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Comment from: [Member]

The Awoliya mission school was the same as the Madrassas in Afganistan, pakistan and other muslim countries well known breeding islamic fanatic extrimists and terrorists. Ethiopian govt was well aware of these problems to close that known breeding ground of terrorists.
Alemayehu Fantaw, the above article writer is a hate monger, dellusional fanatic ginbot7 member who has nothing to do with Ethiopia. He’s rather an enemy of the people of Ethiopia, who will do anything to distablize and destroy Ethiopia. For him this islamic movment is yet another hope to fulfil his destruction dream and satanic mission of whatever it takes to discredit our govt.

11/11/12 @ 00:53
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


Look what the arrogant wayanes are doing by reading the above post.

By far Mr writer you have a fair view of the dangers of Wayanes. I wish you sent strong message to them.

Other than that let me say also that in Ethiopia Islam has become so diverse that my aunt no more eats in my other relatives house. The characterization of Muslims to different sects I think is a grave mistake especially when we don’t know the consequences.

Wayane uses the tactic “If you want to kill the fish dry the pond". Wayanes have little brain so they think like a lizard they have no protective mechanism. They did the same think when they planned the gibe dam with little knowledge on its environmental impact.


11/11/12 @ 01:14
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

There is no prove whether gov’t is irrationally or rationally intefering into Muslim society or their religion. Even there is no evidence that the gov’t impeded religious freedom or tried to get attention from West.

There is no organization necessary to mediate between Muslim and gov’t. It is a function of justice system.

How to resolve the ongoing protests?

First, gov’t has to release those who were detained arbitrary without any precondition. This will develop trust between gov’t and all citizen. For example, Junedin’s wife.

Second, rule of law must implemented on these who clearly engaged on radicalism irrespective of who they are, provided that this can be proved beyond doubt.

Third, the election was done in Kebele. If they still disagree among themselves, they have to pay for security services so that government can give them a protection services. In this case, Muslim can still discuss among themselves for reelection or take it what was already elected in Kebele.

Fourth, Gov’t must be not prejudice for/against any religion activities or no religious at all.

Gov’t can let protesters to express their ideas. If there will be any break of rule/law, in transparent ways, gov’t has a mandate to assure rule of law. Then justice must be rendered.

last point, Ethiopian need to economically develop. Poor need to feed and led their worldly live. Gov’t must function without a biased. External political parties or members must stop a conflict inciting activities. Otherwise people are to suffer at the expense of gov’t, political parties, and terrorism which none of them helps to bring economic growth rather it shows ignorance and wildness!

11/11/12 @ 02:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,what the hell are you talking about .Why don’t you talk about who the hell brought Pakis ,Saudis ,even Iranians preachers in the country .It’s too late to cry days and nights “Whabi ,Whabi..",by the way you know the origin of your “BIENFAITEUR” ,the Sheraton Sheik for whom you are prostituing yourself for his Shakes…LOL !!!!
By puting TPLF cadres on top of the Awalia
counsil ,Agazi bandits wanna to interfere in religious affairs as they had done by the past on the Tewado Orthodox Church by placing the then Woyane Pop .They are themselveses the Authors of the crisis .

11/11/12 @ 02:19
Comment from: Nuroo [Visitor]
5 stars

Poor Ethiopia, still trying to figure out who will be (Christians or Islams)religion leaders.Send your kids to Madrasas and churches that what we get. send your kid to school( i know we didn’t try this one before)!!!

11/11/12 @ 02:31
Comment from: chefo [Visitor]

ethiopian enemy like grane ahmed and other salafist moslims they will happy if they see this kind of view from genbot 7 oppostions.
The true face of this barbaric moslims and demand is not freedom of religion. They have a hi8ding agenda to spread extermisem ,terorisem in the peacefull true muslim population. They have got daily million of dollars from ethiopian enemies for this satanic purpose so they contniue destablizing and terorizing our country. we must destroy them from the land of ethiopia very soon!!!1

11/11/12 @ 03:04
Comment from: Teodros [Visitor]
5 stars

Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries well known breeding Islamic fanatic extremists and terrorists. Ethiopian govt was well aware of these problems to close that known breeding ground of terrorists thanks 2 Ethiopian government and people of Ethiopia God bless Ethiopia…

11/11/12 @ 03:12
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
1 stars



11/11/12 @ 03:16
Comment from: Kerkero [Visitor]

Ethiopia is not Afganistan or pakistan.There is no place for ayatolah mullah shit.The gvt must act with more power.Wake up Agazian.
Teddy the big mouth shabian-dog.I blame your mother who decided to keep you to term instead of aborting you. wicked and degraded hater.

11/11/12 @ 04:34
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

There is no free gift tplf. Like a primitive midival king controlling all the countries activity in 21 years leads us to now, the present. Just to have aid money, yes thank you for all has consequences. Was it news to tplf! No! Why journalists labeled like terrorists?

When one ethnic based government abuses its power in 21 years, it creates radicals like mushrooms.

Now is time for like Gragn Ahmed to dance while tplf is singing their dead pm empty words.

11/11/12 @ 04:45
Comment from: Evangelise [Visitor]

Ethiopia has to allow every kind of Christian evangelists in the country to counter those Arab evangelists. Our Church is too poor to evangelise the coutry. Invite millions of conservative American and European evangelists. I preffer them than any sect of islam. Muslims have declared jihad on us. It will stop only if Ethiopia would renounce building of a dam on the Nile.
Saudi Arabia and Gulf states will never abonden their plans to evangelise Ethiopia by any means necessary. That is why Ethiopian Christians need help from Protestants and Chatolics alike. The old religious divide is nonesense, the biggest danger now are muslims not another Christian sect.

11/11/12 @ 04:48
Comment from: MohammedAmin [Visitor]

awoliya has not been closed, it has been funtioning since hilesilasie regime, rest assured that it will never be closed

11/11/12 @ 05:29
Comment from: coming soon [Visitor]
coming soon

This is not the work of Ethiopian gov’t. it is the work of the almighty. Some of the comments written be the Wayaneh are sickining. The are full of hatred. This guy the writer is very rational if you understand what rationallity is. Look what is going on in the West. those for whom you lick their jackass. their biggest worry is the coming of the Mahdi and it is soon. We are not enemies with all christians. we know our enemies are those who follow the zionist agenda of suppressing the truth. the ethiopian gov’t is playing with fire. they won’t to fight the truth. they should look what happened to their masters in Iraq and afghanistan. the money you getting from the zionist will not save you from the Army of God. only those good ethiopian christians will be save. time is nearing. Egypt is ready to eat you alive with your coward behaviour. few chicken legged somalis kicked your ass and made you cry. all you guys know is hatrat. that is the disease known for the wayaneh and the ethiopianist habasha.

11/11/12 @ 05:52
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu Fentaw Weldemariam,
I certainly don’t agree with all the policies of our giv’t.But, I beg to differ with your assertions that there is little evidence to backup gov’t’s claim of radicalisation of Ethiopian muslims. Ther is indeed strong evidence of it although the gov’t unwittingly played a role in it in the first place.Despite claims to the contrary, our leaders are far from being visionaries & and their disastrous self-serving policies & laws have begun to haunt them.

some segments of the muslim community are so radiclaised they even go further to deny their Ethiopian identity, which they mistakenly associate with Christianity. The gov’t interferes in every aspect of life, religion included. The diference is that Muslims have inherent belief that the non muslim world is out to undermine them. We all agree that muslims are loathe to any form of reform or modernisation.
The “Arab spring” started & culminated in overthrowing repressive regimes demanding freedom & democracy not against gov’t interference in their religious affairs.
The gov’t in my view should keep a close wactch on the community. If they have their way they would turn the country into a bastion of Islamic extremeists of every variety.

11/11/12 @ 06:38
Comment from: Lemma [Visitor]

The writer gives us his own observation about the current Muslim protests in the country. Instead of refuting his idea some people like the person who write his comment on Addis Zemen try to label the writer as Ginbot 7. We can go nowhere by trying to hide the truth or the facts. I think it is better to argue on the facts rather than trying to label the writer. Based on the constitution of the country everyone has the right to practice his own religion without the interference of the government. However what we are observing in the country today is the contrary. The government is interfering in the religious belief of the people by the name of protecting the country from terrorism and extremism. I want to advice the government officials to revise what they are doing on the Muslim communities and remove their hands from the Ethiopian Muslims and answer the basic questions asked by the believers. Otherwise the consequence will not be good for the peace and stability of the country.

11/11/12 @ 06:54

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