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Ethiopia's trade fears justifiable, but unjust to the poor



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Ethiopia's trade fears justifiable, but unjust to the poor

Ethiopia's trade fears justifiable, but unjust to the poor


Africa Review

Last week, Ethiopia’s new prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, made his first state visit to neighbouring Kenya, with which it maintains cordial, but largely security-related, bilateral ties.

Indeed Kenya is one of the few countries that Addis Ababa, famously jittery to foreigners on its soil, allows free entry with a visa not required.

However that is as far as the welcome extends, with a clutch of trade restrictions imposed on its southern neighbour, although in fairness most other countries are also affected.

As a result, commerce volumes between the two countries remain well below potential, with unverifiable figures quantifying Kenyan exports to Ethiopia at about $5 billion, compared to $80 billion to Uganda.

Hailemariam’s predecessor Meles Zenawi had been in Kenya months before his sudden death in August, to inaugurate a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project that would further open up trade between the two countries.

The new premier’s visit was thus in part designed to reassure Kenya of Ethiopia’s continued support, the change of guard at the top notwithstanding.

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Comment from: AgerWedad [Visitor]

I think some journalists are loosing it or just don’t bother doing research, the notion of trade worth $5 billion with Ethiopia and $80 billion with Uganda by Kenya is astronomically off. I don’t know which is more laughable tiny Uganda importing stuff worth $80 billion or Kenya exporting that much!

11/28/12 @ 23:17
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Telecom and Financial businesses are reserved for WOYANE BANDA business like EFFORT, to steal money from Ethiopian People. The military has announced to open BANKS for the military to give them loans (wink wink). Loan my a$$. They are trying to make sure to stay in power by giving the army money to make sure they are on their side. It will work for a while but it will eventually fail because you can’t buy everyone.


11/29/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Kenya economy is on good way .Simply the country applyes a “FREE ECINOMY” Policies .Unfortunatly in our land ,in the name of “MIXED ECONOMY’
policies Agazi Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis are directly and indirectly monopolising the whole activities .The worst thing ,is that while the majority of the peoples are starving ,International Institutions officials are unshamessly registering Agazi Inspired fake digits .

11/29/12 @ 04:14


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