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Comment from: challenger [Visitor]

Great job! I commend all the pisitive development coming from Ethiopia. But, that is not enought. Please stop killing Muslims who are simpy exercising their right to demonstrate. And free Eskinder, Olbana, Riyot, Andualem, and many others who are languishing in prison simply because they asked for their democratic rights which tplf claims it fought for. Right don’t cease to be right when one who has the gun pleases. If these were the same rights tplf demanded when it was in the bush it can’t say “no, we were wrong. Development is all what we need".

08/09/13 @ 09:23
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Let the car owners of the city PAY MORE TAXES so that the over growing pollution that is destroying the good Addis air and the dust, plastic ,swage system that is not working,all these should be improved by more tax on drivers. Pollution taxation. Let these rack less drivers pay more taxation.

08/09/13 @ 10:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

They said that they will have the capicity to transport each time more than 60.000 peoples .But what would be the fee of the Transport .
Peoples could not have to imagine not even to bet that it would be more than 100 times even 200 times more than the fee of a simple Ticket of Anbessa Autobus . Wonder if these guys know perfectly the really means of life of the peoples . Are they going to keep the same price as
the Ambassa Autobus Tickets ,or using moderate prices accessible to the public ,which unfortunatly could not happen just because Chinese Investments are not Free and have to be paid on due times .

08/10/13 @ 04:49
Comment from: Concerned about Road Crisis [Visitor]
Concerned about Road Crisis

The railway is a good idea, and the project seems to be going well. The road crisis in Addis Ababa is out of hand. The traffic police is overwhelmed by the problem, They say commercial drivers (trucks, Taxis, etc.)are demolishing other cars, and massacring pedestrians. The trucks and taxis are being driven by teenagers, some of whom without drivers license. The traffic police say the problem is out of control. Ministry of Transport issues teenagers drivers license (Class 5) with no requirement for prior experience. According to the UN, Ethiopia is the only country that issues such drivers license to inexperienced drivers. That’s why there are so many reckless drivers in Ethiopia, with no respect to the law. Tourists are horrified by what they see on the road, and swear not to come back again and risk their lives.

08/10/13 @ 17:23
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Is it me or everyone think lately Nazret moderators are becoming fond of ETV and Radio?

It seems they are competing with Walta, and the rest of Woyane funded outlets for attention.

There so many news going on why bring this one sided, non cohesive, cut-and-paste article from WoyaneLand. How about the number people who were displaced without compensation because of this project?
Forget ETV and Woyane propaganda. Please bring some well-balanced news. There are many out there.

ETV Leba Ena Woshetam!

08/10/13 @ 23:54
Comment from: Storm Trooper [Visitor]
Storm Trooper


Are you not aware that electric-powered trains are a lot cheaper than gasoline-powered buses?

You’re a Moron!

08/11/13 @ 07:09
Comment from: [Member]

ትንሽም ቢሆን ደሳለኝ ሃይለማርያም ከመላጣው ዝንጀሮ መለስ ይሻላል :: ማለት ነው::
ሌባው መሌ ባይሞት ኑሮ ይህም አይኖርም ነበር

08/11/13 @ 07:51
Comment from: leyu [Visitor]

sounds good, hopefully it will make a great contribution to our country but what is Chinese gaining from this investment?

08/11/13 @ 16:32
Comment from: solomon [Visitor]

what is the sharing percentage between the oil owning country and the company who take out the oil.

08/12/13 @ 04:23
Comment from: Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots. [Visitor]
Ras Thomas and Associates of Ethiopian Patriots.
5 stars

We Ethiopia needs development in a
construction. We did not need the fake
destructive democracy of West that promote in Iraq,Afganistan and Somalia.
We never a friend as loyal China in 4000 years we were sovereign country.
Sham to those so enemies of Ethiopia who change every good thing to define in bad way.
Long live Great China, long live

08/12/13 @ 11:21
Comment from: Next Call [Visitor]
Next Call

Liyu,Ethiopia is the ‘ water tower of Africa’ and its mineral resources have yet to be explored. The Chinese are happy in the ‘ moderate climate’ of Ethiopia, but down the road, when the oil in the Omo, Nile basin, Adigala and the billion ton potash of the Denakil hits the market, they will be paid. One can’t underestimate the 90 milion hungry customers who are buying everything in sight. For now, we are happy they are using some of the proceeds from Walmart in building up this light rail project, roads, bridges, factories and dams. She She as they say in Mandarin. My worry is due to the one child policy introduced two decades ago , many families in China prefer boys, which has created shortage of brides in China …….. thus worst case scenario…… hate to finish this statement.

08/15/13 @ 07:09

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