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Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
5 stars

Yes we can no matter what!

11/13/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: [Member]


The momentum to collect money for the dam has slowed. I still believe they initiated the project for the sake of politics not for the economical significance. A number of intellectuals has criticized the project for falling to meet our first priority, i.e to secure self sufficiency in food. By the way those who are responsible for the design why not they come out to defend their project?


11/13/12 @ 00:46
Comment from: [Member]

Since the TPLF government has shown propensity for lying about anything, including the death of its leader, Meles Zenawi, I believe the workers’ report which stated that the project will not be completed within 20 years from now.

Who cares whether or not they finish it on time since that is also one of those “Yetalaku Meryachin Raeye” stuff.

11/13/12 @ 00:52
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

The dam will be finalized as per planned.

11/13/12 @ 01:20
Comment from: ejole bishoftu [Visitor]
ejole bishoftu

I believe something started will be completed.It is a matter of commitment.The dam will be built

For people who think all the time impossible,nothing is possible.

11/13/12 @ 01:21
Comment from: chefo [Visitor]

goforward. Sillently do your job.
IF we united no one can stop it.
work hard. more agetion to collect the money from all true ethiopians.
together work ,deplomacie and convincement to egypt and sudan

11/13/12 @ 02:18
Comment from: Tesfa [Visitor]

TPLF’s interest is not about building the dam for Ethiopia, they are more interested how much money their corrupt company EFFORT can benefit out of this project and others. We recently saw a very good evidence of this from Azeb Mesfen’s interview, and how her corrupt husband planned to make industrialized Tigrai in the next five years.

11/13/12 @ 04:08
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

It is a good big ambitious program.
According to tplf constitution and wishes of millions Ethiopians, we all are equal. After 21 years we heard Benishangul connected with development project except the a road which brought them foreign land grabbers to tell them get the hell out of their grazing land with their cows. So my question would be what will bring this project for Benishangul? Do they get electricity? But they must have house first? What is excuse we give them for the absence of 21 years? Bad King, Bad megistu! Bad amhara! Do they have representatives in the parliament? What have they told them what tplf is doing for tigray and tigrians and their gigantic firm called EFFORT which is above the law? Or business as usual, thanks to tplf now even in Benishangul we can have dam? I don’t think we Ethiopians have lack of creativities, but the luck of gut of sharing the nation’s wealth fairly.

11/13/12 @ 04:13
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

More questions:
Is this a national or only tplf program? (tplf= to sell energy)

The NBE has estimated that Ethiopia will get around $2billion from ‘Diasporas’. (1,4 billions are secured in the first 7 month).

How come the government failed to engage the Diasporas? (it callected only $270 million.)

11/13/12 @ 04:28
Comment from: Ethiofriendly [Visitor]

Let’s accept positive spirit ok?

This is not party matter, this is national issue.

If they say it will be, they must have the tools at hand, financial, political and all sorts of diplomatic affairs at hand. After all they have the information we don’t know yet too.

If you are Ethiopian you must accept anything positive and reject the negatives, that is what being Ethiopian is, it is not just raising the flag!

Remember this is for Ethiopia!

Ethiopia Rise!

11/13/12 @ 04:31
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

If the electricity power is mainly for domestic consumption, each region will use the power for many things:

1) Cooking which will reduce work for women and many more implication on labour, health and education.

2) Various industries like welding, construction, manufacturing, melting, mining, medicine and more will flourished.

These means the country will hardly import non-primary commodities. Job creation and innovation will boom.

However, if the country will continue to export electricity they may choice to do so, Ethiopia will use the income from the export. Ethiopia will mainly base on Agricultural production. Agricultural production will finally diminishes as natural sources deplete due to over usage. The country will spend more to buy non-primary goods from abroad. There will be less job creation and will remain less industrialized. However, for short period, the money will be obtained from exporting the electricity may help only certain region like Tigray. Finally, Tigray will also not to get long term benefit as far as no industrialization in the country. Again, other regions will start to create conflict with Tigray as far as they will remain less favoured from the Electricity export.

The best strategies for Ethiopia is to consume more of the Electricity across the regions of Ethiopia. This finally enhance the growth of the country as the whole.

Reservation: I support electricity export theoretically until the gov’t get enough resources to finalize it and to get cooperation from other user-nations. Practically, it is not best strategies for Ethiopia to export Electricity.

11/13/12 @ 04:46
Comment from: BassoLeben [Visitor]

Let see what the paper says:

- “Energy chief Alemayehu Tegenu said the plan’s centerpiece - the $4.1 billion-Grand Renaissance Dam along the Nile River in the western Benishangul-Gumuz region - was on course to be completed on time in 2015″.

This is a lie. The dam will cost about $4.8-5+ billion. The so called the biggest dam in the region beyond China in Laos will cost more than $3.5 Billion while producing only 1350MW which is less than 25% of the Hedase dam capacity in Ethiopia. In international level building hydro dam cost at least 1.5 million per MW. That means Hedase has to be at least 9 billion. But because of the Ethiopian Highland and the weather is not affected the dam especially with snow, in Ethiopia it cost much less. All Ethiopian dams are by far taller I. e. up to 247 meters than dams worldwide which is the best opportunity to build the dams in cheap and easy ways and producing much energy. However, Hedase dam cost at least $4.8 billion not $4.1 as the journalist is putting here or Alemayehu could make a mistake telling the truth.

The dam will start giving energy in 2015 but will be completed in 2017/18 not in 2015 as the journalist is telling about.

-Worried about the state’s ability to raise the billions needed, however, some experts have called on Addis Ababa to sell off state firms and assets they say could rake in a potential $9.6 billion".

Which experts and from where are they? Are those trying to stop development using all tactics including in the name of expert or advisor? This time it will not work. Russia that had the same thing during Yelsin era because of so called western expertise advice to take the Russian economy in the name privatization, Putin had to reverse it (re-nationalized) and as the result Russia is became one of the best economic nations in the world (BRIC(S)).

“Alemayehu said the country has raised more than 5 billion birr ($277.1 million) for the construction of its Grand Renaissance Dam to date, the vast majority of it from sales of government bonds".

This is also not accurate. Each and every Ethiopian employee and employer, farmers and anyone who generate income is now in the second phase of contributing with one month salary/income in each calendar year to the dam with exchange of Bond. This will continue till the dam is completed.
Either the minister is stupid not telling the truth praising his people or the journalist is telling what he is thinking about rather than the fact on the ground. But the truth is that more money is already coming in the name of bond selling and grant that 5 billion birr. This is a lie and those concerning the matter need to face the one spreading this kind misleading story that would be the Minister or the foreign journalist.

-"Analysts suspect that any shortfall in funding of such projects could draw further Chinese capital to Africa, where Beijing has begun to accumulate natural resources and volumes of trade.”

This is laughable. China is in Africa for long time. China had trade relation with Abyssinia more than 2000 years ago. Without China Ethiopia/Africa would not be the same as they are today. They will be even worse that what they have been in the past when the west had monopoly about Africa. China is the solution to the Ethiopian/African problem, is the answer for the Ethiopian/African question and is the medicine for the Ethiopian/African sickness. We, Ethiopians do think this way towards China. China will be the major part of the modern African history bringing development and new ideas in Africa based on respect and win win approach.

We Ethiopian will never ever forget what China has tone is doing for our nation and the relation will continue generations to come even being much closer, wider and deeper together not only Chinese in Ethiopia but also Ethiopians in China, too. We are looking the best relationship with China at all levels years to come. The reason why China built for free one of the best building in Africa to be the AU headquarter is because she trusts Ethiopia have faith on the Ethiopian people that we are ancient, honest, respectful, determine, trustworthy and are easy to be around them.

-"Critics have already slammed China’s willingness to lend money for Gilgel Gibe III’s turbines over concerns the dam would create serious environmental damage".

All those critics are from England and some from USA, not anywhere else. It is not about the Environment. England produces energy from Cole which is damaging environment on daily basis and nuclear which is the worst human made danger to nature. England is looking to build more nuclear stations to generate Electricity while countries like Japan, Germany and the likes are on the process to shut all nuclear electric stations and instead producing with clean and friendly ways.

Yet the English and USA so called right groups are saying nothing about England that is producing energy while damaging the environment and causing sicknesses and death to life because of pollution. Instead they are coming to far away to stop a poor African nation like Ethiopia trying her best to produce energy with friendly/natural way from water in order to give light to the population. But who cares about them. They are corrupt and dishonest have only own agenda to stop development in Africa rather than worry about Environment. If they do, they need to start first from home before coming thousands miles far away.

-"The Horn of Africa country has laid out plans to invest more than $12 billion in harnassing the rivers that run through its rugged highlands to generate more than 40,000 MW of hydropower by 2035, making it Africa’s leading power exporter".

Why don’t say Ethiopia is producing her entire electricity in a clean way to give light for her citizens many of them have not today. Instead he says for export. $12 billion future investment to produce more than 40.000 is not correct. Ethiopia has a long term plan to invest up to 25 billion in order to produce more than 40.000. This is more reasonable and makes sense, Mister so called Journalist.

However, we see how the BBC journalists are corrupt and laying including about sensitive and very highly antcipated issues at home. So, no one expects anything right and fact from less professional foreign journalists to talk the truth and fact about other nations including Ethiopia. The good news is that today everyone is becoming a writer, a journalist, a story teller and so on. Therefore, our story will be told and spoken by us with others in our way based on the truth and facts not by others in the name of journalism or media. The old era of journalism and media are gone.

11/13/12 @ 05:47
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

BassoLeben !! Good wrok!

11/13/12 @ 06:16
Comment from: usfu [Visitor]

I afraid that the Country has a media contact. What is the importance of giving information to media? How some people who are nominated should get advice for disseminating of information.

You mentioned good points but it must get due consideration for the future.

Eventhough I don’t who you are, it is better not to call some countries and send them a criticism because some individual may not reflect national picture from which the individual belongs.

11/13/12 @ 06:34
Comment from: [Member]

Hahahahahaha nothing is really tearing the heart to bleed with jealous of Eritrean haters and their Ethiopian dogs as the progress of this dam. We are aware our enemies are angry and jealous of us and our progress and we will make sure it remain in their hearts otherwise there will be unrepresented skirmish of T55 Tanks and SU-30 Multirole fighter jets in the North of that bastard state of colonialism and arabism.

May be it is ritual time the Red Sea demon want Shabian blood sacrifices, no problem we will slaughter them as many as he wants.

11/13/12 @ 06:38

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