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Comment from: [Member]

No leniency to terorrists under the name of journalism. Especially for domestic bandas who are messengers of shabia and the rest of our enemies. Let them rotten in prison until they lose their deep hatred filled attitude.

01/08/13 @ 19:09
Comment from: [Member]

“Let them rotten in prison…” Your english has come a long way but still years after spending much of your day at nazret.com and tigraionline, your english is still unintelligible at times. It is not “let them rotten..” instead, “let them rot..” I also read in a previous topic, you used the term “nonsenseical” lol I thought my english just betrayed me. Nevertheless you may want to forward that word “nonsenseical” that you coined to Webster’s as a new entry. The reason why I said this is that I noticed someone by the name of “Beza” exclaiming with marvel over your “polished english”
I thought Beza has a sense of humor lol. But any ways, rest assured that all these outlaws who are terrorizing our people are going to sip on the same bitter some time down the line. It’s just a matter of time. These fools think that they can prevail by mistreating their subjects. Who would’ve thought that your god zenawi would depart at such an early age. Bottom line, the almighty is paying a constant vigil over their conspiracies and mark my word, they will fall one by one like fall leaves!

01/08/13 @ 19:41
Comment from: [Member]

Rule of low life,…

Don’t be shy dude! Are you talking to me? Take it easy. You don’t need to be harsh on my english. As long as you get my point, who cares? Were you all these time looking for a typpo eror on my comment? I thought you were dead and rotten in hell. Anyway, there is no law on that particular line. I would like to give you some example on that particular phrase, but I hate to be defensive over language usage, especially in this day and age of txt msg and tweet tweet, who gives the fuck about typpo error. it is just nonsensical for you to sleep in this website counting each of my
Spellings. Hilarious to say the least! HaHaHaHa!!

01/08/13 @ 20:16
Comment from: [Member]

This pattern is not a mere typographical error, it rather exhibits lack of appropriate training on your side, in the “english department” tew tew tew tew.

01/08/13 @ 20:29
Comment from: [Member]

Rule of low life,…

Why are you shy any way? HaHaHaHa!
Are you trying to build your fragile broken ego? It is just a comment. Nobody is gonna judge you.
In my part, I try to read all articles and give my comments as fast as I can. No spell check or editing what so ever, as long as it isn’t an article. I’m confident, that anyone who can read english understands it.
If you think I would stop commenting on this website because you told me my english sucks, you’re wrong dude! Get used to it. if in case you don’t understand what ever I wrote, feel free to ask! I would be so glad to explain it to you, until you get it in that thick scull of yours! Don’t be shy dude!!!!

[Please keep the comments civil and stop personal attacks]

01/08/13 @ 21:04
Comment from: HagereEthiopia [Visitor]

It is sad Eprdf/Tplf does not know what opposition means for a nation in need of Democracy. I hope when the day comes and the fate is reversed, AZ won’t be so quick to reply to such undemocratic events.

Beats me how you TPlFools justify labeling everything that moves contrary to Eprdf, terrorist?

Like R of L said, you not only need some corrective lessons in the language but you may need some training in reality check. Maybe Beza will take care of the funding.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

01/08/13 @ 21:09
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear rule of Law,

I might be not good in English but why u need to understand the rule of law..

Look syria arab spring…. How many innocent people died? If u realy believed in rule of Law then one supposed to protect rule of Law… What part of law u don’t understand… When someone calling and intacing our youth to start revolution people will die… We will not have rul of law so anyone can kill u… In way because of the law this that exist our to terorrists reporter asking leniency… If she had been successful calling for revolution and revolution happend who do she going to ask for leniency… She try to safe her life but was crying for more youth blood in street… Again just check what is happening in sriya…. U might be fooled by Egypt and Tunisia but then what is guaranty it will go Egypt way not siryan way.

My beloved rule of law where would u be if the revolution started… I know u are old man but can u send ur son and daughter to help out the revolution… In short r u ready to die… If u r not then why send the poor…if u ask me I run away from Ethiopia because I don’t want to die… U did exactly the same thing u run away so why in hell. U calling for revolution..we had it in 1970 and I don’t like it…

So my point is any so called Ethiopian rumor mill reporter can report about Arabspring all day long but no one have power to call one for Ethiopia or asking the youth of Ethiopia to do exactly what the Egypt youth did… Again u can reported even Etv rort about it… But u will not allowed to instigate voulante If u do that then I prefer to jail few rumor mill reporters then losing our law and order.. Guess what we have our law and order so we are successful averting revoultion

01/08/13 @ 21:19
Comment from: [Member]

Addis Zefen,
Shy from what? I am not in to the business of confrontation or trying to score some points by way of foul language. I am in to substance which you are devoid of. If you think you can stop all these commentators who hold a differing position to that of yours through badmouthing and balege expressions, you are beating a dead horse. I don’t see any meaningful dialogue coming from you or you engaging others in a civilized discourse. All that you are doing here is being childish. I don’t think you qualify being part of the EPRDF/TPLF support group. Perhaps you don’t know it that you are offending your “getoch” Grow up boy!
Am I still shying away from you? Who do you think you is? forgive my grammar.

01/08/13 @ 21:27
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

Appeal? What funny things she dream about? It is a regime of corruption and conspiracy. Had she been non-black, she would have been respected. As far as she is not Tigrie but might be Amhara or Oromo, she is expected to suffer in jails-no matter she may be an innocent citizen.

Tigire would drink, eat, recreate; own industries; enjoy luxury life but others seek money to pay for lawyer hoping that they might be free from being prisoner. lol.

when Tplf learns what life means? What is the role of DHM!

01/08/13 @ 21:30
Comment from: [Member]

Hagerethiopia alcoholic anonymous,…

Ante tejam, minale arfehi bitiqemet!
I know it is a happy hour in your neighborhood tej bet. You come out for your cheap tej and usual burra kereyu. Take it easy dude! AW, your B/G F is looking for you to have some with you.
Just put down that birele before uttering your nonesense. Sekarram!

01/08/13 @ 21:37
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Rule of law, why you are mwntioning my name it makea me seek when you guya are mentioning my name. You are in no position even to criticize AZ he English proficiency is beyoind any of you with 6Z English. There are so many people to be criticized in their English including Tiframuna Faraw Gondere Teddy. The only reason your are criticizing him because he hits you where you feel it.undet the belt EVENTHOUGH it’s foul. Because that’s tjw way you umderstand. We didn’ come here to learn Past tense, present tenae, continuous tense and present continuous tense


01/08/13 @ 22:03
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

An Amhara logic

U can arrest us… U can even kill us… U can even kill the whole 80 million people if u wash but don’t ever make spelling mistake…

2nd Amhara prayer

O! God almighty I regularly pray for Arab spring… U didn’t give us that I even ask for Assabspring not even that… I don’t call ur name in vain…. Pls give me something even hurricane sandy… I even take earth quick but something to know that u exist.

Another Amhara suggested to pray for devil instead..

Then the first Amhara start demanding fast action from the devil… Begging the devil to show Marcy and send forest fire at least but something…

I am much happier with illegal human trafficking but u kept my happense short by making the illegal traffior caught red handed

O, almighty god of evil pls her me my last cry I will be ur servant until the end of the earth…

Show me some kind of blood in street of addis… But something

Then the almighty evil answered..

Ol my people Amhara if u want the job well done why not u do the job urself… I will granting all our wish

The the son of Amhara answered and say to almity darkness king… O! U the powerful we have million of youth ready to die… Why not just send few of them to he’ll before u call up on me… Who is going to correct their English

01/08/13 @ 22:40
Comment from: Mo Money-Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Money-Ethio

Rule of Law [Visitor]
You should write your opinion about the article instead of spending time criticizing and trying to correct their grammar. We all trying to make a comment based on our opinion. unfortunately, there are some who frequently used foul language. as far as Reyot Alemu, I did not know who she is until I read this article. I am sure she is a political prisoner rather then a terrorist.It was a bad law and it will always be a bad law until the law is changed.

01/08/13 @ 22:41
Comment from: [Member]

I don’t pretend to be the guru of the English language my friend, I was just wondering how this self-glorifying goon managed to portray himself as to maintaining the upper-hand in the english language. so you are fine with your style of writing. I am no authority to scriptology or the law of writing. Perhaps, I may not be an expert in scientology I suspect Addis Zefen and Beza are the same person so you can imagine our guru taking to him self like a happy dog chasing it’s own tail. Once some one starts talking to himself, in most cases, it is clinically determined/concluded that this person is suffering from a condition known as MPD (multiple personality disorder) also known as dissociative identity disorder or in our own Amharic, we call that person wefeffiea, ye’a'e’mro zegemtehna. This condition is typically symptomatic to excessive consumption of alcohol before it evolves in to a full blown neurological disorder. So this might explain as to why this fellow tend to bark like a rabid greyhound.

Ash, Sorry I have nothing to say about the issues you raised simply because I don’t wanna argue over clear human rights violations that you and your-likes deliberately ignore. There is no justification in imprisoning carrier journalists in under the pretext of promoting law and order. I shouldn’t have said even this far in response to your post. If you read your thread in reverse you will find the answer.

01/08/13 @ 22:49
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

R of L,

I took ur advices and I read my responded backward… But it doesn’t give me the answer that I was looking…

U seems to suggest that if TPLF were in Reyot Alemu they would cry the same..

That is okay but u r saying if nazi would have win the World War II

If libya mohmmed gadaffi win the revoultion… This is endless argument so the world move on if u win the war or revoultion u will be a judge not the other way round.

If Mengistu Haile Mariam win the war against TPLF then Meles would be in jail for committing crime… So u have to win the war

In Ms. Reyot Alemu case if her Ginbot 7/11 win then she would be held a hero so what is ur point..

U can’t start revolution or war and cry about it when u lose.

So what is my solution my solution is a peaceful revolution this peaceful revolution doesn’t involve violent… Some people think peaceful method take longer time… My answer is why not just ask OLF they fought for 40++ years so even freedom fighting is not a short cut…

Since Ms. Reyot Alemu. Have no gun or army to fight for her cause the best method is to do it peaceful… Yes it seems endless root but what the Eritrean got… What other nation got from violent revolution

01/08/13 @ 23:11

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