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Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Looks like people here are swallowed in politics and nonesense gossips, no one seems to care about contemporary arts.
What a shame!
Anyways, whatever is said and done, nothing is gonna stop the on going growth and progress in every sector back home in Ethiopia. That is the bottom line!
In modern day Ethiopia this days, THE SKY IS LIMIT!

04/01/13 @ 00:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,the event is happening in Addis where 99% of the peoples are starving .Not really in NY or any other US city where artists can live with their Skills .If these artists are trying to express with their paintings and sculptures they are surely welcomed .Afterall your Daily Lies are UNLIMITED even beyond the SKY…LOL !!!!!

04/01/13 @ 02:43
Comment from: Lori Precious [Visitor]
Lori Precious
5 stars

I am an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I visited Ethiopia 2x recently and took note of the thriving contemporary arts scene. I then co-founded Ethiopia Creates, an art competition, with Nikki Legesse. The first winner, Tewodros Hagos was brought for a solo exhibition in Los Angeles in February where his art sold very well and was well received. We will launch year 2 of Ethiopia Creates in June and hope to see some of these artists in our submissions.

04/01/13 @ 13:12
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Lori precious,…

What a great story! Thanks!
That’s the kind of success stories we continue to hear from our progressive country these days.
Speaking of the starving artists and alike back home, I’m sure there are so many creative minds waiting to be discoverd. Your company is the realistic way of making it happen.
Keep up the good works!

04/01/13 @ 13:43
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]

Teddy why don’t you make 100% what negative person you are your life must suck to display such hate for ethiopia

04/01/13 @ 17:41
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]
5 stars


Mr positive person, what positive thing have you done for your country. Teddy at list he is exposing Leba BANDAS that have invaded his country. You on the other hand is conspiring with the BANDA leba govenement to still from the poor Ethiopian people. So who is Leba negative person who hate Ethiopia? It is people like whose like suck to much they will resort to selling their country for money. So, get your own life straitened first before you opened your diarrhea mouth.

04/01/13 @ 18:52
Comment from: Semabelew Beayalew [Visitor]
Semabelew Beayalew

Tedy-segera Afe is exposing no one–but himself. I think he his ass and mouth are connected somehow; and that is the reason we see a lot of feces from his mouth.
Tell him to clean up. You are the same, nevertheless. Genfo legenfo bedegagef, abro zefe.

04/02/13 @ 11:51
Comment from: [Member]

***To Lori Precious****
only the weyane cadres are allowed to travel to the U.S. and exhibit their art works.
The rest of Ethiopian population languishes in wretched way life.
Such is the sad situation in our nation.

04/04/13 @ 15:36

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