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Comment from: [Member]

The terrorist Gragn Ahmed [Visitor] will now start his bla bla bla

04/01/13 @ 22:58
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Take a lesson from ethiovistor (Visitor)and be human and not fake evil fascist Yohannes offspring spreading hate and chaos in the country.

C’est moi senait
This woman or girl is telling you the danger Ethiopia confronting in the future.
This an elected PM’s religion injected billions of dollars into the country to change everybody by any means. Take Jimma case and others.
This government do not protect you but put in jail if you dare to fight back for your religion and rights as in Jimma case.

Ethiopia should not allow this to happen instead focus on development and not religion.
Religion caused a lot of problem for the country.
Orthodox religion was better though envy/compete Islam and copy many things from Islam.

Wake up cave people of the north who held the power for a century before it’s too late.

C’est moi senait
You can not find a single broad minded intelect whose critical thinking at the world level.

All those on power are not better than us even worst. New PM is a laughing stock. Simmon Bereket is a drama PM who instigate problem instead of solving it.

We shall see the trend.

04/02/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: Tarik [Visitor]

Reading rubbish and garbage coming from any western journalist or trusting any news coming from them is no longer relevant and is wrong. Instead it became part of the past human history doesn’t work this time. But they don’t get it or maybe they already got it but have no other choice to make a living. However, the world is no longer being fooled by them while doing their thing at the expense of others.

“The population of more than 80 million is made up of around 80 ethnic groups, with 90 languages spoken and many religions practiced.”

What the things come from them make them funny is that they always thinking they are right, have the truth and power to do so.

First of all, Ethiopia has no 80 Ethnic groups but 69 where more than half of them have less than 100.000 members and there are many with less than 10.000 and some even with 1000, 500, 200 and 50 members.

He also said “80 Ethnic groups speaking 90 languages". This is new rubbish from them and exposing the false, wrong and misleading talks how those westerns are portraying other nations. How can 80 Ethnic groups speaking 90 languages while living in the same country? Can this stranger explain about it?

Ethiopia also has no many religions as said but three. What about the so called the west? In each and every western nation are to be found all human cults, believes and faith temples including Sings, Hindu, Buda, Christian, Jewish, Islam and so on.

Ethiopia had more than 70 Ethnic groups while Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. But after Eritrean so called Independency, some Ethnic groups in Eritrea are no longer part of Ethiopia. But the ignorant west and some stupid Ethiopians think the same way when Eritrea was part of Ethiopia.

How many Ethnic groups are living in Britain? 500? 1000? 2000? 5000? Or more? How many languages are speaking in England? 500? 1000? 2000? 5000? Or more? How many races are living in England? All human races. How many races are living in Ethiopia? Only black race.

Yet, they like to talk the minor differences in other countries while trying to hide or ignore as if it doesn’t exist the huge differences among the population weather in Britain, USA, Australia, Canada and all over so called west that are always love to talk others differences and weaknesses while about their similarities and strength despite their differences are huge and natural as well as human made.

55% people living in London (8 million residents) are not the English. That means only in London there could be 1000s Ethnic groups speaking many languages and practicing all sorts of human religions practicing all over the world. But, still they love to talk magnifying other’s differences implying as if it is bad while nothing or the good side of the huge differences within themselves.

However, we are not living in the 16-20th century but the
21-century. No one will be trapped as before by their satanic approaches of things to affect other nations.

For the record:

Ethiopia has the lowest number Ethnic groups with population proportion than any African nation. North Sudan has more than 550, Kenya has more than 45 despite its size is half of Ethiopia. Uganda is the same. Tanzania has more than 120, Nigeria has more than 500. Cameron 250, Ghana 100, Egypt many Ethnics and different human races. Even small Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups.
But Ethiopians are not only with less number of Ethnic groups, but also they lived together as the first African independent nation hundreds years before the rest of Africa became independent and created as independent nations by teh colonizers/enemies despite they never had the history of statehood living together as teh Ethiopians does for many years.
Ethiopians have a 3000 years recorded history. Remember: Ethiopia was the only african nation that was member of teh league of nations while teh rest of africa never existed as a nation and have own flag

The west is too desperate unable to find any reason to make the Africans fight against each other which is the century old tactics working for them while destroying Africans. Ethnicity was the biggest and worst tools they used to brainwashed the backward africans(as they call them for centuries) to fight against each other which is the best for them.

Instead of talking about us, they need to worry about themselves because of the huge differences within themselves. The old song is no longer working for them. There are more than 72 million USA citizens speaking Spanish and have many different Ethnic groups and races. It is the same with other group of people including Blacks, Slavish, Germans, Irish, Scottish, Italians and the rest came from all nations worldwide and with all Ethnic groups and races.

Yet, still, they like to talk about other differences not about themselves. They used Ethnicity to destroy Africa for years. They still think it will work this time too, which is a mistake to think that way. Instead they need to worry about themselves with all human Ethnic groups, races and religions living in each and every so called western nations.

04/02/13 @ 10:16
Comment from: Jimma [Visitor]

After reading your comment, I can’t stay away from commenting and telling the truth. From your comment about Jimma I understood that either you have no idea as to what happened in jimma or you are a part of the massacre that was done by Muslims to those who were protestant.

Actually, the place where the massacre was conducted is called Limu but not in the city of Limu. Its a few kilometers outside of Limu, which is ~80KM south west of Jimma. When the muslims terrorist attacked the protestants most of those Orthodox followers were watching the killing, except a few who stood for the truth. The truth is condemning the killing and those who have a right conscious stood with the truth. It’s very ironic to see such as u in these web site advocating killing and yet calling yourself religious. By the way, they killed them by burning their church while they were worshiping on Sunday morning. They were standing by the front door of the church with meschede and killed several of them.
If this is what you advocate for, so be it. We have God to protect us
God bless

04/02/13 @ 12:51
Comment from: Tsimona [Visitor]
2 stars

Seniet: How do justified what happen in Jimma? Inocent people slaughter like animal, burned their church,and displace hundreds of people. One have right to critized someone’s way of belive, but why violece. Look what happen in nigerian christians,(boko haram). You should be against this kinds animals, not peacful christians…

04/02/13 @ 14:12
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


What a great liar.
Nobody advocated or supported killing of any human beings on this earth for we are all human species if there is one then you are the one who advocated the killing, torturing and jailing of Ethiopian Muslims like Assta & co openely stated here.
You must be Assta grad.

You settled on their land. You harassed them. You burned their holey book. Descrated. Used it in toilet. The lists are long.
Why did you do this to them and for what reason?

Because they refused to convert to your bribery religion. They refused to take food, money, oil, etc and convert though they are poor.
This is the main cause of the problem.
Protestant and Muslims never had problem in Ethiopia for their were no protestant that do such type in the past.

By the way I wish I were a religious person but I am not. I stand for human rights in my country.

Orthodox religion followers will expose your lie when you said several killed. No resouces said that even the Pente letter I read it on the web site. Only One person claimed lost. One life is precious and I condemned it.

This government stopped focusing on development instead brought Pentes, Al Ahbash, Wahabis, extremist copts to get on each others throat just like what we are doing here.

This backward country has children like Jimma (visitor) and the rest who sees matters only in their interest and not in the country’s.

What a mess! God help this country from going down like its neighbor.

Why hate unity, equality, just, freedom and liberty.
Why love oppression, lie, ruling, bribery, corruption, hate, extremism, and terrorism.

04/02/13 @ 16:02
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


I was just discussing with my Amhara friend about whereabout freedom exists on this earth where you live with peace and tranqulity.

This guy lived in in most part of the western countries.
He admired only one country out of all those so called democratic countries. Guess which country was?

I hope you don’t give me the country run by your tribe… Ethiopia.

You see 72 millions Spanish, tens of millions other significants, etc live together with the highest level of freedom where you see nowhere on this earth.
So, I advise you to replenish your dumb memory and stop getting paranoid psychopathic liar.

04/02/13 @ 16:15
Comment from: Abebe Boke [Visitor]
Abebe Boke

C’est moi senait
In which bible did you read such story, and do you think Pente had different bible than yours? Pente’s have the religion which is guided by the Lord Jesus Christ not by his mother! she had nothing to do is religion, as simple as that. The Pente’s bible is not the little debtera’s one, who had charcoal written sheep skin book or Debelo which they are still wearing over Semien mountain. We are not going to heaven through Gonder, but we will go there through where way we want.You always talk shit, instead of unity division, instead of solving the problem you are widening it; instead of love, you teach hatrate, instead of caring each other you teach shit all the time.
You or your religion is very much striking distance and I think, you better hide yourself under that table. Mechem shermuta siyareg aqatari yihonal.

04/02/13 @ 16:42
Comment from: Wayne [Visitor]
3 stars

Matthew died in Armenian region , which was considered Ethiopia becuase there was a tribe of wolly heard men they believe came in fact from Eygpt.


04/02/13 @ 17:20
Comment from: Jimma [Visitor]


Please allow me to give you some idea as to how the ruler of Keffa state lost its authority.

First, through Oromo migration Kefficho people lost their land and way of life then in 1800 Menilik came with his Orthodox cross and invaded the whole region. Kefficho’s and their King fought so hard and lost more than 300,000 people, according to Dr. Lapiso (very known historian of southern people) when they fought Minilik.

First the Oromo migration brought Muslim religion followed by Orthodox crusaders in 1800. The indigenous people of Keffa do not have any religion except indigenous religion worshiping different kinds of gods. With that being said, I strongly advise you to shut your mouth and read history first. Even Aba-jiffar himself was one of the invaders and used Oromos to help him colonize Kefficho’s. Aba-jiffar himself, who is half Wello and half Yemen, used Muslim ideology and able to put himself along with Oromo side and become King of Keffa. Those only who were born from Ade Oromo (one of Aba-jiffar wives) can claim to be Oromo. Others are not.

As a kefficho citizen, I will tell you that all religion (Orthodox, Muslim and protestant) don’t belong to that area. They all came with the invaders. Therefore, no one should disrespect or kill the other.

Whatever I do to their book or any insult one did to their religion, they have no right to kill anyone. They can do that in their so called holy place in “meka”. In this land, all people should practice their own faith with respect. You said I have no resource to these killing plz provide me your address and will send u the DVD, which was recorded as they were killed and beheading those protestant worshipers. It was recorded and you can see it. It is very hard to watch… instead of arguing we should all fight fundamentalism.
God bless

04/02/13 @ 19:43
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


Why you are not religious? Please be proud in your belief.


I am not aware of that area. But I have heard that the Jimma city is disturbed by wild pentes who use microphone to preach all over the streets to the annoyance of the people. One thing you have to know is the Jimma area is Muslim and as Pentes act wild there will be clashes. But most of this is not a very planned or articulated killing. If there was killing then it must have been spontaneous. But Muslims do not randomly kill any person. We know that pentes supported by American missionaries use the freedom to speak as an excuse to forment hate. From religious point of view Muslims never start any kind of War or insult with a non Muslim. But pentes in that area trashed the Book, Quran by using it as toilet paper. To my knowledge no Muslim has descated the Bible in Ethopia let alone anywhere in the World.
There are many other provocations by Pentes. The way the Pentes preach in Ethiopia must be changed. Today’s Ethiopian problem is caused by pentes. Past problems of Ethiopia’s problem are caused by Orthodox.

Most Pentes need to know how to be polite to others. This in anyway amounts to any problem with Orthodox. We Ethiopian Muslims respect the good Orthodox who invited our Muslim immigrants always.

Today fanatic pentes are the biggest headache of Ethiopia. Dr Shiferaw is the head of this evil sect that is causing pain to many Ethiopians. Orthodox people need to know that we are not against them although our past has been rough.

04/02/13 @ 22:21
Comment from: Mk [Visitor]

“Tarik” “Tarik” “Tarik” “Tarik” well Ethiopia has many religions to name some of them. “Orthodox", “Catholic", “Protestant", “Islam",” people who believe in rock, Mountain, Big Trees ( my family still do some worshiping), River” and more, so in my definition that is many. Your second question is, you said how come we have80 ethnic group 90 languages? I can give you some example, take example gurage; in this ethnic group i know for sure there are about five different languages so if you do your math, that resolve your frustration. Further more the writer didn’t create this story; he got them from the locals, plus he has every right to write about what he experienced, he doesn’t consent from you or any other person. On the other hand, no body holding you back from writing about the British people or their history for that matter.

God bless Ethiopia

04/03/13 @ 07:35
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Geez is ethiopian Language. Is there an ethnic Group which speaks only geez?

You said there anre only Three religions in Ethiopia, are you sure?

You start listing the number of ethnic Groups and their size, what got this to do with one tourist which has only positive intentions so that more People to come to visit Ethiopia?

You retarded bastard low life, stop living in paranoid tplf world. God knows how can we protect tourists from a louzy form of life sacmbag like you.

retarded woyane!!

04/03/13 @ 08:13
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Dedebin besim yidegfu!

Geez is ethiopian Language. Is there an ethnic Group which speaks only geez?

You said there anre only Three religions in Ethiopia, are you sure?

You start listing the number of ethnic Groups and their size, what got this to do with one tourist which has only positive intentions so that more People to come to visit Ethiopia?

You retarded bastard low life, stop living in paranoid tplf world. God knows how can we protect tourists from a louzy form of life sacmbag like you.

retarded woyane!!

04/03/13 @ 08:44
Comment from: Rasmi Selahcieye [Visitor]
Rasmi Selahcieye

One of the most beautiful place on earth that I have ever encountered is Ethiopia. To state in fact, I see no other country on earth that has so much rich history, diversities of cultures and religions in union for so long as Ethiopia. Regardless of what westerner, easterner, northerners or southerners may say about Ethiopians on a whole, Ethiopia still remains from all my studies of the Empire the most amazing place on Earth.

Yes Ethiopians have gone through many difficulties, while maintaining it’s status as the oldest empire on earth, the only state on earth where people of different faith still to this date lives side by side without conflict, only when instigated by forces outside their cultural environment. This we have seen for centuries. The battle of Adowa and the Italian-Abbyssinians 20th Century War, the Coup-de’at of the 60s and also the temporary removal of the oldest reigning Monarch of Biblical Origin in 1975. However, through all these misfortunes, Ethiopia still stands tall and politely patience with dignity, as the most beautiful place on earth with the most beautiful people I have know, Ethiopian Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

The Empire and it’s people have stood strong and resilient through the ages of civilization and will remain strong through the endless blessings endowed upon her and we pray all Ethiopians to never forget their forefather’s teachings that has kept the birth place of mankind, in beauty, harmony and love since time everlasting. That all Ethiopians at home and abroad along with their fellow brothers ans sisters on the Continent of Africa to bind our people, faith and purpose under one banner to be an example to the world that Africa and all African will eventually be self reliant, united and successful in all Africa’s endeavors, as Ethiopia has shown not just by words but by actions. When all Africans can look within and not outside for solutions to our present problems and guidance for our future actions, then the invaders of our Empires and the dividers of our people will no longer be a threat to our well being and the well beings of Africa on a whole. And to do this…..

“We must look, first, to Almighty God, Who has raised man above the animals and endowed him with intelligence and reason. We must put our faith in Him, that He will not desert us or permit us to destroy humanity which He created in His image. And we must look into ourselves, into the depth of our souls. We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us.

We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community.”

H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selasssie 1st Oct 1963,
2nd Address to the Uinted Nation!

04/04/13 @ 03:01

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