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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

How can we true and puré ethiopians can help these desperat poor women à Victum of weyannes policy and these failty arabs? I felt deep in My heart to read this. What have we become in 21st century?

04/12/13 @ 03:37
Comment from: [Member]

Psalm 39:12

Hear my prayer, O LORD! Listen to my cries for help! Don’t ignore my tears. For I am your guest–a traveler passing through.

04/12/13 @ 03:49
Comment from: getachew asres [Visitor]
getachew asres
5 stars

I just left Dubai I never know how many Ethiopians become toy for American navy and army in medeleast I never incounter sad moment in my life
they get push by woyane there is nothing no hope in that land we talk about few pig that they have life in Ethiopia the rest forget it
before I go back to Germany I visit Dubai and I meet people that they love to show me places in Dubai next thing that I know Ethiopians all over bar black americans just like toy drug them all over the loby this girls have no proper identity so this military took advantage of them when they told me that I approach one of them and ask him i act like i’m from other country guess what they told me we call them ET’s and all of them are prostitute they told me i can have fun with as low as 200 dirham that is almost nothing i feel like run coz most of them are beautiful
but in America when i was vacation there is almost all Ethiopian women are to respected i never see 1 act stupid i never see no black American any where near Ethiopians
i’m hoping all this will be over soon we need pray

04/12/13 @ 05:54
Comment from: Tesfa Abebe [Visitor]
Tesfa Abebe
1 stars

Getachew Asres,
Your racist comment is stupid. prostitution is prostitution wheather it is in Dubai or Addis. you are braging as if there is no prostitute in Addis.
Do you think you are a white man? Black Americans are better than the stupid Arabs.

04/12/13 @ 08:05
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus
4 stars

Getachew He had done and Bichinchiru
We are in this ugly situation because all we do is PRAY.
God created us. He had done his job. When he said ‘Go and multiply’ He did not mean have sex 24 hours. He ment to say ‘Go take care of yourself’.
How many poor people we see praying all over the world for hours? Imagine if they use these hours to work, they would have been rich.
God exists yes and we need to give thanks, but we should not waste hours waiting for MANNA to fall from the sky.
Women should organize to defend themselves and tell their lazy bum male family members to work. Also they need to learn as to not get pregnant USE BIRTH CONTROL or IUD or condoms. If the male says no tell him to go F**k himself.
I am sad and pissed off. I have been to Dubai too and saw the shame.
But who is to blame? Arabs are Barbarians and will never change. Their Religions teaches them not to respect women. Somalians are the same the one that smuggles them. So our Ethiopian ladies need to stay home and accept any job, eat kolo, it’s more respectable.
Stop sex-tourism in Ethiopia or it will be another freaking Thyland.

04/12/13 @ 10:06
Comment from: Gebregeiorges Belete [Visitor]  
Gebregeiorges Belete
5 stars

YEMEN! Hhahahaha! yemen. ha.
A country with a weird name.

yemen is a middle eastern nation that isn’t wealthy because it lacks oil. the nation was once part of the old ottoman empire. after wwi, the the northern part became an independent faux republic, while the south remained a british colony. south yemen became independent in the ’60s as a communist state. they united in 1990 and have been a country filled with drought, civil war, and political corruption ever since. its close distance to africa has lead to vicitms of wars in both the mid east and africa fleeing back and forth between the 2 continents through yemen.
in yemen, people chew qat to get high.

04/12/13 @ 10:51
Comment from: [Member]


Not long ago, Our fathers were telling us that ….to be an Ethiopian in a foreign land was a pride! Students were eager to go back. Almost no one wanted to stay behind to live in foreign land. With one generation difference just the opposite is happening now.

It has really become a shame to say” I’m an Ethiopian", when we hear such a tragedy from our citizens. Our anger should me directed to those who reduced us to this humiliation. Through time, a result of failed policies has taken away the pride, and changed it to degradation.

The failed land policy is creating thousands of people being displaced inside the country. Some of these people, who couldn’t be treated as proper citizens in their own country might end up in neighboring countries, looking for handouts.


04/12/13 @ 12:52
Comment from: tes [Visitor]

guys pls pls stop these seek and hide game and the blame game. lets face it the reason is we are so poor you get it we are the poorest nation in the world and lets not jump and say weyane and derg or other party which ever comes and goes its gone be the same until we start fighting the real enemy that is poverty. as long as we are poor we will never stop the desire of the individuals for a better life (thats the reason why our people are in exodus am talking about the majority)
and thats what i like to see people debating about ! thanks

04/12/13 @ 15:13
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus
4 stars

Like Gashe Mamo said it is the land policy.

Poverty is man made. America is rich because of it’s policy, which make people work harder.

In Ethiopia where FREE./CLEAR land ownership doesn’t exist everybody is at the mercy of the Government.
Land ownership give citizens Roots.
An Ethiopian without land ownership is a Citizen without Roots.
We have to fight for Land Ownership!!!

04/12/13 @ 18:46
Comment from: John john [Visitor]
John john
5 stars

The main problem with our youth is they consumes what ever they see on movie and hear through out big Mideast outlet just like cold war. Fact there is no such place perfect democratic and wealthy etc environment it’s all about business us usual and there is no sweet place like sweet home.

04/12/13 @ 23:57
Comment from: Afarman [Visitor]

Getachew Asres, you are a hypocrite, from which planet are you ? you are trying to act as if you have descended from heaven to cleanse the world from prostitution.

Getachew..prostitution is common in Ethiopia and other nations in the world. The country where you are living at now Germany has legalised it, in Germany its a profession. In some countries like Saudi Arabia its a crime which carries a death penality, Most nations do outlaw prostitution. Prostitution has been practised in Ethiopia for centuries, its illegal but the authorites cant stop it.

Why were you surprised to see an Ethiopian prostitute in MIddleEast ? areas around Arat kilo, piaza etc are infested by prostitutes, its the same story even out of the capital in provinces. There are prostitutes everywhere in Europe, USA etc.

Getachew, you seem to be a bit rascist and narrow minded, there is no need to relate such immoral acts with blacks or whites, we now prostitution is a prostitution, it does not matter wether the prostitute is dealing with an Ethiopian, german, afrian american, chinese, arab etc.

Last but not least ,I reject the reason you gave for the migration of Ethiopians to the Arab world. I am not saying there is no one who fled the country on political grounds, but the vast majority of Ethiopians are leaving their country seeking for a better life. They are economic migrants

There are all sorts of people leaving the country, these includes, drivers, doctors, Nurses, house maids, prostitutes etc

04/13/13 @ 05:46
Comment from: bombolino [Visitor]

getachew asres
You are missing the point here. These guys are only customers. They are using the service the ladies provide. They don’t make them do anything. expect using the service they provide.
You are making it sound like it’s the The Army people that are making them do that. Bro prostitutes are everywhere in this world. If you pay what they ask for you can get em here in America too. Any color any race you want. I just happened to be most Ethiopian and Eritrean ladies in the middle east.

04/13/13 @ 18:56
Comment from: Mekdes [Visitor]  

Getachew A….

Dude, what is your issue with the black Americans.At the end of the day no one is forcing these women to do anything with them. There is plenty of Prostitution going on in the capital city of Addis. And there are plenty of Ethiopian men who use this sad service. So, who’re you to judge! And let me educate you more, is NOT the AA men who treat the Ethiopian women in a worst way. Pls as Ethiopian origin don’t be an embarrassment to the society . Try harder to educate yourself, so that you gain an insight on the TRUTH.

04/14/13 @ 01:48
Comment from: Zemene [Visitor]

The Amharas are treated the same way in their own country while their own people are watching their pain and suffering silently.

What do you expect from the strangers while you know the barbaric nature of the woyane lead EPRDF is treating the Amhara as Immigrants in their own country don’t allowing them to live, work and have life any place they want in the country?

Kili in Ethiopia is the woyane personal project conducted based on its own benefit and particularly to affect the Amhara. It is done by them after taking power by force and without historical justification and reality on the ground. They snatched about 35.000 KM2 land from Gonder (wolkite-Tegede, Telemet, Alem wuha zuria) and other territories from wollo and created so called Tigry Kilil. 100s thousands households from real Tirgy are settled with huge Tigry settlement program in wolkite Tegede, Telemet, Alem wuha zuria and other places taken from Gonder and are living confortably and happily. The Amharas lived there for centuries became the minority.

They also created a fake kilil Called Beshangul-Gumuz after taking 1/3 of Gojam. It is like the woyane project was done intentionally to affect the Amhara by all means.

The fake Kilil Beshangul- Gumuz where including the Berta that are 70 years ago came in to the Area are living has huge land. What the woyane lead EPRDF is doing is that treating the Amhara as immigrants in their own country and forcing them to leave the area to nowhere while they are giving millions of Hectare to foreigners in teh name of farming.

If this criminal group woyane thinks about the country and have no deep hate towards the Amharas:

1. Why it is allowing the Amharas be treated the way they are affected badly including in the south, somewhere esle and currently in fake Beshangul where its territory was part of Gojam and welega?

2. why is not giving the farming land to the hard working and brave Amhara farmers instead of leasing millions of hectares to foreigners for 99/45 years which is only a damp and criminal so called government can do this.


Why is the Amhara so silent and watching the atrocity and Genocide against them by backward and primitive animals created by Woyane to serve them? The Amhara need to take the matter in their hand dealing with those cadres and animals including in Bench maji, Beshangul and any place and anyone treating the great people of Amhara as if they are alone and they can do nothing to stand for themselves including against teh backward and low level cadres.

Keep in mind, enough is enough. The Amharas will take the matter in their hand not necessarily dealing with woyane lead EPRDF but targeting those backward cadres and district or kebele officials affecting the Amharas.

The Beshangul GUmuz officials including those in kebele level need to watch out. If they don’t stop treating the Amharas as if they don’t belong to there despite more than half of it was always part of Gojam, the Amhara need to target them.

Amhara or any Ethiopian has the natural right to live, work and make a decent living any place he/she wants and likes. Woyane would not stop that. Kilil is a woyane project intended to take huge and fertile land from Gonder and wollo and the same times to affect the Amharas.

I didn’t like ESAT before. But it is not the case anymore. Because of them and other brave Ethiopians, thousands are back where they belong and their life is saved. But this is not enough and the end. Exposing the woyane rule with this kind atrocity and the right to all Ethiopians to live and work any place in the country is restored the struggle has to continue more than ever.

Ethiopians in abroad and in the country must not take rest or be satisfied until those responsible are punished and the truth behind is raveled meaning the government bodies are not or are behind this atrocity and shameful act including in Beshangul. More Importantly the Amhara need to wake up and organize to deal in a very satisfaction and certain way if or when things can happen again in any place amd time in the country.

One thing must be clear, Ethiopians have the right to live and make the living anytime and place they want in the country. This is how things are working all over the world.

Remember, Kilil is not a state or what so ever but a woyane project created yesterday by force and illegally without taking the historical facts to consideration. Kilil is not a boundary but a woyane project administration with in the same country.

The Amhara Need to organize including creating a force particularly to deal with the situation like what was happened in beshangul Gumuz, South and elsewhere by backward and primitive cadres. Stop being passive, silent or reluctant. It is a clear and open game against the amharas going on.

The responsible are not the people but few cadres and officials. Need to identify and deal with them the best way. Those responsible must be exposed in public and punished. Ethiopians in abroad and at home must follow the situation very closely. This is the biggest test time to woyane. Enough is enough.
If things are not stopped and corrected, the future, will be bad to every one. This is a very dangerous situation if not stop completely now by punishing badly those few responsible cadres.

04/14/13 @ 03:53
Comment from: Zemene [Visitor]

“Ethiopian authorities could be charged with the crimes of “ethnic cleansing” at anytime in their life, a leading law professor said on Tuesday.

Yacob Hailemariam, a prominent opposition leader who previously was a senior UN Prosecutor at the Rwanda Genocide Trials, told the Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) the recent forceful eviction of members of the Amhara from Benishangul-Gumuz area was an obvious case of ethnic cleansing which is a serious crime for which Rwandan officials were sentenced to life in prison.

The crime is not ‘genocide’ but it is a crime of’ethnic cleansing’ for which the current authorities could be prosecuted according to both Ethiopian and international laws, the business law professor warned.”

Beshangul Gumuz is not an isolated case despite it is going on for 4 years there. There are 17.500 Amhara forced to leave from Beshangul gumuz for the last 4 years. It is an open and daily bassis practise against the Amhara all over the country for teh last 21 years with direct watch and involvement from the government including the dead Prime minister who was always denying, trying to hide or joke about it.

04/14/13 @ 06:08

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