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Comment from: [Member]

First of, it is an honour for Mo to run against two of the greatest legends of running, Haile and Kenenisa.
Even though Haile and Kenenisa are not in their prime, for sure we will see unforgettable historical race.
Good luck!!

07/31/13 @ 05:23
Comment from: mimi kirubel [Visitor]
mimi kirubel
5 stars

I think Ethiopian give this man lot of slack they need to do some thing coz ….
they say ( if you give to dog lot of slack soon or later he will hung him self)

07/31/13 @ 05:27
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

Mo fara is on Drugs

Mo is on drugs up to his eyeball.

Haile and Ken will never beat him.

Mo fara was an average midfield runner. He was what the sport calls ‘an also run athelet’.

In the 2008 Olympics in China, Mo fara could not make the final of BOTH 5k and 10k competion. His talent could only get him in the qualifiers. This was afer he trained in Kenya with the Kenyans.

He knew he was not top class.

so he joins Alberto Salazar. The guy who trained Lance Armstrong. Salazar has a system which is ahead of the drug testers Thats why Lance never tested positive when he won the ture de france 7 times. Mo will never test poitive but just like Lance, he is on drugs.

The Nike Oragon Operation is making a nobody into world beaters.

After joining Salazar, Mo has become untouchable all due to drugs. The improvment of his times are astounding. Mo is a guy that could never run faster than 13:09 before 2010. after he joins him, in his old AGE, hes improved to world class times.

The other day in Monaco, he run 3:28 for the 1500m. If u dont know athetics that will mean nothing to you but for a 10k runner to do that is just not possible. that is the time el guirge used to win 1500 meters with. Mo himself was embaressed by that tine cos like i said, u would have to be on drugs to do it that was an ops moment for Mo fara. Kenenisa and Haile over 1500m did not make the top 60 best times for the distance.

This sport is not what it used to be.

In the future, we will not see Ethiopians winning 5k and 10k races.

Nike are the problem. They are cheats dont buy any of their itens abeshoch

07/31/13 @ 08:28
Comment from: [Member]


Very interesting conspiracy theory! Sounds even more factual!
I’m all eyes and ears, to follow up with any scenarios and out come from now on.

07/31/13 @ 11:59
Comment from: bayloot [Visitor]
4 stars

He is Somali by the way. He is not on drugs as he is good muslim; so better not to insult your african mate. for us it is the same whoever wins , they are african sons. bravo Mohamed farah

07/31/13 @ 16:51
Comment from: Samson [Visitor]
3 stars

A very perceptive and in-depth analysis of Mo Farah.

It has to be drugs, for this one time mediocre runner to be a superstar in his old age..

His time will also come to pass soon!

08/01/13 @ 00:18
Comment from: sami [Visitor]
5 stars

3 years ago, if you asked anyone Mo Fara is a better athlet than Steve Crame, Sir Seb Coe and Steve Ovett, people would laugh at you. These guys were proper milers. All they did was 1500 and 3k races.
I was too young in their time but they are known as the sports greats.

Now their record has not only be broken, it has been smashed to peices by a 10k runner. Record that stood for 30 years.

Even they know he is on drugs. They are angry a so called 10k runner can do what they specialized in. But who cares if hes winning for their country.

Why has Mo moved to the USA?. Why is he with Salazar who is known for drugs. Why did he join a sprint coach who has been in jail for giving drugs to athlets? Athlets who have all won stuff only to lose it aftet a drugs test!

For crying out loud, when a noboady like Galen Rupp, also Salazar trained can beat our boys ti finish second in the 10k, which we own, you have to ask questions. As an ethiopian, it hurts me someone dirty can do this to our pride5k and 10k.

des yemilew, true athletics fans know He is on drugs.

08/01/13 @ 10:56
Comment from: selam 2 [Visitor]
selam 2

Mo, Alberto Salazar, his coach, and the team have a positive plan. He needs to accelerate more effectively. He needs to be stronger and needs to be more astute and efficient. You can’t just be the same again.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/oth

08/03/13 @ 00:54
Comment from: YG [Visitor]

Mo you just start running yesterday& you tried Marathon you stop after few mtr, ASKING Bolt to challenge him 800mt now Haile and Kenenesa Mo those guys start Marathon after they show miracles to the hole world on 5000+10000 I think your manager let u to push the limit and soon your to legs could give up watch out,run but don’t run after the money. Be smart any how u r not going to bit those legends they r from another planet

08/05/13 @ 07:39

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