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Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

We shall make TPLF and woyanes pay for violation of citizens rights!

There will be no question about that!!!

03/27/13 @ 22:47
Comment from: [Member]

Why would these terrorists are given an apeal? Just lock them up and throw the key some where in the middle of Indian ocean. Let them rotten in jail!
No mercy for traitors the likes of almaria and eliass kiftaff!

03/27/13 @ 22:47
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

Addis Teftef the Aram Woyane

Hey why do nazret.com keep deleting you post? are they trying to tell you something refuge boy, they may be telling you that you have no country and you should consider and you don’t belong here. They even kicked you out. May be you should consider mekele.com or asmera.com? just a suggestion poor scared boy!

03/27/13 @ 22:55
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Wayane agents need to be arrested.

03/27/13 @ 23:29
Comment from: John john [Visitor]
John john
4 stars

I think this is very sirious issue with such kind of defendant it’s better to take time and look at this case.

03/27/13 @ 23:37
Comment from: HRWork [Visitor]

TPLF released 965 Tigree. Now PM Desalegn Hailemariam and Vice PM Demeke Mekonnen are Amhara. TPLF jailed the Amhara, but now must be realised freely by the Amhara. Others ethnicity must suffer until they will have PM and VPM.

03/27/13 @ 23:41
Comment from: ThreeWhy [Visitor]

Ethio. Women prostitutes not because they are beautiful but for three reasons:

1) Their men are weak to satisfy them by doing that.

2) Their men cannot support the economic needs of the Women.

3)There are less number of men than women who are interested into that.

03/28/13 @ 00:47
Comment from: PayBack! [Visitor]

Now when we have HMD at place, it is the payback time for genocide and hate on Amara and other tribes of Ethiopia. Kick Woyane back to barren land!


03/28/13 @ 02:25
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Fake Court
Fake Government

What do you expect from gangs who claim to have 99.9% of the vote at election time?

Those 99.9% stuff used to happen only in North Korea.

03/28/13 @ 02:54
Comment from: [Member]

ThreeWhy [Visitor]

“1) Their men are weak to satisfy them by doing that.”

No man can satisfy them only a machine ;)

03/28/13 @ 03:15
Comment from: ThreeWhy [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial - Assab [Visitor],

Are you a victim of those men group?


03/28/13 @ 03:20
Comment from: ThreeWhy [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial - Assab [Visitor],

Are you a victim of those men group?

Also relax with a song:


03/28/13 @ 03:23
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

You fool: do not put ‘and’ between TPLF/Woyane. They both mean he same. Just one side of a coin. The fool do not even know our name.

03/28/13 @ 03:38
Comment from: ThreeWhy [Visitor]

All ethnicity, all religious followers or have no religious have to be free from the TPLF oppression and jailing. There is no painting for poor, rich, Christian, Muslims, pagan, beauty, ugly, men, women, fool, wise etc. TPLF must stop. All political and journalist prisoners must be free.

Relax also that you have taught in a real spiritual worlds:



You might be economically poor:


03/28/13 @ 03:54
Comment from: Bole [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed,

watch true sister


03/28/13 @ 04:07

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