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Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Anyway to have a peaceful solution and a free Palistine state and side by side co-existance with Israel, they should get rid of Hamas and the rest of extrimist islamist terrorist organization in Gaza strip. As long as Hamas is in the picture there will be no peace.

11/20/12 @ 21:21
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

The best solution is to gather all the palistinians and deport them to Arab countries.

And the israel government should take harsh measure getting rid of FASCIST ISLAMISTS WITHOUT ANY MERCY.

Fascist islamists are coward who will never fight a war face to face.

Fascist islamists love to HIDE BEHIND WOMAN dress and murder,kill innocent people.

Wusha Shermuta Fascist islamists should be hunted down from every crorner of the globe.

11/20/12 @ 21:54
Comment from: AGAZIT WOMAN [Visitor]

TO all Eritreans.

Dear Eritreans instead of coming on this site to fabricate history,lies and gossips.

Agazit Woman asks to all EThnic Tigray Eritreans to make peace with your Ethnic Tigray families in Ethiopia.

Dont belive what some of Eplf leaders are telling you regarding our stand.

We the Tigray people dont have any desire to colonize you or take your country by force.

We could have taken the entier eritrea during the war in the years 2000 when we were near Asmara.

But we dont want to force The Ethnic Tigray in eritrea to be part of ethiopia.

Every Ethnic Tigray in Eritrea should work hard for peace and normalization between the TWO TIGRAY ETHNIC.

Other wise let alone Eritrea even powerful foreign invaders were not able to defeat the powerful TIGRAY ETHIOPIA WAR HEROES.

11/20/12 @ 22:05
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Addis Zemen is the wife of Afases Men.You are idiots who use terror to stay in power. Hailemariam never believed in peace like all other Wayanes. ONly Haileselasie showed some neutral solution. The Wayanes are full of exteme copts who support Israel blindly no matter how many rose flowers you present them with. I am not sure why Obama does not get rid of Wayane wilth help of the people.

11/20/12 @ 22:08
Comment from: HAMETIC & SEMETIC=Hamassien [Visitor]
2 stars

@Agazit Mesqorqoritttttt

you’re always funny arogit,What got to do Israeli Palistine problem with Eritrea?
But I like your being smart and use DIVIDE RULE method.

11/20/12 @ 22:31
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

I see Addis zefen practicing his Hand Ball shooting while his wife Agazi Ramboo is firing her klanchicov like a blind Arab from Bagdad living in Somalia chewing Katte ( chatte) .

Last time I visited Bethelem ,had a chat with an Ethiopian priest who was in Ethiopian church in Bethelem ,and I do not know if I give an advice to Addis and Agazi to get married there with local palestinian

11/20/12 @ 22:43
Comment from: azeb [Visitor]  
5 stars

Agazi Women:

I am sorry I am not even muslim, but you are making a very ignorant comment. Do you know the Palestinian were there before the so call European, Iranian, Russian, German, Moroccan, Yemini started showing up in1948, and since the 1980 from Ethiopia. By the way there was a talk to settle the European jews after the second world war in Eritrea, when she was under the British protectorate after fascist Italy was defeated.

11/20/12 @ 23:06
Comment from: azeb [Visitor]  
1 stars

Agazi Women:

By the way there was a talk to settle the European jews in 1948 after the second world war in Eritrea, when she was under the British protectorate after fascist Italy was defeated.
Ovbiously you don’t have any clue. I guess it woul have call deport all Eritrean to Sudan or Ethiopia?

11/20/12 @ 23:11
Comment from: Kera Sefer [Visitor]
Kera Sefer

I don’t like jihadist but israel punishing Gaza people collectively is not fair. my heart broke watching litle children body pulled out of bombed buildings.

11/21/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: [Member]

Garbage ahmed, the boko aram terrorist,…

Are you still here on earth? Oh man, I was fantasizing how to move in with your four wives, thinking you already blew yourself up. What happend? You got scared and bailed out of the sucide mission? Shame on you!
Well, I’ve to find some other way to get to those four wives of yours. Maybe kidnapping or somthing!

11/21/12 @ 00:21
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

the amhara lion is asleep now.when we wake up the world will see.he is coming. he is coming. he is coming.

moa anbesa zemenegede yihuda.

11/21/12 @ 00:22
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
5 stars

I prefer peace and dialog in every possible way.

11/21/12 @ 00:46
Comment from: [Member]

HAMETIC & SEMETIC=Hamassien [Visitor]

“What got to do Israeli Palistine problem with Eritrea?”

Smuggling weapons from Iran to Eritrea finally to reach Gaza, Atetera is being used as condom for every terrorist on the planet.

Tabula rasa!

11/21/12 @ 00:53
Comment from: [Member]

azeb [Visitor]

“I am sorry I am not even muslim.”

Cool! you might not be a muslim but, are you not an idiot Eritrean?

11/21/12 @ 01:00
Comment from: HAMETIC & SEMETIC [Visitor]

@Extraterrestrial [Visitor]
Eritrea is under Arms Embargo,how in the hell is Eritrea is exporting Weapons to GAZA. when we need Arms to defend our border.
but what can i say you’re Dedebit Weyane i can’t Argue with you. cuz you’re my enemy.And NO SOLUTION.

11/21/12 @ 01:20

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