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Comment from: [Member]


Aside the Muslim extremists’ wanna be mouth piece AIs nonsense accusation, when was really the Muslims been prosecuted in any part of the world?
Who really started the war? Who really started the fire?
Who is terrorizing the world by suicide bombing and indiscriminate killing through out the world, but meanwhile crying victim?
Who declared holly war “JIHAD” in their satanic wish of imposing their belief (sharia) on any unbeliever all over the world by force?
When we ask our selves the above questions and pause for a moment to reflect and contemplate what really was going on since the early 90s in the Muslim world or the whole world in that matter, we can see how the jihadist Muslim extremists manipulated the west’s freedom and democracy, which they despise and hate, for their own satanic intention, while the west (the civilized world) tolerated as victims of these barbarians who robbed off our freedom.
In November 2009 a US army major Nadal Hassen walked in an army service center full of soldiers and civilians and opened fire killing 13 and injuring 32, before he was shot and paralyzed.
Hassen, a Muslim fanatic who was communicating with a known terrorist leader named awlaki in Yemen told officials he killed his victims because it was his duty as a Muslim.
The ironic part of all his action is, he is still alive and allowed to represent himself in court of law tormenting his survived victims and their families. Most of all the US is still paying his salary, which adds up so far $320,000. And still we have to spend more money for his costly trial and let this barbarian extremist terrorist to blaber his nonsense on our cost of millions of dollars.
“but instead How much does one bullet cost?”
The 9/11 master mind sheik khalid is still in US prison with the liberty of his own email access.
Who is the victim here?
How long can we tolerate these barbarians?
Why is the majority of the Muslims so peaceful, while the extremists keep terrorize the world in the name of these peaceful Muslims brothers and sisters.
It is time for the majority of Muslims say enough is enough, and the rest of the civilized world to come out and go on the offence, to clean up our beautiful world from this barbarian extremist terrorists.

08/09/13 @ 07:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Amnesty International ,HRW and many others Human Rights Groups Associations officials ,it’s really a waste of times to talk with the bunch of Northern bandits in power in Addis Abeba .Time to make pressure on your own governments ,specially the US and UK Administrations that they
cease their Military and Financial assistances ,locally used by the Ethno Despotic regime and his bandits to oppress and massacre the peoples .

08/09/13 @ 08:06
Comment from: Marta. Getachew [Visitor]
Marta. Getachew
5 stars

Here it is woyane watch shit is coming toward you coz killing and. The poor Ethiopians that you put them in jail like eskender and all other great Ethiopians
Few weeks a go thanks to tamage And abebe gelaw they send the European community to kaliti the woyane administration say no that already huge blow on woyane here it comes new one amnisty international so to me our Muslim brother start the torch we. Follow end of the day there is no woyane your days is numbers
Ethiopian. Killers. And stilling Ethiopians need to be end

08/09/13 @ 08:43
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

This so called amnesty International is from London.

So, before anything else, anyone has to know about the evil nature of some individuals from that part of Europe.

If the English were not there, for sure; Slavery, colonization, the total destruction of native Indians in North America, Aboriginals in Australia and New Zealand and all the crimes against humanity and nature including against animals and plants all over the world would never happened.

Just notice some of the many secret rich/establishment organizations/clubs in England including Traditional British group(TB) and Monday club secret and open activities against the world especially Africa/black people.

Google to know the devastating and evil nature some of them are having, planning and doing against none Europeans including Traditional British group and Monday club including playing dirty games in internal matters in the name of aid, human right, democracy, election and so on.

Therefore, those in the name of human right, earth matter, some NGO and the likes are the best weapons the enemies/racists are using to fulfill their devastating and racist agenda at home and coming as far as to Africa and elsewhere beyond.

Instead of talking about human rights elsewhere, they need to start at home where the worst human right is going on between rich and poor, and also based on race not the people but those few part of the establishments are responsible for.

Mind you,

They don’t care about any human right in any country let alone in Africa. What they are looking is a reason to create conflicts between people that would lead the Libya, Syria, Egypt and the likes way which is not building the nation and benefit the people but destroying the nation and killing the people.

Peace, unity, knowledge, development and prosperity are what they hate the most to see especially in Africa. Africa need very tough and determine leaders that are understanding the whole issues coming from abroad by the enemies to create the Arab stile chaos in order to stop development and create the worst human tragedy they are accustomed to see in Africa and enjoy it.

The reason why Egypt, Libya and so on were peaceful, developed and the people were benefiting is because of the leaders like Mubarak, Gadafi and the likes were very tough against anyone that is trying to cause any trouble.

Look what is going on in those and other nations in the name of western democracy. Whenever especially in Africa the English are around, be sure it is 100% for bad reason that would reveal after they planted and started to give position among the citizens.

USA is good and will be the best when it starts to reject following the English agenda in Africa and elsewhere.

08/09/13 @ 09:42
Comment from: heny [Visitor]

Amnesty International,
why is that you do not voice out against the US government when the latter goes as far as Afghanistan to heat the terrorists? ha. AI must be a terrorist organ for itself

08/09/13 @ 10:09
Comment from: forward with comradde tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comradde tamagne
5 stars

this a collection of unemployable white men and women who failed in the corporate world of western socities who are doing nothing but save their jobs. they dont know our extremely tolernt history. may be we are the only country in the world who lived with our muslim brothers and sisters in complete harmony. upto now. now a very insignificnt number of extremists and jihadists are trying to change this history. the govt has a duty and responsibility to stop these radicals by any means. we know the vast majority our brothers and sisters are with us.

08/09/13 @ 11:05
Comment from: [Member]

They should change their name to Amnesty International Islamic Rights Group.

08/09/13 @ 11:08
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

Binchikchiku ,Hyena ,Adgi and Co .By the late 70th ,80th and the early 90th this was not your Vocabulary concerning Amnesty and HRW ,whorshiping the then leaders as
you great friends and heroes .While they were denouncing the then Derg Junta Regime ….LOL !!!!!

08/09/13 @ 17:17
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
1 stars



08/09/13 @ 18:00
Comment from: Qebenna [Visitor]

These orgs. like Amnesty Int., HRW, ICG, etc are working on behalf of Multinational Corporations. They will keep doing what they are doing until the GOE changed its successful developmental state policy and privatize its big institutions to the highest bidder. They just work for the rich families of Europe and North America. The leaders in Africa know this already, this is the information age.

08/09/13 @ 19:42
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Amnesty interfictioanal, why they necame first to voice about the Muslim fanatics repression in Erhiopia. Did they ask them when they kill the 70 year old man and they say its drama of the govt.

Friends, who is african dessk manager of Amnesty, a person who was jailed by his invilvement of the 2005 post Ethiopian Election violence. Thislitle guy’ ambition is always to incite viilence whenever, he can. So don’t waste your time by his crab.

We have seen peacelover Muslims celebrated their EID and went home peacefully. Those who waant face and attack the security forces have met their fate accordingly.

Definetley, the supporters of such violence, peopl like this big mouth Gondere Teddy will not get it. He wil start now another front in Waldba by organizing the ex-Derg remnants, hiding in that monastry since their defeat by the Galant Force of EPRDF. I HEAR YOUR VOICE ON YOUR RADIO ON SATURDAY. I AM BACK. NOW TO THE GAME YOU ARE PLAYING.

I AM HAPPY TO SEE THE COMENTS OF AZ’s well groomed and upto the top annalysis. Teach this Wahabi, christian haters advocates and their members

08/09/13 @ 20:04
Comment from: AI is Sharia Compliant [Visitor]
AI is Sharia Compliant

AI can go to hell in a basket. Ethiopia needs to put Muslims under strict control. Look what they’re doing to Christians in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.

This snakes should be kept in cages.

08/09/13 @ 22:31
Comment from: Ilula Lemma [Visitor]
Ilula Lemma

Amnesty international has a big mouth on developing world specially on Africans. I would like to see their mouth open against developed nations. Where is amnesty international when racial act is practiced daily in developed world. Stop your double standard or close your office forever. it is irrelevant organization that did nothing from day one of its establishment.

08/09/13 @ 23:27
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Ye Agazew Temtamew ,are you kiding when you treat as the minority the
millions of Ethiopian Muslims marching each Friday and the other
Holliday against your bandit masters . You are laughing on yourself considering the Tens of Agazi Imam Cadres named by your bandit masters ,and here and there opportunist sell out fake religious supposing preaching Habeshi Ideology as the True Majority . Like the Agazi puppet bandas in USA ,talking of their so called “Silent Majority ” ,but in fact a bunch of opportunist and
kersam Diaspora’s Minorities running after agazi
bandits and Tigre Mafiosis Empty promises ….LOL !!!!!

08/10/13 @ 04:25
Comment from: aster keleta [Visitor]
aster keleta
5 stars

@ ALL WOYANE sempetaizer there is nothing that you can do the situation in Ethiopia is rapidly keep on to the high level . ok
read my lip aminsty international is well respected human right organization . that can have huge impact almost all over the world . you woyanes don’t have no clue .
just the mater of time woyane brutal regime is day is numbers thanks to great Ethiopian hero tamage abebe reiot eskender the intire Ethiopian people never stop thinking about them even 4 second .
long live 4 one ethiopia

08/10/13 @ 05:18

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