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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

We the true and pure Ethiopian should INVITE the former USA president George Bush . He helped Africa to fight against aids and thanks to him millions of African got and still getting a free treatment. He may not popular in state but what he had done to Africa was no other USA president did. We should welcome him to Addis Ababa as true and heroic USA president. Thanks to him he burn down those Arabs who for the last 35 years bleeding Ethiopia to death by helping every shifta shabians. He bleed them to death and now their countries become a hill on earth. Look at bagdad ,Pakistan, Afghanistan a place of Devil resident where hill on earth.

This black USA president OBAMA BIN LADIN will never step his feet as long as he is a live, because the devil that he and his wife worshiped in Indonesia and helped them now to become a president had told them NOT TO VISIT ETHIOPIA.
Have you guys notice that Obama has a blond physic behind him eveytimes he and his family travel or visit special day and
Special events . She is not his body guard but if she sense any danger around then she gives a sign to him to move away. She belongs to a secret society that has power. She can scan any individual like a commodity that you buy from wall mart with code .

05/29/13 @ 14:38

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