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Comment from: iu [Visitor]

While I hail Gedion, it is sad that he won’t play in any case to Ethiopia as his citezenship is to Germany. :(

04/11/13 @ 08:07
Comment from: nyc [Visitor]

as a fan of the gunners i used to be lol happy to see him but he born in Germany and grow up in USA dc
may be his parents represent Ethiopians i know he has a gen too
but if he have to play for international game he cant play for Ethiopian team couse he is Germany american sorry guys anyhow gud luck

04/11/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]


I have been against dual citizenship for as long as I can remember. It has nothing to do with soccer, but I am now reconsidering my position for the following reasons.

1. Ethiopia is losing so many bright, intelligent people to other countries. As we all know, India has many of the great minds in the technology and business fields. India is considering (if it has not done so already)allowing dual citizenship because a lot of Indians go to tech schools in India which are as good as any Western schools only to have them work outside India on a path to citizenship. As you probably know, at this very moment the Obama administration is working on a plan to give out thousands of visas to allow such skilled workers to emigrate to the US with GUARANTEED green card and, of course, citizenship.

2. Israelis, who are at least as nationalistic (maybe more) than Ethiopia allow dual citizenship with America, Australia and many more countries. Israel has arguably more security and economic concerns and risks than any country on earth. There are many other countries that are allowing dual citizenship.

3. The reason dual citizenship has to be considered is that due to technology and the fact that the world is now “small” and interdependent, traditional worries of security and “Ethiopia for Ethiopians” is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

3. Who says that Ethiopians with Ethiopian citizenship are worthier? A piece of paper does not make you a good Ethiopian. If anything, the chance, for example, of being harmful to Ethiopia is exactly the same. There are more Ethiopian spies, terrorists in Ethiopia than abroad.

4. I know for a fact that for the vast majority of Ethiopians, a foreign passport is nothing “but a piece of paper". I also know for a fact that many Ethiopians who are now citizens of other countries are more loyal and trustworthy than many Ethiopians whose Ethiopian passports are being carried around while their aims and deeds are completely unEthiopian. In fact, they do not deserve to carry an Ethiopian passport.

5. A study by the US immigration Service (I think under Clinton), conducted a study that showed that among all immigrants who held green cards, Ethiopians were the least likely (or last) to apply for citizenship. They chose to renew their green cards.

6. The reasons Ethiopians are applying for citizenship a) Most US government jobs require citizenship. b) If an Ethiopian businessman with a green card but with an Ethiopian passport wants to travel to another country, he/she must go through hell for a visa. The fact that he/she has a green card does help but only minimally. As a businessman, you need to be able to go straight to the airport.

7. As everyone knows, the American government takes care of it’s people if anything happens to them in a different country. When one get’s a US passport, they are given a number to call in an emergency in another country. Then you just watch the power of the US in action.

8. The fee to to apply for citizenship is getting steep. Including biometric fees (no more fingerprints)etc.is now almost $1000. the immigration service know it is a good source of income. Spanish people will pay anything as they all help each other and pay whatever the fee.

9. Politics yes, good old politics. Those with dual politics should be able to run for elections and, if the people elect him/her, let them lead the country! The Election board can investigate backgrounds, financial conflict of interests and so on under oath. Still under oath, they must answer each and every question. The slightest error should result in severe punishment even if done by mistake. In addition to the investigation by the Election Board, a free press should constantly follow politicians like in the free world digging up truth and lies. Armenia and Georgia for example have US passport holders as their presidents. Finally, the addition of qualified Ethiopians in Parliament will only make Ethiopia better because we want the best Ethiopians available.

10. Finally, I will get back to soccer. There are many soccer players with dual citizenship but choose which country to play for. There are 3 players that I know of (sorry, I can’t remember their names)that play for Italy, Germany and Mexico. If Ethiopia allowed dual citizenship, they could have players who get the best training, mental and physical care in America but play in Ethiopia.

04/12/13 @ 00:33
Comment from: Grazimach [Visitor]

The FIFA rules allow him to play for Ethiopia if in the past he only played for Germany or any other country at the youth level. If he plays for another country at senior level, then he can not represent ethiopia at senior level. Therfore, if Gedeon feels after representing germany at youth level he stands no chance at senior level he might opt to play for ethiopia at senior level.

04/12/13 @ 02:30
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]
5 stars

@ Grazimach

I hope I am wrong and that someone can correct me, but to play for Ethiopia, he has to be an Ethiopian citizen. And if he has German citizenship, he cannot have dual citizenship.

04/12/13 @ 13:53
Comment from: demetrius [Visitor]
5 stars

Nice to see GD playing for Arsenal.

04/16/13 @ 11:54

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