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Comment from: sanchaze tekdem [Visitor]
sanchaze  tekdem
5 stars

just take it easy MR mayor

07/31/13 @ 04:58
Comment from: [Member]

Stupid, insensitive Mayor! The guy could be a new comer so he will learn the language in time no big deal. However, I believe the clerk speaks English well, he was definitely pretending not to speak. That much is obvious! He is probably scared of the unexpected visit and all the camera crew on his face. If he is selling items that he should not be selling, if he has dodgy suppliers, contacts who supply cheap items etc, that was his easy way out. The way he said “he didn’t understand” is definitely not like somebody who doesn’t speak English.

The Mayor got played big time, the clerk even said he didn’t know all the things that he asked him? Yeah, yeah …Very clever clerk. That is exactly what others should do when they don’t know why they are on camera for :)

I have said “NO English” to many tourists on many occasions as a student lol To those tourists who simply did not understand the value of my time and try to get me take them to their Coach Stations or Hotels, Tourist attarctions or wherever they were heading towards coz they simply don’t understand when you direct them with simple English …so they say, please show please show…when they are way too far away from their destination!…I had learned to say “NO English” to them when I was in a hurry. Get a GPS or a map Tourists …it works the same in every country lol

07/31/13 @ 05:04
Comment from: [Member]

If the mayor had visited 7-elevens,convenience stores or liquor stores own by Chinese or Koreans,he would have met people who speak no English at all. They use cashier scanner to sell items in their stores which they don’t even bother to know the items names in English.They count money when they receive and give change to customers by their own language.
If the mayor were in their store and ask them stupid questions like he asked the Ethiopian clerk,he would probably get a smiling Asian face with no words.His reaction would be different than he showed to the Ethiopian clerk,he might thanks them for using their language in the USA.

07/31/13 @ 06:30
Comment from: [Member]

ምነው አቶ ሜየር ግሬይ ልጁ እንግሊዝኛ ሊያውቅም ይችላል::
ምናልባትም ተደናግጦም ይሆናል::
አቶ ግሬይ ስ ቢሆን ትንሽ አሰብ አድርጎ በ አክሰንቱ ወይ ስሙን ጠይቆ አይ በቅርብ የመጣ ይሆናል ብሎስ አያስብም!
እዚህ ላይ ልክ አይደለም ያደረገው ::

07/31/13 @ 07:04
Comment from: [Member]

One doesn’t have to know what Marijuana paraphernalia is to be a store clerk.
Mayor Gray should have known the word “paraphernalia” is unfamiliar to most Ethiopians. Some people can sell such merchandise without knowing for what purpose the customer is gonna use it.
Our guy gave the mayor the right answer, and communication was not a problem.
There might have been some kind of “lost in translation", here and there, but the mayor could have done better than complicating things.
In a different note, that’s a great job what mayor Vincent Gray is doing so far, in the fight to make sure all the retailer stores be clean of selling drugs and some illegal merchandise to minors or the public.
Who would forget the infamous mayor Marion Berry, in the 90s, who was caught on video, sniffing drugs himself in a hotel bathroom.
When I lived in Washington DC area, in the 90s, I remember how things were wild, and the city was a total war zone.
Cab drivers being robed and sometimes shot to death, including our own Ethiopian brothers, stores being held up, etc…
It is not an easy task being a mayor of Washington DC. When it comes to cleaning the city from criminals minimizing crime, and making it livable peaceful city, the mayor is doing good job.
Kudos to mayor Gray. And keep up the good job!

07/31/13 @ 08:00
Comment from: antonio [Visitor]

What a dumb ass fool.

07/31/13 @ 10:39
Comment from: YeOromoLij [Visitor]

Mr Mayor,
Yo mama don’t speak no English too.

07/31/13 @ 11:41
Comment from: Sandra [Visitor]

Unfortunately these are the balagers who has littered the streets of DC these days. They don’t go to school nor learn something from the society they live in. Instead they have all become politicians or Islamic jihadists preaching unrest in their own country. One half hates the other half and claims to be the owner of democracy while the other half must be fascists. They even divide the holly Church into tribal domains and go to restaurants owned only by their tribal members and campaigns on others not to go to the restaurants own by the other tribe. Group A condemns group B on everything under the sun calling them Woyane while group B reacts by calling them diaspora fascists. That is not all folks: Group A also hates each other in return on who should lead them on the coming victory. They have got radio stations and instead of using it for education they preach the whole day useless propagandas citing Woyane this and woyane that. Anyone who is not with their archaic and nihilist propaganda is labelled woyane, so they need not explain their childish programs.

Instead of educating themselves these illiterate balager politicians have a bizarre hobby: i.e. demonstrating every weekend on the streets of DC demanding immediate grip of power. It is not only the polite guy in the video, most of the Ethio balagers in DC never speak a word of English and have no intention wasting their precious time studying it. They give bad name to all Ethiopians everywhere.

I wonder how the minority well educated Ethiopians can live in this city, in this Orwellian environment dominated by illiterate balagers from Ethiopia’s countryside. American authorities in DC should start illiteracy campaign to these Gonderes.

07/31/13 @ 12:12
Comment from: Belete [Visitor]

what stupid, arrogant ignorant man, how can he be a mayor of a diverse city like DC. he didnt have to make a big deal by trashing and confronting the guy the way he did for not understanding his ghetto accent. coming to america at a young age i remember being laughed at for lack of understanding the language and accent of people like this man but the very people that were laughing and looking down at us, are either in jail or on welfare today, while most of us made our american dream come true by going to school and working hard. i hope the dc residents demand an appology from this man who displayed his intolerance and hate towards immigrants.

07/31/13 @ 12:17
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

The guy sells whatever the owner is stocking in the store.
The answer was good. Why they don’t investigate Vietnamese, Indian, Paks and Korean selling stolen merchandise and working illegal workers?
If I was in Authority I would have Check Points around Washington for everybody that would pass a urine sample drug test. Wonder how many in the Mayor’s office including himself pass the test?

07/31/13 @ 12:31
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]

Amhara Princes

You are contradicting yourself. At first you said the Mayor is insensitive and then you said the mayor got played. Lets be honest here how in the hell the mayor is insensitive when he knows whay you know, the fact that the clerk is acting damb. I don’t personaly like the mayor but you have to be fair when you write your comment, all i am saying is don’t let your hate invade your good concious.

07/31/13 @ 13:54
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]

Addis Zemen

How is the Mayor Insensitive when he know the clerk is acting Damb. He specifically asked him if he know what Marijuana is not the word “paraphernalia” I hope your good concioues is not being hijacked by AmharaPrinces and the likes, who write nonsense to those they hate. Stay true to yourself.

07/31/13 @ 14:04
Comment from: Desta [Visitor]

What did the clown expect.
Yes there are many of us who don’t understand the mayors slang.
I wish the guy answered him in Amaharic like the Asians.

07/31/13 @ 14:04
Comment from: addisababa-bete [Visitor]

Dear mayor forgive us!. I know a lot of us we refused to admit but,We are the product of corruption,bad education and segregated school polices and carriculums designed by the TEGRE-WONBEDES to demoralize the performance of non-tigre ethiopians. A lot of us happly completed 12 grade without knowing how to spell own name properly. The respected mayor I am appealing to u the AMHARIC version of” FREEDOM of SPEECH” books to be donated for some ethiopian media-link staffs who are still belive they are still living in the strife of dark ages.

thank you sir!

07/31/13 @ 14:26
Comment from: addisababa-bete [Visitor]


Good job!! the 3rd grader watch-dog must be impressed at your’s comment “for scrubbling at his level” and posted it for u.

07/31/13 @ 14:47

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