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Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]

Yileyal zendro yewoyane neger woyane waiting on the line to go to hell one by one kkk

05/14/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

What a Joke .Addis Fortune the ownership of Bereket Simon ,Azeb Mesfin’s close Ally and Gang Member .
The evil Widow known as the “Mother Of Corruprion"….LOL !!!!

05/14/13 @ 01:21
Comment from: Tefe [Visitor]
5 stars

Why not Azeb………

05/14/13 @ 02:25
Comment from: solo [Visitor]
5 stars

mogne amhara endene samoray zem yemilut meselot …ke tegerewoch gar abero sizerf amhara mehonun erestot neber ahun astawesut lol

05/14/13 @ 03:07
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

TPLF has no clue as capitalism is a mean of growth, job creation, increase competitiveness, encourage entrepreneurship, and proliferate private industries. Like a fake terrorism has been applied by TPLF, a fake anti-corruption start to be miss-used there.

There are two fakes:

1) These anti-corruption and anti-terrorism don’t apply to loyal politicians, tigree and TPLF otherwise a person or ones relatives opposes TPLF.

2) These anti-corruption and anti-terrorism apply to a person who reluctant to pay a high amount of taxes or apply to an opposition political members.

Two consequences:
1) harness private industry and corporation and reduce business confidence. No prospective for growth!

2) develop a weak leadership and a weak or no opposition parties.

Ultimately, high poverty and disfragemented economy will perpetuate and continue. BTW, why legally, weren’t charges made against the detainees rather arbitrary prosecution were warranted?

05/14/13 @ 03:47
Comment from: ermeyas [Visitor]  
5 stars

Does make us surprise all they are same
When you see behind bole high school those expensive house
If you ask any one most of own by top military and civil servant which they work for current government
They all crock

05/14/13 @ 05:26
Comment from: Yideg [Visitor]

Any crime has at least bodies. It corruption there are two criminals agreed committing crimes against the nation/state.

That means those taking bribes and those giving must be equally seen as criminals and punished.

Therefore; One of the woyane official have got 8 advanced laptops, 200.000 birr, 27.000 USD, 20.000 Euro, 500 pound, 300 Thailand money, lots of documents that showed his ownership of villas, building and so on. There are many things to discover he has committed with corruption. The other x-woyane official who became so called business man/owner of intercontinental hotel was hiding 2 million birr, documents showing his ownership of different types of wealth and still many things have to be covered including their wealth in abroad including bank accounts in Europe, Asia, North America, Kenya and so on.

The question is who pays and is working with them. There are many among the citizens participated with it especially business people. So, the government must not punish only the officials but also those paying bribes to get favorable benefits at the expense of the nation and innocent citizens.

05/14/13 @ 06:49
Comment from: REALITY CHECK [Visitor]
5 stars



05/14/13 @ 06:54
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Opponents should not be one sided blinds.apriciate the. best corrective action of EPRDF and object the wrong and elegant ones. When ever there is mutual agreement between opponents there will be success.I admire the eradication action of Ethiopian government. Please do not retreat . This is the time to avoid very dangerous internal enemies. Aisha bekefete Jedda jib highball endayhon Ethiopiyawuyan bertu.ketekawumo bestesker aemiroachewu west Kenneth Telemachus Hule yaw nachewu.

05/14/13 @ 09:17
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]
5 stars

At least this should be credited to the PM who has comitted himself to stand against corruption. The Custom office in general is among the very highly corrupted organizations. Any one who is involved in business as long as he may be able to bribe, can do all things forbidden in the book. Let us all hope such drastic action might help to cool down the thiefs for some time to come. The root cause has not been touched so far. Crooks are every where lieing, cheating, stealing and bribing in unheard manner. For the sake of money this time in our country many can do terrible things. It is money! money! and never ending hunger trying to fill the abyss.

05/14/13 @ 09:49
Comment from: Amen [Visitor]

If Ethiopia wants to build a well mannered and skilful society and stable economy for long times to come benefiting the working majority, she needs to do things the right way and strait away with no delay.

1. China must be seen as an Ethiopian school ground at all levels, teacher, advisor, example, ally and with everything good she has. It is written in the Ethiopian history book that china is the reason Ethiopians are now becoming in the best position finding their ways in their own country to ride, walk, jump or run doing anything they have to do in order to develop the nation and they get better life. So, there is no one that would substitute the Ethiopian Nr. 1 foreign relation for many years to come which is China. China was, is and in the future will be even very much closer the best ally, friend and supporter to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people already accepted that with hope and happiness together with china.

2. Japan is another best nation Ethiopians can rely on especially during bad times. They are very nice people. They can and are willing to assimilate with the Ethiopian people and culture when they come in Ethiopia and we embrace them with full of loving heart, friendly mind and deep spirit. They are very wise, smart, hardworking, disciplined and trust worthy people. We have seen them for years including when they are speaking Amharic, doing eskista, accepting the Ethiopian culture and tradition and also 1:30 hour’s Amharic film made by Japanese and Ethiopians youngsters few years back. There is no doubt, Ethiopians see Japanese as one of them with behavior they have despite technologically Ethiopians are not yet advanced as the Japanese are, but soon will be with the Help of Japan and others mainly South east Asia.

From Europe:

All of them are not bad except England which is the only country from 27 EU members causing troubles within EU and now wants to withdraw from EU because of she is getting treatment equally as everybody else which is not the English habit for the last 500 years.
Little England with 130.000KM2 territory but huge population (54 million) likes always to give command, to be the centre of the attention, to benefit first and the likes. But in EU; Germany and France are the two biggest Economies. They are playing the lion share in EU knowing they are capable of doing that. UK (England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland) is the third economy in EU but have no strong and solid foundation as it is the case with German heavy industry and hard working skilful citizens. France is 4 Times bigger than England (not UK) and has also a solid Industry and agriculture economy.

England economy is based on banks and finances dominated by foreign investors, owners and finance. They are also using the colonization and slavery way of life which is owning mining in foreign nations. If those foreign investors leave England today and other city like Singapore and Beijing become the centre of international finance, England will be a bankrupt nation within days. The nation is breathing with foreign investors (421% of GDP) and also a huge foreign debt which is more than 80% of GDP.

What they do in order to keep that is just allowing foreign nationals to deal businesses with the English banks and we know how and what they are doing their banks committing all those criminal activities. So, there is nothing good to learn from them in order to update the tax and business system and fighting corruption. Keeping any English involvement in anyway including so called their NGO is the best solution by itself. They are the source of all evils in any developing country especially in Africa. Being totally free from is a big solution by itself especially during the time they are distancing from Europe and heading to be part of the current Arab desert where the al-Qaida, wahabi and all gruesome activities are the rule of the region. Oil and gas is in their head and they will do in exchange to serve them as they did in the past against Ethiopia at UN land locking Ethiopia to make the Red sea an Arabian lake.
Yet, the stupid Ethiopian government is still having something to do with England that is responsible Ethiopia losing her millennia old sea coast right. They will continue serving the Arabs agenda in Ethiopia in the name of aid and NGO where the money could come from the Arabs to destabilize Ethiopia using the English. The government need to aware that and understand how things are working between the Ethiopians enemies and those pretending as friends but serving the enemy interest playing games as if they are doing this for the Ethiopian interest. Clean your Nigger head and be smart and sharp.

Therefore; when we are talking about getting and having something good from Europe, we are always talking Europe without the obstacle, trouble maker and the source of all illness England. Germany, France and the likes are the best nations to get some assistance and copy from their good work how to run a national tax system, running businesses and distribution of wealth.

USA without England around is the nation always the best. But most of the time especially in Africa USA is coming always having with, leading or following England. This is the fret people have about USA. Not because of USA is bad but because of England is using her crimes against humanity legacy in Africa to play her dirty games with USA concerning Africa.

Why is England not part of EU? Why is England refused signing the document all 26 EU nations have done? Why is England want to get out of Europe while becoming so close to the Arabs? Why is England flaying to Moscow and Washington to persuade them in order to support the so called Free Syrian armies despite the whole world knows there are devil Islamic criminals/ Anti humanities and al Qaida members in it? Is it because of Saudi, Qatar, UAE and the likes are supporting the criminals to create a Sunni Syria after killing none Sunnis including Christians that are the native Syrians?

The point is that Ethiopian government having the English around to modernize the tax system is a joke and criminal act doing nothing but destroy the nation in the long future. Why not working with Germany, France, Benelux and other nations if it has to be from Europe. England? Not even a million years. Better having nothing than having them. The problem will get worst when you have them around but you don’t understand it until you badly hurt with it and you get no way to get out of it but destroying forever and you become the end of your story. We know how capable they are doing nasty things including in Australia against the native Aboriginals.

05/14/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]
5 stars


You are out of your mind! what makes you think to compare it with the Americans politic system."fiel wedya kizmzim wedya” fits you!

Ours is a day light robbery by the so called higher officals! comprende!!!

05/14/13 @ 10:07
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

Please don’t get biased by this news. Melaku might have been a victim of a very complicated conspiracy planned by the government. It is hard to trust the government while journalists are sent to jails in the pretext of being involved in terrorism for just writing to reveal the bad deeds of the government. I have no idea about the other people but the Melaku I know in the past is a person of high moral character who has been very dedicated, hardworking professional to bring about any positive changes he was engaged in. He earned the position he reached at working hard all the way from the bottom to the top. His great contributions in the development of the Afar Region and later setting up and running the Tax Revenue Administration office are a few to mention.. The Office he was leading is a cash cow for the country and they had to replace him with one of their own from Tigray. Or there is someone out there longing his position so badly… That is how they accuse and eliminate someone if they think he is on their way preventing them from stealing more. They chewed him up like a sugar cane eating the juice and throwing the remaining part. It is going to be a difficult road until he clears his name and may God help him in this difficult time.

05/14/13 @ 12:23
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus
4 stars

Good thing they are not in China! When found guilty, it’s Death Penalty.

05/14/13 @ 15:11
Comment from: mossad [Visitor]

The fascist woyane corruption ring is unravelling infront of our eyes. WE ARE WITNESSING ONE HYENA EATING ANOTHER HYENA.

For 20 years they have been looting quietly, and suddenly they are all barking and blaming one another.

05/14/13 @ 15:27

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