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Indeed Kenenisa is great. Mo Farrah just won some events. But Kenenisa made history by breaking records after records.
Kenenisa, like his predecessor the great Hile G/S, has accomplished unforgettable and significant achievement, which changed the running world, and will go in the history books as the Ethiopian duo the fastest long distance runners.

04/11/13 @ 05:13
Comment from: Miruts shifter [Visitor]
Miruts shifter

Depending on who you are running against, Keninesa ran against outstanding Hisham Al Gurush, Gebresilase ran against Paul Tergat. Mo Farah ran against aging athletes he is yet to prove himself, just because big mouth BBC behind him doesn’t make him greatest.

even though all athletes work hard to get to the top but sometimes depending on who you run against, some athletes are unlucky, for example Paul Tergat superb athlete but Haile Gabresilase overshadowed him. Another good athlete is ZerSenay Taddesse but overshadowed by Kenenisa Bekele all the time.

04/11/13 @ 06:00
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Mo is average at best. He won the 10000m against an aging and injury prone Kenenisa, and he won the 5000m because that Keneyan reject (Legat) blocked Dejen - Dejen was also stupid to stay in the middle too. Where was Mo when Kenenisa was at his best? Athletics fans and Ethiopians don’t need this nobody to tell us who is great - we know. He is only saying this now because he realizes his claim of Mo being the best ever was ridiculous.

04/12/13 @ 08:13
Comment from: That's on HIS scale of "greatness" [Visitor]
That's on HIS scale of "greatness"

Depends on who you are and how you define “greatest".
If you are someone too young, never won an olympic gold, and never watched Abebe Bikila running and his history, of course every who nowadays rans faster than Abebe did bare foot is you “greatest". For me, and in fact for Ethiopians, including “the greatest” Kenenissa, and infact for all of Africa, the greatest all time runner remains the one who overcame the most challenges, namely: breaking the tabboo of being the first African Gold medalist, being the inspirator and “father” of all ethiopian atheltics, running BARE FOOT in enemy’s land, winning double Olympic marathon Gold medals both in record times, one of them just one week after appendicities surgery.

Bikila set the bar so high that probably no one will ever cross again. Ask haile if he runs 10 meters bare foot! He will probably give a blow in the face!

If he refers to the living ones, he may be right, but I am still not convinced. I would give that title of greatest runner to none but our own Tirunesh Dibaba!

04/12/13 @ 19:45
Comment from: Yordanos [Visitor]

An athlete ( Mo Farra) who lost 10 k world championship in 2011 be considered par with athletes who dominated the long distance for over a decade ( haile/kenenisa)? What happened to your memory !

04/12/13 @ 23:08
Comment from: Mohammed kadir [Visitor]
Mohammed kadir

Kenenisa interviewed feels disappointed for his fans that he didn’t win at Olympic, still thinks he could perform as good as when he was younger at his peak, I guess his time for 10k and 5k has passed he better focus on marathon. He listen to his heart telling him come on you can do it but biological body clock countdown against him.

04/14/13 @ 02:03
Comment from: [Member]

The English have a bad habit of exaggerating when it comes to their own athletes and artists. Anyone who knows how the mediocre footballer David Beckham has become one of the richest and famed sportsman of the world knows what i’m talking about. UK’s propaganda machine, not talent, is the fuel behind Beckham’s success. Thanks to BBC and friends, Bekham has achieved riches behind an inflated fame that has nothing to do with his performance on the soccer pitch. Now, they are trying their luck on the equally unimpressive Mo Farah. Mo Farah the greatest athlete ever??? Give me a break! That is absurd and ridiculous to say the least. Has Mo ever break any international record? Did he ever won successive cross country championships on the arduous fields of Europe? There are Haile, Tirunesh, Kenenisa, and many other prominent athletes from Ethiopia and Kenya, and there are the others at the bottom such as Mo Farah. Kenenisa and Mo are from different leagues or classes. They are not even comparable.

04/15/13 @ 15:56

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