Comment from: Dani [Visitor]
4 stars

Mmmmm I saw this same where in woyani agami ppl comment .think ……../Ayele, it is time golden victory to be celebrated for the next thousand years. We destroyed the shackles of oppression in 17 short years. It is a bitter pill for you to swallow because merely five million people stood up and fought back and won against your mighty army supported by superpowers. Shame is on you, you don’t have the guts to do anything when you are f**ked dry. The TPLF victory over evil elite of Amhara is in matched in the history of Ethiopia and no one like you should undermine it. ….. Someone pls go to Zimbabwe ask mengustu about woyani ..he wd say kkkkkk .he see them as lol not to eplf tho…

11/11/12 @ 06:51
Comment from: [Member]

The article is good and depicts the true nature of Addis and Ethiopia at large, I don’t know why some are not happy of this article. He is a talented observer showing the ever increasing development in Addis in an honest way, including the beggar culture and prostitution in Ethiopia.

To me the most interesting of all is the struggle he observed and the transition thereof in between modernity and Ethiopia’s traditional cultures and politic, clearly showing the transition going on in the country both in politics and culture.

The article have underpinning hate rage of white man to the ever increasing influence of Asian’s in Africa actually that is what he is lamenting about as much as the huge number of poverty in the form of beggars and young prostitutes.

What I found mesmerizing is that since when is that nazi.com and diaspora extremists admitted the ongoing development in Ethiopia, I thought our argument with those parasites were whether development exist or not and that argument took almost nine solid years and all in a sudden now the argument is shifted to the equality of wealth distribution.

I think i need to go back and start digging when that shift occurred and why? I think this is important to know and understand so that in the future we can quickly shut the poisonous mouth of diaspora haters and their evil websites.


11/11/12 @ 08:14
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess
5 stars

Well, Pastry business be it cupcakes or any kinds in our lovely Addis Ababa has been awesome since I was born and prior to that to be honest. Though we have many modern, pretty ones nowadays, Addis has always been known for tasty cakes, baklava, Mocha, Late, Macchiato, cookies etc. They even made cool Safis for fara folks in Addis :) I have been to many places that are famous for pastries, I say Addis any time & any day! I may be biased.

That said, these things are simply NOT as affordable as they used to be for the majority! I doubt if the middle class barely afford them these days. Even many years after TPLF came to power, pastries, coffee, Ice creame, soft drinks etc among almost EVERYTHING were DEAD cheap so anybody in Addis could have easily afforded them. I remember our locals, Mini & Saay back then in the 90s up to late 90s sold cakes at dirt cheap and as kids, we did in fact afford to go there as many times as we liked. People even stayed away because parents were against too much sweets for fear of rotten teeth.

Back then, most people went to such places NOT because they were RICH but these things were very easily affordable. Anybody could have afforded to go there. Now? Ha ha ha ha!! I see prices for such simple, basic things like piece of cake, mocha or late etc as comedy in Addis! I simply laugh yet feel so sorry for this new growing kids, generation such as pre & early teens, teenagers in general! Where do the Average Addis teenagers hang out these days? They even got rid of all the green spaces that kids used to ride bikes at, play all kinds of games, just to hang out? What do they do? How do they enjoy being teenagers if they cant just walk into their local pastries & grab something simple, sit there, hang out just be city teens, make noise? Shopping malls are even better comedies in Addis. Everything costs an arm & leg for locals and such businesses are there to cater for foreigners, diaspora, few rich Ethiopians as stated on this article. No middle ground or balance. The kids in Addis are not very lucky generation, I tell ya, even soft drinks are so expensive, things that we saw like water even in late 90s!

Now, I do NOT in any way expect prices to remain unchanged forever but Ethiopia’s case is simply unbearable, way too overinflated for 90% of the population as the article says. There is no point saying we have the fastest economy unless GRWOTH is reflected withing society. This is NOT something for GOE supporters to be barking about. The World Bank Boss, the other day told you in black & white why such IMBALANCES exist and why this news is the case. He also outlined many possible solutions for GOE, so it is best to fix the massive failures within the Economy & GOE’s VARIOUS systems rather than barking at reality/TRUTH, No?

11/11/12 @ 08:24
Comment from: Jerri [Visitor]

The director general of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Abay Tsehaye is determined to make Sugar Ethiopians number one dietary consumption.
Waldeba monastery got demolished for this purpose.According to the new qwoyane plan Sugar will replace the food Ethiopia is loosing through land grab .

11/11/12 @ 09:26
Comment from: [Member]


You started really great bringing your own memory in the 90s. But you end up as usual blaming the govt.
Are you becoming like TEDDY the loony? Nooooo, I wouldn’t in a million years compare you with TEDDY the coocoo, whose brain is filled with only coconut. I wouldn’t even dare to call your name next to his. I beg your pardon.
Let’s go to the main issue. You seem to forget how the whole world is under economy crisis. The whole world is suffering in food shortage. Let’s try to think outside the box. Don’t ever compare things from your own stand point. You may be enjoying a fat sallary, and because of that you may not notice everyday increasing food price in your neigborhood where ever you living. That’s why we always blame our govt.
In this case on the above issue, Addis a city of HUSTLING & BUSTLING, is an over-crowded city, which is hosting a population more than it could handle, not alone the never ending exodus of the rural people, who are dreaming a share of the melting pot. Let’s be realistic, have we ever seen an equal share of the dough?

11/11/12 @ 09:52

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