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Comment from: Ye Tigria Sew [Visitor]
Ye Tigria Sew

Jews State?I do not believe that this racist stat are exit.Jews relgion are monay and are dengare for all human world.I hate this parasite people.

03/22/13 @ 04:28
Comment from: ethiovistor [Visitor]


Out of 90.000.000 ETHIOPIAN population There is no a single AMHARA,OROMO or GURAGE general in ETHIOPIA army! What do u call that? WONBEDES-TEGRES racism?

03/22/13 @ 11:02
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]

@ethiovisitor = DEDEB DIASPORA,


03/22/13 @ 16:53
Comment from: lil [Visitor]

are they Israeli-Ethiopians or Ethiopian-Israelis, if you ask them they will choose the first one and when we address them we use the second one

03/22/13 @ 20:30
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi is a shabia Eritrean [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi is a shabia Eritrean

Halafi Mengedi also known as Baher Negash is a a muslim shabia Eritrean. He is not Ethiopian.

03/22/13 @ 21:52
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

This write up should have been entitled, “Non-Tigrayan Ethiopians in Ethiopia still struggling to find their place in the business world".

In a country where almost all the wealth and business is owned/controlled by EFFORT and Al Amoudi, the modified topic gives more sense than the original. I feel Ethiopians problem at home is a more burning issue than that of Ethiopians in Israel.

The content of the article can be summed up, “Yeraswa siyarbat yesew tagelbitalech".

Let’s debate/talk about the death and life struggle in Ethiopia. Shall we?

03/23/13 @ 00:29
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Anchi shentam! Are you saying there is no segregation in Ethiopia? You must be Tigre. Fuck you while your dad and mom watch me live.
I will donate my blood to any group cleaning Tsila’s off planet!
Go Ethiopia!
Send all the remnants of Eritrea back to Asmara and reunite them with their lost causins.
Amedem zeregna!
God bless the diaspora for letting us chat freely. Without the diaspora we can not watch or read anything except ETV. That’s what these cockroach Tigre’s want_say yes to EPRDF. I hate banda’s and Tsilas!!

03/23/13 @ 06:34
Comment from: kaleb [Visitor]

I don’t Know why we should put this issue in an Ethiopian magazine. Afterall it’s a problem among Israelites, so please don’t waste your time . They choose what they want to be and it’s their affair .

03/23/13 @ 08:57
Comment from: Zionist [Visitor]

hello Goyim ( Animals)!!

You stupids Animals Ethiopians. how dare You criticize Your Gods The ( Jews) ?? We The Jews , when we Commit Crimes, You must says ” Ameen !Hallelujah !!” Otherwise what is the reason You are On earth ??

Morons , repeat after me .

Jews are Gods !
Jews are here to be worshiped !
Anyone who dares Jews , Must be stoned or get Killed !
say , We hate Arabs , Muslims !
Anyone who breathes a word about Jews He/she is Anti-semites !!

Those are Commandments for the Goyim (animals ) like You. see how the american and Europeans are Worships Jews and Commit Crimes on Jews behaf.

as A jew , I want see you hating , Arabs and Muslims on this website. Ok !! , that is how we know you are our Loyals !!

03/23/13 @ 12:05
Comment from: Sam I Am [Visitor]
Sam I Am

@who ever callls himself Mimi Dedeb…..
Not Mimi.

The name you picked for yourself says it all. Either you’re too cowerd or too stupid to notice, you’re actually insulting yourself. If you don’t know how conostructivley disagree with someone, it just shows your intellect level.

When you start your comment by insulting others, you’re just making yourself an open target for direct attacks. You probably had a point. I’m 100% sure there are Ethio Genrals other thanTigres. Though they do represent unbalanced majority. You have to state the facts to your argument.

03/23/13 @ 12:31
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

Zionist [Visitor]:

If you are truly a Jew and taking what you said above seriously, you are definitely preparing the Jewish people for another round of Holocaust.

With all due respect, if Ethiopians are animals, so are the Jews. All Jews are humans and not Gods either. Where did you get all that? If you insist and play fool with yourself, that is fine with rest of us. Don’t even dare to tell us Jews are the “chosen people". That is a lie fed to the Jewish people by ignorant Christians as a feel good factor to keep you going during the thousands of years of exiled life. Do you know it is not even mentioned in your good book?

You gossiped, “Anyone who breathes a word about Jews He/she is Anti-semites". OMG!!! What is wrong you man/woman? Think before you write all that nonsense!!!

FYI, unlike you, we Ethiopians love all humans, including the ones you hate most.

03/23/13 @ 13:45
Comment from: eyob [Visitor]

If i may suggest Mr. president next time please meet our continually harassed and jailled journalists and human rights activists. They may not be as beutiful as the lady depicted on the picture but by doing so you will help them not to despair.

03/23/13 @ 15:13
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]


What do you have against diaspora? Are they not Ethiopians? You are either uneducated or you have a complex. I will say it again, that many in the diaspora came during the Derg and got “stuck” outside. I wish I lived in Ethiopia and I am trying to go back. But it’s not easy when you have kids. So please so that you don’t sound ignorant, think before you open your mouth.

03/23/13 @ 21:55
Comment from: John John [Visitor]
John John
5 stars

They will struggle for ever no matter what anywhere in this plant there is no such place called perfect except sweet home.

03/23/13 @ 22:19

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