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Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Way to go EAL!!!!
This is the way to bury deep down our enemies and jealous diaspora fools and idiots alike, who cry to boycott EAL!
My deepest gratitude and appreciation to the whole crew and employees of EAL!!

04/14/13 @ 22:59
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Everyone noticed that Australia is the only continent remaining in ETHIOPIAN route?

04/14/13 @ 23:03
Comment from: Vanity [Visitor]

Ethiopian people and planes are present around the world more than ever due to the high level of cooperation Ethiopia showed towards globalism for the last two decades. Ethiopians are not as unique as they used to be to the world anymore thanks to the world class leader Ethiopia was blessed to be led by for the first time in history from 1991-2012.Now Ethiopia is in a roll making a fast comeback to civilization in this millenium.

04/15/13 @ 02:03
Comment from: muktar abdurahim [Visitor]
muktar abdurahim

We Ethiopian united against poverty, we keep moving in every economic struggle, soon we show the world our united strength when Renasance Dam commences.

04/15/13 @ 05:20
Comment from: Favioli [Visitor]

Addis Zemen, wodajde zemedee, endet neh??
Why the hell do you bring the diaspora (yourself being the nr. 1 diaspora! Ha ha) into this boring news? Can’t you just let loose your obsession with this ugly word? If EAL flies to Mars, it is their own business, and if people want to fly with other airlines, it is also their own business!
Ere teuw ere teuw ato Addis Zemen! Endezih atabesatchen!!
Now to a few lines dedicated to our indefatigable AZ…
Yaddis zemen neger,
ayinessa yeker, leseuw ayeneger
men madreg yishalal yezin sewye neger?
Bimekrut aysema
tebayu temama
keseuw aysmama
nazret laai tetabko kenena lelite
kalafi agdamiw gaar neger sigotete
kemiwezewezew leb-aderk tetchete
matchebtchebun teteh betsera yeshalal
genzeb mesebsebu lant yawatahal
adiswan musherit chereseh restehaal?
L.A. Setmeta meret yewetehaal!!
bekerb gezee wust Fereja ena Musherit L.A. Yemetalu
ke Fairfax hotel suite yeyezalu
“ÿan gezee”, Fereja endenegeregn
“menged laay kayehut essun ayadrgegh
ketemawen telo biheed yeshalewal
yeh betcha yebejewaal
bizneseen cherishee agere eskemeles
L.A ketema ednayelaat lewees”
Melektu dersohaal negerum gebtohal
Fereja endalew ketemaen teleh betheed yishalehal
Egnam teregagten kaante tegelaglen
yetekeberu Fitawrari Freem-m tenesh tenfes yebel.
Tht is it for today.
Yesemahawen belebeh yasadereleh.

04/15/13 @ 12:51
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

It is good that EAL is expanding. But bole airport service is nothing but mediocre at best. Never seen such ineptness in airport management. Investing in the fleet only will not lift EAL.

04/15/13 @ 13:09
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]
5 stars

It is a miracle as always the Airline is expanding so rapidly but the management stinks due to the few bubble head opportunist woyane stooges. Many qualified and able professionals have left and are leaving the Airline still because of such rats.

04/15/13 @ 17:38
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

hagos [Visitor]
Bole Airport or any airport management in Ethiopia is not the duty of the Airlines. It is handled by civil aviation authority under Airports Enterprise. So your grievances should be directed to the bureaucrats managing the airport.

04/16/13 @ 19:55
Comment from: Hirut [Visitor]

Why is it wherever in the world EAL emloyees are mostly Tigres? Unless the position requires special schooling Tigres fill the job openings. For example Amharas in Benishanul Gumuz recently faced the same situation like what we have been hearing just recently happened to Amharas in Benishangul happens to all ethnicities (except Tigres). All ethnicities except Tigres in one way or the other had been getting forcefully evicted and asked to forcefully return (if they are lucky to stay alive) just to find their foods and properties looted having nothing to live on while the same education status Tigres get to travel around the world selling EAL tickets, controbanding , looting people’s luggage,money laundering… you name it all the Tigres are in it. If the Tigres are are well educated of course they will not work for their country they will travel outside Ethiopia and make big money and live on not only their job but also they live on the money of the capital flight money looted from inside Ethiopia by their cousins and Tigre relatives. It is sad but the fact of the matter is the money looted from Ethiopia ends up in diaspora Tigres pocket through money laundering EAl/civil aviation emloyees help and the looters will come to diaspora for vacation and entertain themselves thinking no one witnesses their actions.

04/18/13 @ 23:20

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