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Ethiopia: 3 contract E.coli after eating at Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle



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Ethiopia: 3 contract E.coli after eating at Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle

Ethiopia: 3 contract E.coli after eating at Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle

Source: Fox 13 Seattle

SEATTLE — A third person is said to have contracted E.coli after eating at Ambassel Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar in the Central District, King County health officials announced.

King County Public Health officials forced the restaurant to close March 6 after connecting the restaurant to the E.coli cases and finding seven critical health violations and five non-critical violations. The restaurant is located at 1224 E. Jefferson St.

A health department spokeswoman said the restaurant’s owners are working with the agency to correct issues of improperly cleaned raw meat, inadequate hand washing facilities for employees, the uncontrolled presence of insects and rodents, and other issues.

One of the clients stricken with E.coli retained attorney Bill Marler — Marler represented the woman 20 years ago in the well-known E.coli case against Jack in the Box which resulted in sickening hundreds in the state and contributed to the death of four patrons.


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Comment from: tigist [Visitor]

Too bad and other should learn from this case.whenever, I eat in Ethiopian restaurant, I get sick.

03/14/13 @ 00:16
Comment from: FalseDefame [Visitor]

How come the restaurant produce E. Coil?

03/14/13 @ 01:04
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

I hope the restaurant have some kind of liability insurance. Otherwise, this kind of law suits can send businesses into bankruptcy

03/14/13 @ 01:28
Comment from: Worqe Birru [Visitor]
Worqe Birru

People’s health and safety is very serious matter. His insurance policy which is a required item for business to operate will most likely pay millions for pain and suffering, medical cost, legal cost, and punitive. If the penalty is above insurance amount the business has, depending on how the owner registered the business, he may be personally financially liable. Reopening after this and to obtain affordable insurance after this incident may keep the business away and owner liable for ever. Not only this, every Ethiopian restaurant will insure perception cost which will reduce and may even bring down many like businesses. I am glad to be EthiopianAmerican living in USA with all these rights and responsibilities. People, please learn from this and do the right thing not to tarnish images of business and community. Weyanes, I wish there is a law at least small bit like this one under your rule. I don’t think so; you Weyanes have to go for a democracy and justice to prevail.

03/14/13 @ 02:03
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


This is what I have been saying and I got criticizem b many here. First, those who work there ave no any kind of HYGEN. They think they live in Ethiopia. No clean hand ,they do ot even clean themselves,stink like hill. The toilet is a main source of this e- cole bacteria , mat of who come to USA carry a tapeworm with them without known it. Just immagen some one who just arrived and serve you with hands that carry billions of tape warm agges that you can not see it. Her smile kills you later. I have seen in Dc where 99% do not wash their hands properly. The toilets stink like hill. And the soup is very limited like if they save money by buying a chip soap, and toilet paper is limited. And th bad habit GUURSSHAA is where you get all bacterias from one dirty to others. I never eat from some ones hand. Ought. God. I feel sick when I think about it.

03/14/13 @ 03:28
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

min nekachihu? Tire siga eko America aykerbm

03/14/13 @ 03:59
Comment from: Bombolino [Visitor]

Well, I live in Seattle and I have never heard of this Resturant. Maybe it’s just one of those small places where they serve food in the back of a habesha store. you should not be eatting there to begin with!!

C’est moi senait

Please do not generalize. We have good Ethiopian Resturants here in Seattle that are clean with clean restrooms. In fact when you go to some of these places, all you see is Americans mostly. You know white people don’t mess around. If your place is not clean, they will never come back.

So, when you come out here and say all those things you said, you are panting a bad image of yourself. Not every Resturant is bad. If you are unhappy with any particular one then name it!! Please, don’t go around trashing every Ethiopian Resturant.

P.s. I’m shocked that you did not blame this one on woyane. What’s going on here? Are you playing tricks on us??

03/14/13 @ 04:08
Comment from: Ayat [Visitor]
3 stars

C’est moi senait! Please study some English before you blame Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

03/14/13 @ 04:17
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

@Senait and Bombolino,
your inputs are good, thanks. I for sure know almost all Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants in the European contry I live in have serious hygenic problems.

03/14/13 @ 04:25
Comment from: Bombolino [Visitor]

I am not defending every Habeshan Resturant. I’m perfectly aware there are some bad ones out there. However, there are good ones out there as well, that are trying so hard to serve good food and keep their facilities clean.

About ten years ago, I got salmonella after consuming “dullet” at this Ethiopian Resturant. I got so sick; I ended up in Emergency Room. That was the time I decided to give up on raw meat all together. Never went back to that place again. I Called the owner and gave him a piece of my mind. Thank God that place is not in business anymore.

On a local TV station,they had a list here for “top ten worse restaurants in Seattle". Thankfully, I didn’t see any habeshan resturant on that list. Mostly Teriaki places. So, everyone has some bad ones, not just Ethiopians

03/14/13 @ 05:14
Comment from: bichinchiru [Member]  

Noma Diners Get Sick: ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ Hit By Vomiting, Diarrhea Outbreak March 2013 AP

Danish food safety officials ordered a cleanup and better food handling at Noma, one of the world’s top restaurants, after more than 60 people fell ill with viral gastroenteritis from eating at the two-star Michelin eatery that has also hit top spot three times in the world’s best restaurants list in Restaurant magazine.

03/14/13 @ 05:44
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
5 stars



03/14/13 @ 05:59
Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

I am an Ethiopian and I stopped eating at an Ethiopian reastaurant a long time ago. Very poor hygine, sour over night food, and nasty dusty dining areas, etc. It always gives me heart burn. Thank God, never got ecoli, though. Ethiopian restaurants need to modernize both in presentation and content. Injera and wot can be prepared and served fresh that would fit the american public. Be creative. And for crying out loud, do not serve raw meat like kitfo etc. Actually, I am surprised the health department tolerated such practice. Well, good luck.

03/14/13 @ 07:05
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Around 2005, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend … sat to eat a dinner at one of the Eth restaurants in Seattle, Wa., and he got a sour throat while eating the food. He should have ordered whisky perhaps to destroy the virus right then and there (according to any amateur doctor in the house) but didn’t. He nursed a full blown flu for many days afterwards. All this because of careless and unprofessional habit of food preparation, preservation and serving.

03/14/13 @ 08:04
Comment from: Lobby [Visitor]

Most of these people who brag about their only-version of “Ethiopian” food operate restaurants are the dirty “Neftegnas"! I say this because they don’t want to transform their hygiene and sanitation with the current demand and scientific principles without fundamentally altering the cultural entity! Or else they should refrain like other Ethiopians from boasting their “culture” and do something else for living! Alas! They are deaf, ignorant people! They are nothing but disgrace: Shame!

03/14/13 @ 08:33

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