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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

According to my study in Jerusalem and Jordan(Petra) . LALIBELA was converted to christianity by a Syrian monk who travelled with him to the hiding city of PETRA in Jordan now. Lalibela must have impressed to see the SIQ-Petra . Hidden behind an almost impenetrable barrier of rugged red colour mountains the rock-carved ancient city of Petra is still full of mysterious charm. One can not imagine how humans build such a magnificent carved monuments more than 2000 years ago. I personally visited PETRA 3 times . My final conclusion to lalibela came where he got his inspiration to build such a church. Lalibela was an Ethiopia Jew, who converted to christianity in Jerusalem.
Any scholar who come up with good evidence can discuses this issues with me. I have reviled how lalibela build it.

Let me hear what you guys say ….

06/30/13 @ 23:12
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

The Jerusalem of Ethiopia? Are you serious CNN"?
Jerusalem is the holy place for the three major religions of the world, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
But not Lalibela.
One time it was Axum which was associated with Jerusalem by the church for holding the so called “Ark of the Covenant.”
Now Lalibela? What gives?

06/30/13 @ 23:34
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

One more thing that I have to mention here to OXFAM AND USAIDS generation. LALIBELA WAS BLESSED IN SUPERNATURAL POWER FROM THAT MONK. THE SAME super natural power was given to Mohamed who was thought by an Syria monk before he became so popular. Lalibela had had that power to control over nature and turn things to what he wished. There are thing that we still search for evidence and how one person can turn millions of people to his wish and use them as Ants. Hitler got one but his super natural power came from dark side of this world. Obama and bi Ladin got it. There is saying if you sleep naked in where ppl. Used to be sacrificed like Indonesia jungle where Obama and his wife got a blessing of devil and in a desert of Arabia including where juses. met the almighty God and where Mose came out with Ten commandment and Where Mohamed confronted with his master….Hitler slept among the dead in first world war and there he met with devil promised him to become a master
of Arian nation. He slept among many dead bodies thinking to kill himself and at that last moment ,the Devil approached him. I learned how the sprit of God and Devil work in Jerusalem from an old Israel who gave me a gift of this world to see things before shy one else. I posses a very few rare books of Ethiopia and others written by Sons of God. Which is lost now.

06/30/13 @ 23:39
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]


Really? Which monk? Is that why this part of Ethiopia was synonymous with famine, war and destruction?
Where do you get all these made up stories Senait?

07/01/13 @ 02:06
Comment from: Tekle Giorgis [Visitor]
Tekle Giorgis


It doesn’t matter to you. You are worshiping while your face is towards the desert while your back is (shit) in Ethiopia or anyplace you are living as parasite and devil because of that you call it a religion. .

Do you know about the Kaba instead of shitting about Lalibela or Jerusalem you have nothing to do with them? Kaba was there many hundreds years before Islam where the pagans did built and were worshiping. Jerusalem was there 1000s years before your mad religion born from the heel look like dead desert, and you are claiming you have something to do with it. Jerusalem was built by the Genius Jewish people that were the main part of the Egyptian civilization before they left to the Promise land where Jerusalem was built by them starting from nothing.

Just goggle and read more about your Kaba and so called “Religion of Peace". KKKKKKKK

Now about Lalibela.

Since Islam came in picture, there is always killing, destruction, invasion and all devil acts we are still witnessing every day. Before Islam Ethiopian monks and pilgrims went to Jerusalem walking months on the desert crossing Sudan and Egypt. Then around the 10th century, barbaric desert Muslims demanded the Ethiopian Christians to pay tax in order to walk on their dead desert to reach Jerusalem. The Ethiopian monks, priests and pilgrims have did that knowing Muslims are injustice and barbaric and there was no other way but agree with them for the Seek of Good God. That means Satan did win over God.

Then in the 11th century the barbaric Muslims disallowed the Ethiopian Christians to pass through their desert despite they were paying tax about 100 years to the injustice and liar Muslims. And remember, the barbaric Muslims in the desert were and always are living on the Ethiopian Nile water getting for free. Logic, Good, understandable, respect, honest and anything associating with normal human being is not part of the barbaric Muslims.

That is why they decided to create their own worship place (Jerusalem) in Ethiopia and the Lalibela Stone chew started. If you go there and see the map and location in Lalibela, it was done exactly the same plan how Jerusalem is including the valleys, mountain and Jordan River.

So, Seattle, Ahmed Gran or whatever you are calling yourself and is known you are a very bad and mentally sick person insulting Ethiopia on every blogs including commenting on Desert creatures blogs such as Aljazeera, The point is not if but when your true identity will be revealed.

One thing is clear for now and that is Lalibela has nothing to do with you and you are always like a rat and pig looking and behaving dirty.

The question is how long are you continuing living this way? It is clear you are a hopeless and hateful against yourself if not no normal human being behave the way you do and it is for so long.

You are the true example how look like the brainwashed, slave(abed as they call you) and backward Muslims that are seen by arabs less than human. If really you like them and insulting Ethiopia in their devil God name you are carrying on, why are doing on Ethiopian blogs? Be sure, you will be revealed and esposed knowing there are brave Ethiopians watching pigs like you and will not get rest until they find you from the devil hole you are living in which is your life time achievement.

07/01/13 @ 03:57
Comment from: Ilula Lemma [Visitor]
Ilula Lemma

@ C’est moi senait
You are so confused and did not know what U are taking about. Find your self first before saying a word about Ethiopian History.

07/01/13 @ 13:11
Comment from: Colt [Visitor]

@ senait

I always paid attention to your deliberate actions of spelling wrong, purposely making gramatical error. Today u were so interested in the subject that u forgot ur traditional way of writing. U r good at it, why r u hiding it? from who r u hiding? where do u live? Not in france for sure :) it is not usual to have an old lady to have that much interest in poletics. I need answers old man.

07/02/13 @ 01:07
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Here we go again, a cave dwelling Coptic terrorist shitting in public like always. What else is new?
Atsda Qittu, how many times I have to tell you a place can’t be a holly place just because you pee on it to claim your property like a dog, and then build a church around it? May I remind you that deacons whose roots go back to Egypt are a tiny minority in the country? So you can’t talk for the majority of Ethiopians. By majority I means, Oromos, Afars, Somalis, Gurages, Sidamas, Wolaytas, Gemuz, Anuaks etc… These represent the majority of current Ethiopia. The majority doesn’t talk like you, they don’t worship like you. They don’t even import Patriarchs like you.
Qittu, we know your sole purpose in life is to saw hatred among us Ethiopians. So far you have failed miserably.
So get lost foreign agent.

07/02/13 @ 02:50
Comment from: tutu [Visitor]

It is a pleasure for me to read and see report like this. It always fils my heart with pride because,

1. It tells me that my beloved Ethiopia has a place in the history of the world. Her children have given her a unique treasure which will be told and seen for generation to come.

2. As an Ethiopian it is a testament to me not only the intelligence they possessed, also the devotion to their faith and the length Christians went way back then to continue worshiping GOD despite of the burning of their churches . Although, LALIBELA is the Most Majestic and the Grand of all, DEBRE DAMO, The CLIF CHURCHES OF TIGRAY, and DEBRE LIBANOS are impressive, amazing and a treasure to have.

07/02/13 @ 12:03
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

C’est moi senait,

You are a stupid Jew trying to make Judaism as the origin of everything. Don’t you get it, Lalibela was a king in 11 or 12th Century. Christianity was in Ethiopia in the 4th Century. The oldest Christian Illustration was found in Ethiopia which carbon dating date it from the 6th Century. So, you little Idiot, Ethiopian Were Christians before Your Stupid Syria or Lebanon were Christians. You have a white mans complex so you can go and get your behind sodomized anyway you want. We Ethiopian know who we are and where we come from. When your Stupid Jew relative were in stone age Ethiopian had Scripted language before Jews or Arabs had any written language. Go and read you dumb a$$ before you open you filthy mouth. Go and read about original scripted languages and you will see Hebrew and Arabic are 4th generation scripted languages. Geez is the original scripted language but Europeans claim or calls it Canaanite just because they don’t want to admit an African country started written language. If you see Canaanite and Geez you wouldn’t know the difference.

So you piece of trash go and kiss your Jewish masters behind like you kissed Ethiopian’s. We know Jews like you who are lyres and cheaters. The sad part is the other Jews don’t see you as their equals cause you are used to be denigrated in Ethiopia.

07/02/13 @ 17:19
Comment from: Zelambessa [Visitor]
5 stars

thanks. this is very good report.
lalibela is indeed the new jerusalem. the people in this part of ethiopia practice judism, i.e., section of lasta,sekota wag and wadla delanta-areas between gojam, tigray and western wollo-It is true lalibela himself was a jew or an “agew” who practiced judism until he was converted into Christianity. He built a total of 44 Rock Huien churches starting in Gojam lake Tana all the way up Eriteria. The 11 Churches in Lalibela are the most significant ones. Even today, in this region the christians do apply the Old and the New testament and strictly follow Mosses law such as the Sabath. Most do not work from Friday Sun down up until Monday Sun rise. They up hold both Saturday and Sunday but Saterday the original Sabath.

07/03/13 @ 01:42
Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait

Observer. A fanatic chauvinist pig from Wollo province. We the Jews who created Ethiopia. We build all historical places in Ethiopia. DEDEB . Geez used to be written up side down, do you ever know that. Not from left to right as you know. Some lesson to your tiny brain.

07/03/13 @ 03:18
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

C’est moi senait, READ READ READ you stupid goat.

Do you know what language Hebrew and Arabic came from? Why don’t you do a little research and find out what language they came from and also what language that came from. You will find out they are 4th Generation scripted languages. Then find out what generation Geez is then come and comment after that. The upside down or inside out is not describing what Geez come from. Why don’t you tell us what language Geez came from….If you can tell us that I will tell you more about it. If you want to read about it go and find “The origins of writing” by “Wayne M. Senner” a professor at Arizona state university a leading expert in language history.

“Stemming from the “Sign, Symbol, Script” exhibit sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, this book discusses the genesis of the world’s major writing systems, including cuneiform, hieroglyphs, various alphabets, early Germanic runes and Celtic systems, Chinese characters, and ancient American symbols. “A stimulating collection."-Language.”

07/03/13 @ 17:22
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Observer. U r not observing , but looked.

Do you ever kw Ethiopian merchant called Tamree who travelled all the way to Syria, Jerusalem and even beyond? I will educate u later.

07/04/13 @ 03:12

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