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Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john
5 stars

I hope they will stick with this idea war is disaster for everyone. Ethiopia always want peace and stability.

07/27/13 @ 22:52
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]
3 stars

nice idea MON OMER. better thsn before.
but,we will not stop the dam construction for the second.

07/27/13 @ 23:18
Comment from: [Member]

the word of god said the time to love the time to live there is a time to die, this the time to ethiopian

ecclesiastes 3, to every thing there is season,this is the season to ethiopia and ethiopian time to shine,if god is with us who (tell me )can be agains

07/28/13 @ 00:24
Comment from: Ilman Oromo & Proud of It [Visitor]
Ilman Oromo & Proud of It
5 stars

A very good idea Egypt. We all know you have numerous internal issues and that you would lose a war if you invaded Ethiopia.

07/28/13 @ 00:45
Comment from: Regrated Eritrean [Visitor]
Regrated Eritrean
3 stars

I was born and grow up in Ethiopia, but I am Ertrean after the referandem in the early 90th, my cousin make me do it, sometimes I feel like that was the biggest regret in my life, Ethiopia please forgive me. I want to be Ethiopian so bad now.

07/28/13 @ 02:22
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Even Obama bi Ladin of USA will not stop us from building this dam. This is Ethiopia pure and true blood ,life and future. Let Obama bi Ladin give them his latest jets to bomb us, but we will keep rise and build this dam.

07/28/13 @ 03:10
Comment from: [Member]

Great way of thinking. War is destructive.

07/28/13 @ 09:51
Comment from: Al gr8 [Visitor]
Al gr8

They never planned to go to war any way. They were bluffing but found out that the bluff fell on deaf ears and now they are back paddling. Ethiopia never took it as a threat. There has never been any problem to go to war and there will never be one in the future. Just discuss and find out a win win solution. If not then, there is only one loser, Egypt.

07/28/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]
5 stars

A very sad day for professor Getachew, professor Al Mariam, and the rest of the know nothing wing of the extreme diaspora led by professor Tamagn. The diaspora needs to isolate extermist elements like the above two intellectuals and Elias Kiflom from its rather legitimate fight for democracy and the rule of law in Ethiopia. We don’t oppose everything the govt does. We oppose the bad things. We support the good things. We encourage dialog and the resolution of the political impasses without anymore bloodshed.

07/28/13 @ 10:51
Comment from: soroku [Visitor]


07/28/13 @ 10:59
Comment from: forward with comradde tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comradde tamagne
5 stars

of course they cant even they want.the only way they can attack us is by sending their running dogs like Muslim extremists and G7. but again we have a government which is willing and able to defend us from our enemies and their stooges.

07/28/13 @ 12:25
Comment from: kebede mulatu Ethiopia [Visitor]  
kebede mulatu Ethiopia
5 stars

@Assta B. Gettu please stop insulting others religion if muslims teaching is worng or right u dont now nothing
stop ur stupidity i dont believe that zer is such a narrow mind person in Ethiopia we live with them for centuries and we respect them
and i now quran very well what u say is a complete false shame on u
Ethiopian are Christians & muslims
and we are one ok

07/28/13 @ 14:55
Comment from: [Member]

I would like to add the name birhanu nega and, what in the world was his name, oh yes, the ethno-religious fascist and aspiring or accomplished, depending on how one sees and interprets his utterances, terrorist jawar muhammod to the list of the “know nothing", and ene kemotiku serdo ayibkel, kene belay lasar bay” criminals and warriors in a hiding who will be greatly disappointed by the sudden turn of events in cairo that have decimated the muslim brotherhood and its threats against our country to the ground. But, make no mistake, the threats we heard from the now defunct mb’s presidential office and cabinet are still real and will continue to be so as long as life’s very existence fully depends on water.

Presidents and Pashas have come and gone in the desert country, but Egypt has always remained to be our enemy. That country’s foreign policy has been always about keeping Ethiopia in perpetual war, therefore divided, weakened, impoverished and crippled. There is no doubt in my mind that General Sisi and his commrades are passing orders to kill the islamists in the egyptian streets as well as court possible agents to create the newst Jehba, shabia, and woyane that can help them create havoc in mainland Ethiopia anew.

We have already witnessed some misguided and brainwashed individuals waving their preferred flags[egypt’s and olf’s] to demand Ethiopia stop building a dam for power generation that will be used to light the homes of their own relatives in wellega for instance. Those will be the primary target of recruitment for the egyptian spy agency, but egypt will happily add the selfish narcissists like birhanu nega and jawar muhamad to their band/jelle of atifito-tefiwoch.

The Ethiopian diaspora is full of ultra idiots who think opposing woyane on every imaginable issue is the epitome of being an Ethiopian patriot hence i will not be surprised to see someone wishing and working to see the demise of the GERD before its completion. Egypt will target those individuals as well.

In short, the covert operation of Egypt to disrupt the peace and development of Ethiopia will continue, most probably even more so from here on than before. Hence, Ethiopia must not rest easy thinking everything is safe with the muslim brotherhood eating the egyptian dirt. NO No, we must continue to build the military, create greater public awareness on the historical sinister plans and motives of all egyptian governments irrespective of their credence and ideological inclination, we must try our best to complete this project as fast as possible and at the same time continue planning for permanent deterrence against belligerent Egypt like the containment of Abay within Ethiopia without building a massive dam.

We must remain alert.

07/28/13 @ 16:02
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Fitawari and others look timid and coward. for sure your scope is limited. By blindly siding with Wayane, you are breeding extremism.
Abbay will not be built and will never be. You sound all inferior to Arabs.
Oromos, Somali, Afars shall be free.

07/28/13 @ 19:33
Comment from: Belal Y. [Visitor]
Belal Y.

It is worthwhile to note the following comparisons of bigger countries in their respective regions of the the world:
Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico in CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA, Britain, Germany, and France in EUROPE, Russia,China, and Japan in ASIA, South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia in AFRICA are making every effort within their capacities to build, develp, and strengthen countries in their regions while Egypt, a suppsedly big country in Africa, is an exception and has been on a campaign for ever to weaken, divide, ruin, and bully black African countries by using every means at its disposal.Egyptian elites are fully responsible for the mess they create and the consequence thereof. Ruling out war is not the only solution for Egypt they have to review their wrong perceptions about Africa in general.

07/28/13 @ 20:29

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