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Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Ahiya ena Ahiya bitala yemigodaw Saru new Ale Ye Agere sew.

These poor refugees are caught up in the middle of the propaganda war being waged between politicians from both countries which in no way the refugees fault.
There will be more suffering of Ethiopian in Egypt in general unless the UN and other international humanitarian organizations get involved early on. It reminds me of Libya two years ago when most of Africans were blindly accused of siding with Gaddafi.
The Egyptian government as a member of UN, UNHCR and, as signatory Country of the refugee convention, has the obligation to protect refugees that are on its territory.

06/21/13 @ 01:21
Comment from: Pig's Story [Visitor]
Pig's Story

It has nothing to do with the Refuges protection. It is a dirty Sunni Arabs propaganda with lies and misleading information that shows one of the Islamic Egypt’s leader’s shameful plan to destabilize Ethiopia is on the making; at least the dirty Arabs propaganda machine Aljazeera that is running by the English journalists thinks this way.

Al Jazera is running with Gas money under the name of a very tiny desert place Called Qatar.

Qatar’s Native population are 300.000(three hundreds thousands). The people living in Qatar are 1.5 million. That means 20% natives V 80% as they call them none Natives.

How is the right and living condition look like in Qatar the 80% of the people living there including those born there?

They just are spreading total lies and misleading information adding up or subtracting numbers as they like without facts on the ground based on their shit agenda. Everyone knows little desert Qatar is financing Islamic Egypt leaders to keep them on power which is against the interest of the Egyptian people. Now it is looks like Qatari owned with Gas running media (while polluting the environment) called Aljazeera is working for Islamic Egypt shameful and dangerous Islamic leaders as a propaganda dirty pig Sunni Arabs machine.

Al jazera is running by the English especially from the back meaning managements that are running the situation from the back. .

06/21/13 @ 02:12
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

Ethiopia has been a hell for Oromos ever since Oromia has been annexed to Abysinia by Minilik II. The bad news is that some countries in which oromos live as refuges are also treating Oromos harshly. The ultimate solution for this is a continuous struggle against successive Ethiopian regims until the freedom of the Oromo people is fully restored.

06/21/13 @ 03:05
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

aljazera is indirectly advising egyptians they should take good care of those oromos so their country can use them as the stepping stone to reach OLF and others to do its dirty work. but the thing is no matter how egypt puffs and huffs and beat innocent ethiopians on the street, it cant turn the clock back to 10 or 20 years. it is too late!

06/21/13 @ 09:18
Comment from: beheberet enehun [Visitor]
beheberet enehun
2 stars

your comment is just based on hate . I want you to come out from it and live a life of peace .Ethiopia never be a hell to oromos but every Ethiopian deserve and better government than this .But one this will come and every body will feel equal and understand the word democracy till then let keep the one we have move on. let build our land as we keep fight for a better Ethiopia .%

06/21/13 @ 10:54
Comment from: [Member]

Mr, ebssa this obly ormomo suffer lie didn’t take u any where. in haileselase or derge and before all ethipian ppl suffer. the other thing when this abay dam thing gettin hot in egypt.. these oromo refuges hold thier masters egyptian flag and went out demostrate to support the egypt stand on nile.and now they seek protection from them?

06/22/13 @ 13:30
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

My families are Oromo, I was born & raised in Addis. I never heard my families saying they’ve been discriminated or mistreated because of their ethnicity. If you’re not involve in any kind of movement against the government, I don’t think they will bother you. Most Oromo people are proud to be Ethiopian and they want to live peaceful with other Ethiopians. Al Jazeera please don’t use people of Oromos name for your own propaganda agenda.

06/22/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: [Member]


06/23/13 @ 02:50
Comment from: Mulugeta [Visitor]

Awash river is on the verge of getting contaminated forever. The Awash river sustains the lives of millions of people which happen to be mostly Oromos. These people that were protesting in Egypt might be supporters of the OLF political ideology but that don’t mean each and everyone of them were secessionists. For that matter the word from Egypt is all Ethiopian refugees no matter what ethnicity they were from participated in the protest. The main reason is for the protest was to expose the fact that the longest river in Ethiopia is not being given the necessary attention it deserves.


06/23/13 @ 18:07
Comment from: Beer [Visitor]

From the frying pan to the fire! Here is the point: ethiopians (mostly oromo) asked for legal and physical protection! Aljezeera broadcasted it! Amharas (usual enemy of oromos) angry of it! Only because their voice heard and got answer from UNCHR! That is why they are writing bla bla on Oromo… Who gave Amharas the right to label others as ethiopians or not ethiopians? Why all Amhara oppositions hide their ethnicity by the name of Ethiopiyawenet?

06/24/13 @ 12:20
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

I do not know your family. Let us assume that they are Oromos as you claimed. If they never complain about mistreatment or discrimination, then there are different scenarios to know the reasons. They may wear Amhara musk i.e., they act as Amharas or they hide their Oromo-ness. They might have accepted slavery and discrimination as normal. They may be mentally retarded and in efficient to analyze what is going on in the empire.
Where did I say only Oromos suffered. I just said Oromos suffered. You attached the adverb “only” by your self. I am not sure about how much Amharas and Tigres are suffered in under successive Ethiopian regims. I cannot speak for others. They can speak for them selves. I know how much my people (oromo) suffered and I have to speak about that.

06/25/13 @ 04:32
Comment from: Good bye emiye! [Visitor]
Good bye emiye!

Well, emiye Ethiopia may digging her own deep grave by alienating half of her population. Good luck emiye!

I am absolutely on oromo side when they seek independence from Ethiopia. They have zero representation in key government office, prime, foreign, defence, justice, interior, ministries, all in their own land.

Why should I respect a country that abuses me in my own home?

06/25/13 @ 16:58

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