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Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

economically strong family forms strong community.srong community forms strong nation.even though they face many challengs, ethiopian women who work abroad help build strong nation.opposition parties in diaspora can help fight domestic workers abuse in gulf countries.

01/24/13 @ 19:31
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


When u said …"opposition parties in diaspora can help fight domestic workers abuse in gulf countries.”

Answer:- I am Diaspora and I have soultion for our Ethiopian girls who love to return to Addis Ababa… All diaspora start building one Night club, or sport Bar or regular bar where women can serve all ur need… My English is very limited when u talk about opp. Parties I thinking night club parties that united us all that kind of parties u r talking or other kind of party..

Anyhow I love ur idea helping our people by providing them a lot of party to go to and enjoy their night away drinking and socializing with our beautiful lady’s that we kindly offer them a job..

01/24/13 @ 20:00
Comment from: biya [Visitor]


What are you talking about. If you are trying to be funny, hate to break it to you but, you are not. You are one big moron. This is not a laughing matter. The Gov of Phillipines is trying to do everything to assure nothing will happen to their ppl. What’s our Government doing to protect its own? Weshella grow up a pair.

01/24/13 @ 22:27
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Relatively, in Ethiopia people have freedom religious practice. This one of multiculturalism that needs to be encouraged.

The odd things there are extensive abuses in Saud Arabia. Even there are total block to access jobs otherwise one must change name. This shows very backwardness.

What Ethiopian are doing now when ladies are exposed to such inhuman action in Saud Arabia?
What is the role of international Human Rights? Come on now Prong. Alarm… to bring change! Let us judge your contribution.

01/24/13 @ 22:28
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

In other words you call our poor Ethiopian sisters who face all problems in middle east to support their families name?

01/24/13 @ 22:40
Comment from: Are you Kidding Me!! [Visitor]
Are you Kidding Me!!

Ash [Visitor] If you don’t have any thing good to say..don’t!! insulting our sisters is an insult to all of us. you are simply displaying how arrogant at the same time stupid your mentality is. why.. you need to understand how our country is poor and Ethiopian women been traveling to work in Saudi Arabia for a very long time.

01/25/13 @ 01:37
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

One of the great gifts of woyane and shabians to export Our sisters for prostitution and slavery. Still woyane is proud in its special Democracy in this export system compared to shabians. The shabians sisters have no right to leave the country legally so they have to pay utpo 100,000 bir and smuggel themselves hopping for the best.The rape startes already at home country while the ehtiopina sisters can leave the country legally only paying the woyanes clerk as a form of bribe including Money or sex depending the tigre clerk is man or woman.

The number of tigre sisters to arab slavery drops to zero thanks to tplf and its clerk giving strong advise not to do so. this advise is only for woyane sisters.

You see we are better than shabians thus we are number one.

01/25/13 @ 01:59
Comment from: [Member]

An Indian high school student who lives in Abo Dhabi wrote a poem about our little maid working there:

The Little Maid In Her Shawl

We ignore her as if she were but a wall,
She sits quietly by, minds it not at all,
Suffering in quiet, her problems she alone faces,
She moves about her work with a smile on her lips.

We care not a whiff for her joy nor her sorrow,
We demand but a meal on the table tomorrow.
We think she is not human at all,
No one cares for the little maid in her shawl.

She loves us no matter our ill treatment of her,
For us the days pass in a speedy blur,
But for her each day moves painfully slow,
A lake cut out from its natural flow,

She surrendered her family, her children her life,
To live elsewhere, in agonizing strife.
The entire day she tends to our children who bawl,
Nobody cares for the little maid in her shawl.

Deftly her hands mend our clothes,
In behaviour and persona, nothing but a rose.
Tolerating all our hurtful blows.
Crying softly at night, all alone.

For her, her sorrows do not end,
Her heart can never be on the mend,
A daughter to marry, no money to do so,
A little boat ebbing against the flow,

A son crying in pain for the mother he never knew,
Her days spent with him are but only a few,

And for those who think time will forever stall,
Look towards the Little Maid in Her Shawl.
We see not the sorrows, the anguish, the pain,
But her troubles, in the end are not really in vain.

For no matter what, He sees her every move,
And when her time comes, nothing will she have to prove
To the Almighty of her goodness and purity,
Up above, she will never fade into obscurity.

For the rich will plead and beg for mercy,
But she need not ask for Holy clemency,
Her innocence and love are noted down,
And The Almighty will welcome her, with not a frown.

Her years of servitude are seen by Him,
And her light, though on Earth is but dim,
Up above, she will outshine us all,
Our Loving Little Maid in her Shawl.

01/25/13 @ 04:42
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

What u guys talking about number one industry in Ethiopia is sex industry… In every inch u have bar and night club thanks for Ethiopian American investor they don’t know anything other then night club so what the women to do work in the sex industry in Ethiopia or be maid in Arab country and take her risk… I will take the Arab root…

If I am not Ethiopian u could fool me but rape happened in Ethiopia too. The maid raped and dapped on the street now u talk about Arab clean our house first…

01/25/13 @ 06:19
Comment from: [Member]

Yes the Ethiopian women are prostitutes and bltches, that is a fact.

The fag Ethiopian men says “our sisters our sisters” bla bla bla on this site … bltch sisters … our sisters my azz.

You are impotent and fags that is why you are defending prostitution.

It is not only advanced level prostitution they are bringing back but also Arab bastard children with them, born out of wedlock from unknown Arab.


01/25/13 @ 07:35
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Extra woyane!!

It seams that you are proud of Your export!! But you dont want its consquences. When Your Family recurits for Young ethiopians for Arabs as prostutes you were happy that woyanes earn Money. But you dont want the chilrdren of these poor women who in the first Place became a victm of Your Family human traficking. You good for nothing woyane.

Yes they are Our sisters as long as they are Ethiopians.

01/25/13 @ 08:18
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

The shabians who used to be a reason for mass exodess of their women for prostitution are now sweating. 21 years of shabi prostitute eport will be stopped soon.

For People like Ash must follow what is happning in Your families Capital than sniffing in Our forum.

PS: amiches are not ethiopians.

01/25/13 @ 08:24
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopia’s Women:Maid in Ethiopia
The Economist

IN LATE February 2012, Alem Dechasa, an Ethiopian maid working in Lebanon, was video-taped being beaten and dragged into a car. On March 14th, she committed suicide. Her story has drawn attention once again to the plight of migrant workers in the Middle East. But Ms Alem’s fate has also highlighted a more unpleasant side of Ethiopia’s impressive growth story.

Ethiopia’s economy is based on small-scale agriculture. More than 85% of the country’s 80m people live in the countryside. Most have limited or no access to such basics as clean drinking water, health-care facilities and education. Helen Gebresillassie, a lawyer who teaches at Stony Brook University’s School of Social Welfare in New York and a former legal advisor to the Forum on Street Children in Ethiopia, an NGO, says that high inflation and market inefficiencies keep most farming household incomes so low that everyone must work, including children. When children are sent to school, parents worry about their daughters’ safety getting there. More often boys get to study while girls are expected to do housework or get married.

With little education, young women in rural Ethiopia struggle to compete in the labour market. The only realistic employment opportunity for most of them is more of the same domestic work they have done their whole lives.

Ms Alem’s case is not uncommon, explains Ms Gebresillassie. Traffickers specifically target uneducated and poor young women from rural areas in order to lure them to big cities in Ethiopia and the Middle East, she continues. That combined with the cultural expectation that children must help support their entire family means that young women are easy prey for traffickers’ with their empty promises of higher income and a better life.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, our sister organisation, forecasts real GDP growth of 8% for Ethiopia in the fiscal year 2011/2012, mostly due to hikes in agricultural prices. That eclipses the OECD’s predictions of less than 2% GDP growth for the same period. That bodes well for the country’s future, but Ethiopia’s government will need to ensure that growth rates are sustainable by cultivating one of the country’s most valuable resources—its women.

01/25/13 @ 08:31
Comment from: chemoga [Visitor]

you are one chauvinist pig.I am sure you are one of diaspora vacationers who can not wait till you get addis ,so you can grab those teenage girls ,in the street of bole,kazanchese,and etc.

01/25/13 @ 09:13
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Tamrat Tamrat, what is ur age? R u boron in Addis Ababa? Do u know Addis Ababa? Who r u man? As if I don’t know Addis Ababa…. If u know addis during ur evil father mengistu haile mariam Arab come to Addis Ababa to get away with Ethiopian girl… Sex industry is number one employer in Addis Ababa even in mengistu haile mariam Time or king haile selassie…if there is no sex industry in Ethiopia then how come we are number one in Aids… U can shut down the Arab job market but u will open more sex industry in Ethiopia…I am not supporting the sex industry I am only telling u the fact…

Next time u go to addis just count how many night club is there in Addis Ababa in one area and ask how many of the built by Ethiopian American investors chance are majority of investor who goes to Ethiopia from America invest in sex industry or music industry another sex industry ask urself do we really need another night club? Now I told u where u go wrong u try to label me name… Man clean up ur house before u talk shit about other

chemoga [Visitor]

So u are admitting there are some diaspora vacationers who can not wait till you get addis ,so you can grab those teenage girls ,in the street of bole,kazanchese,and etc.

So u admitting what I am saying but I still doesn’t get it why we need another party… AA have a lot of night club why we need another party to waste people time and money

01/25/13 @ 10:50

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