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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Did you just read what this crack- head Nega is saying ? This welaawayy told the innocent poor Ethiopian students to go out and demonstrate against weyannes killing mashinb while he was packing his bags to run to USA and to his safe shelter. What happened then was a hundred of poor students gun down by weyannes militia in the streets of Addis. Now sitting his fat azzzxss in USA ,opens his gimmatam mouth like he really care about Ethiopia.

I have one thing for you . You little shitexzxz. I will smash your fuckxxen head to pieces when I see you in DC next summer. You are not Ethiopia. You are Welaway opportunity pig who wait for his share. Every time you seep your whisky.watch out. Every time you smoke each out. Nano-tec poison is chip this days.

11/18/12 @ 23:33
Comment from: tutu [Visitor]

“sew tira bilut rasu meta”
Now BBC is calling for Ber Ainu Tenaga (Birhanu Nega) the kocho ras. ?.to assess the Ethiopian investment environment. What BBC is looking for is some pesimist assesment from some opportunist banda person, which they unmistakenly identified by calling BerAinu Tenaga! This kocho ras has revealed his true banda personality by what he had to say for a foreign jornalist.
At least he should have kept his stinky mouth shut for the sake of the poor compatriots, whom he says will “liberate” from the woyane regime. Why did berainu went to Eth in the first place? Was that he was looking for the so called “democracy” or looking for some left over position from woyane? Ok. … How about the second trip to Ethiopia?
Let me share why Berainu went back.
When the AAU students raised their opposition voice against the regime, woyane foiled the upraisal and fired more than 34 wel-regarded AAU proffessors. Berainu was the one who helped the regime to replace those distingushed proffesors by his coligues including himself. Had he been a democrat he wouldnt put himself in such ashameful possition. Atleast he should have ask why they have been fired! Let alone rushing to replace them. Nobody in Addis voted for Birainu to become a mayor!!!!!
There is no such a thing that a mayoral election in Addis. Berainu put himself in that position during the kinigit partys meeting after the 2005 election. Now when some anaware people call him Mr Mayer, … God knows what he feel! Lol. Birainus big achievement was dismantling kinigit for woyane! They used him until his dream was hijacked by some extrimists in the diaspora. Now Berainu become kehulu yatach arogit… Kkkkkkk
Berainu the kochoras banda.. Your time has expired with your gimbot 7. Even your gurage yenetsanet tagayoch are tired of chipping their hard earned money for your BS!

11/18/12 @ 23:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

10% ,6.5% why not 150% afterall digits never feed peoples .Afterall all these fake statistics published by Agazi looters and their IMF lobbyists never reflect the sad realities of the days to days life of misery into which the peoples are subjected .With the presence of
an Ethno Mafia Structure surviving on a System of Corruption there is a
great risk for loosing its wealth and moneys .

11/19/12 @ 03:58
Comment from: [Member]

Birhanu Nega, i am wondering how someone with this stupid(amateur) analysis called Professor? You are stupid than i expected you.

11/19/12 @ 04:44
Comment from: Ejole Ambo [Visitor]
Ejole Ambo

C’est moi senait,

Today you are right and your comment make sense much more than in the past.

11/19/12 @ 04:47
Comment from: LoveEthiForEva [Visitor]
5 stars

For the first time, I feel angry enough to post on this site. I come and read stories on here , I find it sad how almost every story gets turned to Politics and hate.

What happened to being Ethiopian people?

Dear Nega.

I have never been interested in politics but I am ashamed of you sir, so called professor!

God am angry at this man and I swear I have no political relation. I am neither pro government or opposition.

I am glad you NEGA don’t live and have no association with Ethiopia. Is your personal motive (politics) so great that you would rather see our country poorer, *( cos that is what will happen when you scare foreign investors away) just to prove that this current government is no good?

Nega, can you really say you are Ethiopian when you are blatantly trying to deny our country foreign investment by saying what you have done? I am glad you are out of the country and are not involved in politics because you are a moron professor. Your personal objective are set above the welfare of Ethiopia. God knows what you would have done had your little plan worked.

Nega, you killed innocent students by filling them with hate and asking them to do things you would not do. Yes, you run off like a coward that you are and now you are living a safe life in the USA. What about those students you left to be beaten and killed? Oh yeah, you blame the government for that don’t you? No its you. Those who died because of you coward. They got hurt because of you shintam.

For your info Nega , ante woslata,

- Ethiopia’s economy growth is real. The figures are from the IMF. The predicted 6% growth
for 2013 is also by the IMF. If you have any dispute , how are you a professor of economy? How can
you say you teach economics suspect or dispute figures by the IMF? You are a morno and am glad I am not one of your students. Oh , how I feel sorry for your students.

- Don’t talk about land grab. Ethiopia gave away land in south west where the population is
so low and the land had never been used for farming. If it’s not being used, why not make money from it? You are not a visionary professor. once again, moronic comment. Not research based.

All is all, I hate you for your scare mongering.

Neway Debebe quote “ as a diaspora, you believe what you hear. you believe your ears. Once you go back to Ethiopia, you start to believe what you see. You believe your eyes”. I cannot agree with this more. Having recently been to Ethiopia , and seen how people feel about their government and all the good work they have done, I cannot
agree with Neway Debebe more.

This so called professor is ye Ethiopia telat. No matter you are pro or anti the government, you should not take his comments lightly as he is not you, the anti, or pro government. He is againest ethiopia. Bager lemeta telat, non of you should sleep. pro or anti ones.

I am going to geta cold drink :)

11/19/12 @ 07:12
Comment from: [Member]

Trust me guys, you should all pack and prepare to come a beloved home. Nothing is like home. It is all over the war,the famine now is the time to end the suffering of all ethiopians all over the world.No matter which tribe or religeous group you are.If you believe in your Ethiopianism you are wellcome.

Long life to all Ethiopians
Death to its enemies

11/19/12 @ 07:42
Comment from: Ethiofriendly [Visitor]

So BBC thinks interviewing a single man’s opinion defines how Ethiopia’s investments environment and makes conclusion based on that to close its narrative?

This part of BBC, I hate it to the most!

Berhanu, ante enkuan aynegalehem, eza tarejataleh, menem le hagereh satsera xeqit ye Gurage lejochen be zer ataleh asamenk ena tetseno metfeter meslohal.

Degmo zerfiya lemdeh acheko lemewtat kalhone Ethiopia invest mareg teru aydelem telaleh, maferia, hagerihen lemazeref faqad metsex neftegna!

Degmo saqe mexa, antes nefxwegna aydelehem benesu tetalelk enji, enesum ete arif nachew eyebelu new mialeqsut, endante aynet jil aselfew! :p

Ethiopia Rise!

11/19/12 @ 08:05
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso
1 stars

this is typical bbc. bbc has been an anti ethiopian propaganda machine all the way since mid 30’s. in those difficult times , the bbc was telling the word how ethiopia backwarded is and why it needs western guidance. this has been a core policy of bbc in ethiopian affairs.
now bbc is quoting berhanu nega the coward , about ethiopia’s state of economy. berhanu doesnt know any thing about his personal finance much less ethiopian economy.
instead of interviewing a looser in a hiding, go and ask winners in the field of hot economic activity .

thanks bro . get me a cold beer too.

11/19/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

Dr Nega’s pessimistic views aside, the BBC report is balanced and holds some disturbing truth.True Ethiopia has the potential to attract foreign investments and the country benefits interms of skills, econmic diversification, etc although the land-lease policy is questionable interms of its long socio-economic impacts. i leave that to the policy advisors & economists, Dr. nega included

The illicit money transfer is an open secret and the amount is staggering.That is one of the reasons why the poor get poorer & the rich get filthily richer.
The question is: where do all the money being smuggled out of the country come from?

Foreign aid gets rerouted abroad, deja vu. The money generated from the land-lease deals might as well, at least partly, get illicitly transfered abroad if it ever was transferd to the state’s coffer in the first place. The people in power or those who are connected to them don’t get superrich by a blessing from above.

11/19/12 @ 09:12
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Another wrong reporting from the BBC, this time the source is a convicted criminal from Ethiopia Dr Birhanu.

The BBC should be careful where its getting the information from, we recently watched the scandal on the News-night programe involving a senior conservative official. The BBC accused the official of being a pedophile, then after a day or two the BBC apologized. This type of reporting is costing the BBC its reputation.

Last year in BBC’s reporting about Ethiopia, the BBC stated that the money collected from Band aid during the 1984 famine was diverted to buy weapons. By so doing it accused the TPLF of misusing aid money. Then Sir Bob Geldof interfered and the BBC apologized for that report. The BBC got the information from a disgruntled former commander of the TPLF who has grudge against the current leaders of the TPLF/EPRDF.

The BBC is still making a mistake, this time its quoting another traitor who has grudge against the TPLF, Dr Birhanu is a man who decided to use all means to oust the EPRDF from power. Now he is trying to use the BBC to misinform readers.

What can we expect from a named and shamed convicted terrorist who is working with Eritrea to destabilize the region?

The BBC need to assess the credibility of its sources before publishing news. The BBC seems to lose its popularity as it begin to approach untrustworthy individuals like DR Birhanu and Aregawi Berhe. Plz BBC make sure you get your reporting right before facing another scandal.

11/19/12 @ 09:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs ,the facts that things are not really in good ways as you are supposing is that even you never dare to ga back home .The way that you are vomiting your usual hates against Dr Berhanu prove how much you are in lack or arguments to challende him .Afterall we live in a Free Country ,where Freedom of speech and write is respected .Certainly not like in Ethiopia under the rule of your Agazi Bandit Bros .Hatesethio ,the opportunist banda artist you are mentioning , was at his time Derg era Abyot singer .Who ,after the fall of the Military Junta regime ,gave as an argument that he had done such a thing unber Derg Cadres pressures without his willingness .But this time ,he will never have such a chance the way he has betrayed patriots ,to serve a blood sucker Tyrant and lick the Sheraton Cheik ’s Shoes as the other
well known Banda Pig Ben …LOL !!!LEKAMMI DEDEB BANDA !!!!!

11/19/12 @ 09:37
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Does the BBC know that Ethiopia ranked second from Africa in attracting foreign direct investment…? Please make some research before you approach a hate filled and convicted terrorist to tell you about Ethiopia.

Dr Birhanu wants to see doom and gloom in Ethiopia to jump-start the brain dead G7. His organization which is supported by the Eritrean regime is going down the hill. Dr Birhanu is now trying to hijack the BBC to spread false information against the ruling regime in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is now the third fastest growing economy in the world just after China and India. This is not the information Dr Biranu Nega wants to hear.

BBC please and please don relay on one confused pessimist dreamer for your reporting s. The economic development and flow of foreign direct investment in Ethiopia is there to be seen by all. You don even need to get some economic data indicators.

BBC needs to send its reporters and visit huge manufacturing plants established by the Turks, Chinese, Indian, Saudi and other firms. Thats when you understand how the so called disgruntled professor misinformed you.

Dr Birhanu will continue to lie till he drops dead. He is a confused convicted criminal zombie walking in Blucknell University representing a dead group which calls itself G7.

11/19/12 @ 09:44
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Afagbiman ;don’t you know that your dead master is registered as a Terrorist with his Mafia firm on western secret services files.That he and his bandit colleagues have comitted crimes of Human Right Violation that can be prosecuted to the ICC .It’s only just because some Ignorant Western Diplomats and evil Lobbyists are hiding the Truth .SOON OR LATER TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL !!!! TCHINKILATEBIS DEDEB BANDA !!!!!

11/19/12 @ 09:45
Comment from: Ejole Ambo [Visitor]
Ejole Ambo

Just google twice the benefit/Samuel M.Gebru
You will see the picture of Dr. Berhanu Nega with ex prime minister Tamrat Layne and the late prime minister Meles Zenawi. As the blogger said a picture is worth a thousand words.

11/19/12 @ 10:19

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